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  1. PM me Larry. I have what you need. Fred K.
  2. I imagine that if they're going to invest in the tooling for an E, an F and RF would also be in the works. They'll be looking to maximize the tooling usage. Everybody wins! Upgraded version would be great as well! That's the nice thing about the F-5 family..... the options are nearly endless! With any luck it may eventually lead to them doing a small scale T-38 as well. Their 48th Talon is a real beauty! Fred K.
  3. Yes, it could be that too. I sure hope that they do a good job with it. Given their T-2C kit, which is very nice, it seems likely. Lets hope that they do an F-5F and RF-5E as well! My fingers are crossed 😁 Fred K.
  4. Hi, Are you talking about VFC-111 #121 in the "Fullback" scheme? If so, Twobobs did decals for it in 48th scale. You might try to get a copy of their instructions. HTH, Fred K.
  5. The later sharknose/LEX version perhaps? Fred K.
  6. Wow! I think that I've finally seen someone who has more kits that he'll never build than I do! 🤣😆 Fred K.
  7. Well if they release a better kit (with speed brakes dropped) for half of the price of the Dream Model kit, I don't think they'll have any problems 😆 Fred K.
  8. The triple MiG killer rainbow tail NY ANG jet please! That jet has been on my want list for a long time! Thanks, Fred.
  9. This is exactly where I'm at. Here's hoping that Wolfpack keeps going with theirs and does a better job on their research, and price point. Fred K.
  10. Oooh...... ouch! $55 USD??? Yeah, I think I'll be passing on this too. Either that or waiting until the price gets slashed because they can't sell them at that crazy price. Another let down.... Fred K.
  11. Oh man...... what we're they thinking by not dropping the speed brakes? Unless the jet is powered up, they are nearly always open. That's a big let down for me anyway. This sounds like a job for Quickboost, or another resin outfit! I'm glad to see the RF as well! Hopefully there's a two seater in the works. It looks like it because the rear counterweight is on the sprue next to the nose wheel. Although the RF uses it as well. I see that they've included both nose cones, which is great, but I don't see any leading edge extensions to go with the shark nose. Thankfully those are easily scratch b
  12. Hi Michael, I can help you out. Send me a message. Fred K.
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