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  1. I hate Photobucket! Easiest to just visit my page at www.Phasehangarresin.com
  2. Maybe I can do up a set of mine that are cleaned and ready to cast to make it a more drop in fit? Trust me I know what a bad girl they are! I truly appreciate the input and critical review. This was my first ever full depth, there are no intakes in the kit to work from venture. Live , learn and move forward to better!
  3. For those Jonesing for an OA-4M and other Skyhawk variants, we released the 1/48 OA-4M and TA-4KU external sets about 45 days ago. They are for use on the newly reissued Hasegawa TA-4J in 1/48. They have been mastered by Gabe Pincelli and are simply beautiful. There are several more Skyhawk variants coming as well so keep your eyes peeled. www.Phasehangarresin.com The sets are 48056 OA-4M and 48057 TA-4KU respectively. Cheers Mike
  4. I will look as I got a few when I helped Bob with the sheet. You after the whole sheet or juts tail codes, s/ns and the 36th TFW patch and squadron markings? In fact, which jet are you thinking of since you have the 1/72 sheet?
  5. Truth be told they are not for the faint of heart! Although the masters are 3D printed they also required a ton of work to make useable. The hardest part as Robert said is wall thickness. They simply have to be castable and are quite long. Horses for courses of course and Robert, no harm no foul. I appreciate all input. End of the day, these require good old Mr Muscle and I even state that in the instructions. Remember this kit looks like they had intakes planned based on the outer intake section but for some reason KH decided to have a see through instead. Cheers guys.
  6. Not sure if you guys have seen my latest releases at www.Phasehangarresin.com but we have a couple for Skyhawk lovers! Fellow ARC member, longtime friend and former Scooter driver, Gabe Pincelli mastered these. If the links do not work (I am trying to get used to the forums after several years away) just hit my website and go to 1/48. They are sets 48056 and 48057 respectively. They are designed for use with the Hasegawa TA-4J. More Scooter goodness is coming so stay tuned! OK the links didn't work so take a peek at the site if you will. I remember having to use Photobucket back in the day. Is it still that way?
  7. If you are still on the hunt I have one as well as an Eduard PE set for the kit. PM me if interested.
  8. Hey all!! Long time no talk here on ARC! I am Mike Reeves from Phase Hangar Resin (formerly Two Mikes) and I just released an external conversion set for the Hasegawa TA-4J to make it an OA-4M (Thanks to Gabe Pincelli!). The problem is, I want to build it and am in desperate need of a full or partial sheet from Furball to make it happen. If you have a spare sheet or a partial please ping me. I am pretty desperate and can buy or trade for it!
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