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  1. Hi guys, the title says it all. It's the Cylons/VFA-127 jet in the brown and tan desert scheme that I'm after. I'm in the US. Thanks, Fred.
  2. Hi Kursad, Did you say that this sheet was going to be available seprately? Thanks, Fred.
  3. This sounds like a great project for Reskit. F-16A tails for the Tamiya and Academy C kits would be great. I've got the AFV/Academy F-16B kit, but it only comes with an MLU parachute tail. I'd love to build it as an NSAWC F-16B, but until a tail comes out it's not going to happen. Fred.
  4. Joe nailed it right there for me! I've got nearly 1000 kits in my stash. With any luck I'll finish about another 200 of them before I croak. All that these overly complicated kits do is slow me down with unwanted detail. I tend to concentrate more on solid building techniques and a good finish. I can usually finish about 15 to 18 72nd kits in a year, although I've only gotten 2 this year thus far. WAY too many subjects on my hit list to goof around with open panels and extra detail. A resin/3D seat, or specific weapons, or maybe a cockpit set is usually all that I'll add. Fred K.
  5. Progress is slow at the moment Dutch as I'm trying to finish off a 72nd XB-70. One big project at a time 🤣 Fred.
  6. Definitely buttoned up! I too find that all open panel do is make more problems to fix, and also break up the lines of the aircraft. And some of the panels that manufacturers choose to open up often boggle the mind. Take the Kitty Hawk 32nd scale F-5E for example. The chute doors that open up to allow the 20mm spent brass casings to be ejected from the bottom of the aircraft are molded in the open position. These doors are only open in flight WHEN the gun is firing!! 🤮??? How many modelers are going to build their 32nd F-5E in flight with the gun firing? One? Maybe two? Probably none. Its an e
  7. .... from the Hasegawa weapons set #11. I need a pair if anyone can spare them. I'm in the US and will buy, trade or accept donations. Thanks! Fred K.
  8. Hi again, One other thing that I've recently done was to make the "scimitar" style winglet tips. The kit comes with the standard winglets, and the lower scimitar blade, though the instructions make no mention of it whatsoever. See pic 1. Pic 2 shows the winglet assembled, along with the lower scimitar. Pic 3 shows the tip of the lower blade attached to the cut down winglet. Pic 4 shows the two combined and initial sanding done. I will need the lower blade set that came with this kit, so the donor kit provided the set of scimitars
  9. Hi everyone, I've finally made a little progress on this project after spending several weeks of upgrading and wiring the electronics on my fishing boat. Fishing season is here, so modeling updates will only be occasionally. I got the engines together today, and like everything else with these kits the fit was just okay. This time around though I glued the inner intake ring onto the intake lip part, then filled and sanded it to make one solid piece. On my Eastern -800 build I chose to paint the lip ring chrome, then super glue it to the painted inner ring in an effort to ea
  10. Hi everyone, Another update. Before I attached the wings I used some sheet plastic to reinforce the flimsy joint under the engine pylons. On my Eastern -800 build, I had the nearly finished model slip off of my bench and into a five gallon waste bucket nose first. It blew the right wing completely off. See pic. The wing fractured right along the pylon joint on the bottom, which prompted me to decided to reinforce it on this build. The process was pretty straight forward, and resulted in a much stronger joint. If you're planning on building any of the BPK 737 kits, I would strongly re
  11. Thanks for the intel Tracy! Your method will come in real handy when it comes time for me to make the wing root lights for my Titan 72nd 757-200 build. Regards, Fred.
  12. Hi everyone, First of all, Dutch, sorry to hear about the issues that you've been having. I had the same thing happen with a pair of 48th Tamiya F-14A kits that I ordered from Japan. Interestingly enough, they came from the same ebay seller who shipped them seprately. The first one arrived fine, but the second one was sent back because of a supposed bad address. Go figure! Here's a little insight for everyone. My wife is a window clerk for the USPS, and has been for 30 years. I know most of her co-workers, the Postmaster, and even a few regional managers. In the 10 years si
  13. Hi Tracy, Thanks for the advice! I've toyed around with the idea of trying the UV resin out, but just hadn't gotten that far yet. I will check out the brand you mention, as it certainly has tons of potential uses. Have you ever tried it for fuselage windows? I have several business jet types to build, and the thing that always holds me back from starting a kit is having to insert those small windows singly, and strongly enough that they don't pop out and into the sealed fuselage during handling. When I first saw this UV resin, I thought that it might be a good solution for
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