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  1. To put it bluntly.... absolutely no way on the face of this earth will I even put the slightest dent in my stash before I drop! I must have around 700 kits. In my defence though, I have discovered over the years that if I get interested in building a subject, I usually have a three to seven day window to start it. If I don't start it in that time period, then I lose interest and move on to something else. If I do start it, I will finish it eventually. Since model shops are a thing of the past around my area, that leaves mail order. If I have to mail order a kit, and wait weeks or months for it
  2. Hi everyone, I'm finishing up a 72nd Heller Connie kit that I started ages ago and just discovered that I'm missing one of the smaller main gear doors. It's Part #35. If anyone could help out I'd be most grateful. I'm in the US. Thanks, Fred K.
  3. The kit comes with two sets of instrument panel decals.... one later and one earlier version. I could use a set for my Italeri Hawk 100 build that I'm just getting started on if anyone can help out. I don't care which version. Any help would be appreciated! I'm in the US. Fred K.
  4. Hi Harold, I found out that Berna Decals did a sheet of African MiGs that had the Ugandan jet on it, so I bought those instead. Thanks for replying though! Fred.
  5. Hi everyone, I'm trying to track down some decals for a few 1/72nd scale projects. Also, I am in need of a nose wheel from the 72nd Italeri T-45 kit as one of mine disappeared out of that dam end opening box 🤬 I'm in the US and will trade or buy for all items. Thanks in advance! Fred. Wanted Decals Hasegawa A-4F VA-55: From the current kit Albatros 72010: South African AF Mirage F.1AZ Angolan MiG-21 killer option Leading Edge 72 46: US Navy Test Pilots School F-18B
  6. She's a beauty Steve! You're doing the old Hoover justice 😉 Fred.
  7. The Posiden would be nice. Lets hope they do it! For some reason I was think that the Wedgetail was based on the -800, not the -700. If they have to tool up a new -700 fuselage to make it, I too doubt it will happen. I knew about them working on a 777and am looking forward to it, though I have no idea where I'd put a built one! I hadn't heard about the A320. That would be welcome as well 👍 Regards, Fred K.
  8. Awesome! I'm looking forward to seeing pics! I almost bought one myself, but decided to wait and see if they're going to release a P-8 Posiden or an Aussie Wedgetail AWACS jet first. Maybe if nothing else someone will do a conversion? Still.... there's lots of great airline options 🤔 Fred K.
  9. Hi everyone, Some of you may remember an ARC'er named Sean Caywood from about 12 years back. I don't recall what his ARC handle was. Sean lived by me here in Utah and was into everything related to military aviation. He and I became fast friends and would spend hours in each others modeling rooms talking about planes and building. One day at work I got the call that Sean had passed suddenly at the young age of 34. It was the last thing that anyone expected. After his death his mother gave me everything in his model room. It was around that time that I was contacted by Cap
  10. Thanks Pollie! That looks like the route that I will take to get my Ugandan Flanker 👍 Fred.
  11. Hi all, I'm having the itch to build an African Flaker and spied the Ugandan Su-30MK2. I'm not up to speed on my Flanker variants, so I'm hoping that someone who does know can suggest a kit in 1/72nd scale. Also, I'm looking for the Ugandan decal option from Caracal sheet 72041 if someone would like to sell or trade. Thanks, Fred K. Im in the US>
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