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  1. Hi everyone, I made a little more progress on the 737 over the last few days. I got the entire airframe primed with Mr. Surfacer 1500 White, which did a fantastic job. I am quite impressed with this stuff! However, my joy was short lived as those *%#!ing window strips continue to cause problems. I found several more problem spots that will need filling and sanding AGAIN (seventh time now). Hopefully this time does the trick. The next time I build another one of these, I will try something different to get those window strips in , as my usual superglue method clearly didn't do the j
  2. Agreed! Nice looking kit, and WAY better boxes! Fred.
  3. Look what Santa Hannant's brought today! If only I had some decals.... 😆 Wink wink nudge nudge 😉 Thanks Kursad! Fred.
  4. f5guy

    New Aggressors

    I don't know.... That colorful tail kind of kills it for me. It's like the VFC-111 F-5s with the high vis sunburst on the tail. They never did a thing for me. I much prefer the brief period when they had low vis sunburst markings. Maybe its jut me 😆 Thanks for posting this! Fred K.
  5. Hi Steve, Thanks, I saw those AK lens, and might order some. They are a bit pricey for what you get though, but since when has modeling been cheap? 🤣🤣 I had a minor disaster while painting one of the engines last night that I will detail in a later post. I'm racking my brain now trying to come up with an easy fix, but I don't think there is one. However, the blue paint on the engines came out beautiful! Stay tuned... Fred.
  6. Hi Steve, Huh.... I didn't know that finding tooth brushes with that type of handle was a problem these days, but it doesn't surprise me. It seems like a lot of things that we modelers use are becoming tough to find. I needed a certain size MV Light for my 72nd 757-200 build recently. I had one lens, but needed one more. No problem, right? Problem! MV Lights apparently went out of business some 10 years ago, and their lens are very difficult to find these days. I found one on ebay, but the guy wanted $10 shipped for ONE lens! No thanks! So I went to the local craft store hoping to fi
  7. Hi Dutch, So it's not just me with the Krylon problems huh?? I still may give it another shot and just shoot it heavily thinned down through my airbrush on a paint dummy and see. Interestingly enough, their black from the rattle can is awesome! I use it all of the time, which is why I was hoping that their white would be the same way. Not so much thus far though. As for the -800..... I'm in the process of adding some final details. I'm hoping to get some primer down in the coming week as time allows. On another note.... Last night I was checking out that
  8. Hi everyone, Yesterday I decided to tackle the wingtips lights. The kits instructions make no mention of them at all, but they are there. References were hard to come by, and to make things worse, apparently there is a difference between closely related versions of the 737. As an example, the lights are different between the -700 and -800, which are externally largely the same jet with the biggest difference being that the -700 is shorter. To further muddy the water, there are several light variations on the -800 too. The -800 light configuration is different between the factory buil
  9. Hi Steve, I'll probably end up doing that, but I've decided that I am going to give the Tamiya white a test drive on a paint dummy and just see. I am getting excited to get this project done though. Mojo can be a fickle thing 😂 Thanks, Fred.
  10. Hello everyone, Well after kicking out 6 72nd scale Hasegawa F-16s, 1 SH-60F, and 2 Fujimi Phantoms, my mojo for this kit is flowing again! I tried something different this time around, and the results were disasterous. I decided to spray some Krylon Fusion white paint & primer straight out of the can on the fuselage thinking that it might help with painting at a later point having the fuselage already white. I did a couple of test sprays on some spare parts, and it worked fine. However, when I sprayed the fuselage, it literally ruined it! AARRGHHH! Back to the she
  11. Hi everyone, I too have been having this same problem when trying to order from ResKit. Every time over the last few days that I've tried to place a $300 order, I kept getting that error message. I finally emailed ResKit and like fellow ARC'er cruiz (post above), they sent me a paypal link to make payment, and it worked just fine. Not sure what the problem is though, but I'm glad the link worked. I couldn't resist stocking up on all of that lovely resin! Fred K.
  12. Agreed! I ordered three of the G's from Hannants last week as soon as they came out. I too am interested to see what kind of magic Kursad works up for this kit! Fred K.
  13. Hi Glynn, Can you shoot me a message please? I tried to send you one, but it keeps telling me that you can't receive messages. Thanks, Fred.
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