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  1. Thanks for looking in your photo stash! I'll be glad to get this one done and present it to Roto 👍 Fred.
  2. Hi everyone, Well musky fishing season is just about over and I've started to get back to building again. My biggest priority this winter is to finish off this build. To that end, I recently got the wings and tail on on. I also got the nose cone on, but had to put a plastic spacer between the cone and fuselage as there was a very large step between the two. Has anyone else had this issue or is it me? My next task will be to rescribe lost panel lines and rivets. I have also started cleaning up the weapons and fuel tanks. I hope to have it ready for paint before too long, but it large
  3. Hi, No. It turned out that one of my local friends had one available. Thanks for checking in though. It's much appreciated! Fred.
  4. Fred, 

    When you finish the NT-43A "RAT 55" you can start on the RC-135U now that Kursad is set to release the 1/72 C-135 family of decals in September.  A little motivation for you when you come back form fishing! I am holding out for the 1/144 sets now that I sold most of my 1/72 135 kits.

    K/r, Dutch

    1. f5guy


      Hi Dutch,

            I saw Kursad's decals that are coming out, and am quite happy about it! I plan on finishing off Rat 55 this winter, along with several other builds, so I probably won't get to the RC-135U just yet, but its in the que. I'm sure that he will scale them down to 1/144th as he seems to be very god about scaling up or down. I wish that more decal makers were like that! Take care, Fred.



  5. Super nice Tom! It's builds like these that inspire me to tackle these bigger and more involved projects 👍 Beautiful work! Fred.
  6. Not in awhile. Summertime is here and its musky fishing season, so all of my efforts have been going into that. This year especially since our reservoir levels are so low here in Utah that I probably won't even be able to get my boat on the water in another few weeks. Then I'll likely get going on building again. Usually in June through September, I seldom touch a model. Thanks for checking in though ;0) Fred.
  7. Yup.... my choice too! And 1/72nd scale too please 👍 Fred K.
  8. VERY helpful! Thank you! Fred.
  9. Agreed! The VT jets especially. They never get covered by anyone! Thanks, Fred K.
  10. Hi Everyone, Over the last week I've been able to get a number of things done on this build. Here's where its at now. I must say that I'm a bit surprised at the fit of this kit.... it really isn't that great. It's not bad or anything, but from such a newer kit I expected that the fit would be much better. Pretty much everything requires filling, sanding, and rescribing. I've built Academy's 32nd Hornet, and it fit much better than this Viper. Until next week...! Fred.
  11. Last ones.... If anyone needs bigger pics, send me a message and I'll get them to you. All pics were shot at NAS Fallon. HTH, Fred K.
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