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  1. The last time that I spoke to the folks at Res-Kit, they mentioned that intake trunking was coming, as were cockpits for the F-5E and F. Also pylons and fuel tanks if I remember correctly. Hopefully these kits coming back out will spur them on, as those kits really need new cockpits to fix their too shallow depth. Fred K.
  2. Thanks Dutch! I haven't persued it that far yet. Call me lazy! Fred.
  3. Hi Dutch, Thanks for the intel. As of now I haven't gotten any communication at all from Hannants regarding my order. We'll see indeed 😉 Fred.
  4. I'm in the same boat.... I placed an order with Hannants on the 8th. Wonderful..... Fred K.
  5. Me?? Make excuses?? Never ! 🤣 Fred.
  6. Thanks for the encouragement gentlemen! I'm on a mission to get this one done now that my mojo is flowing again. I found some decals for this jet from Out of Box Models. They've got an entire line of decals (airliner, military tankers), and some 3D stuff as well, plus custom 3D work available. Here's the link to their main website: https://www.ootbmodels.com/ and to the Rat 55 decals specifically: https://ootbmodels.myshopify.com/products/boeing-nt-43a-73-1155-united-states-air-force . The decals are laser printed on one sheet, so each decal will have to be cut out. They're very ni
  7. I knew that one was coming ! Fred.
  8. Yup! Pretty darn close! Thanks, Fred.
  9. Hi! Funny.... I was just thinking earlier today that this kit could be on my radar for an upcoming build as I have seen very few built. After seeing all of the flaws of the kit, I think it just went off of my radar! Still, I'll be following your build. It's looking great thus far 👍 Fred K.
  10. It's ALIVE!!! Yes, after an almost 18 month lapse, this build is back on! Shortly after my last installment, and another failed attempt to get that white gloss paint to my liking, I tried some Rustoleum white out of a rattle can (decanted). That left me with an even worse, eggshell finish than I had before. In frustration I set the kit aside, meaning to get back to it at some point. Well some point kept dragging out, but now I'm finally ready to finish it off! So the other day I went back and fixed a couple of spots that needed touching up with filler. Yesterday I sande
  11. Hi everyone, I'm looking to build the jet in the pic below. It was later bought by the US Navy and converted into the only EC-24, which I plan on building using the Mach 2 kit. Since I have two of those kits, I thought it might be neat to do a before and after build. Unfortunately, I haven't come across any decals for this scheme. Being new to airliner building, perhaps I'm missing something? Thanks in advance, Fred K.
  12. Hi everyone, I made some more progress on this one in between working on a few other projects. I got the cockpit in, and the fuselage halves together. I did run into a self made problem that you should be aware of if you tackle this kit. Definitely check the fit of the cockpit when you put it in! The mounting tabs on either side of it are too big, and need to be filed down a bit. I did it, but not quite enough, and it pushed the forward end of the fuselage halves out enough to leave a little step between the fuselage halves and the nose cone that will have to be filled and sanded o
  13. Hi Jeff,

          The decals arrived in good shape last week. It looks like there might be a couple of options on that sheet that I'll build, so that's a bonus! Thanks again, Fred.

    1. ST0RM


      Thanks for the info Fred. Glad they arrived and you'll get more use from them. 


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