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  1. Has anyone given these a try yet? They look pretty good and are considerably cheaper than the Aires cans that are undersized and don't fit anyway. Thanks in advance! Fred K.
  2. I've used PH resin before and always been pleased with it, which is why I'm considering the Tiger intakes. The part that is making me waver is that the fit doesn't seem to be too good. However, after hearing about the resin strength required to cast such a long tube, it does make sense, and is something that I hadn't considered. I've got 11 E's and 3 F's to build, and was planning on buying intakes for most of them. Maybe I'll buy one set and see how it goes..... I would also like to make a plea to the aftermarket resin producers..... PLEASE....... someone do a cockpit set for these kits! While the kit itself is quite nice, KH really screwed the pooch on the details and completely underwhelmed. Thanks, Fred.
  3. Man.... am I glad that I asked! I was seriously considering buying several sets, but think I'll pass now. Thanks for the intel ;0) Fred K.
  4. Hi all, Has anyone given Phase Hange's new 32nd F-5E intakes a shot yet? I'm just wondering how the fit and look is. I've been burned by Aires and their ill fitting undersized resin in the past and done want to drop cash on more junk. Thanks, Fred K.
  5. I did this with a type of plastic foil for the inner lid of a container of sour cream that I had used. It is quite convincing. You might want to check the inner seal of some of your dairy products for material ;0) Fred K.
  6. Hi Glynn, I've got them from the Halo kit. PM me your address. Regards, Fred.
  7. Very nice Dave! Is 72nd scale a possibility at some point? Thanks, Fred K.
  8. Cool.... I just ordered this kit. Thanks for the help ;0) Fred.
  9. That makes things so much easier for me! Thanks ;0) Fred.
  10. Makes perfect sense Jakub, thanks so much! So basically I could use the Revell FGA.9 as a starting point then? Also interesting that they went to Somalia after service with Abu Dubai. Thanks, Fred.
  11. Hi everyone, With the recent, and most welcome, reissue of the Revell 72nd Hunter FGA.9 kit, I got to looking at some of my decals. Apparently Abu Dubai flew the FGA.76 version. Since I know almost nothing about this jet, which Revell kit is the best place to start? I think they released an F.6 version some time ago, but it's very hard to find. Thanks for the intel ;0) Fred K.
  12. Hi everyone, I recently bought a 72nd Fujimi MiG-21MF that I have started only to find that its missing the nose wheel. Does anyone have one that they can spare? I'm in the US and will buy, trade or accept donations. Thanks! Fred K.
  13. Hi Glynn, Sorry, I did find a trader for the wing tips. I just forgot to mention it here! Thanks though ;0) Fred.
  14. Oh nice! I'm on that one! Fred K.
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