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  1. Hi everyone, Brian and Steven: I've tried Alclad before, and it cracked on me. I sprayed the gloss black, let it dry a day or two, sprayed the Alclad, but ended up with a bunch of tiny fractures in it. I never tried it again after that. No doubt I did something wrong, but I hesitate to give it another go. Any thoughts? Thanks ;0) Gwen & Nebbor: I'll check out your recommendations, thanks!
  2. Hi everyone, I'm planning on finishing off a Hasegawa 48th TA-4J as VF-126 #00 from one of the Fight's On adversary decal sheets released a few years back. The aircraft is overall silver, maybe even chrome. It's quite bright. See pic below. I usually use Testors Metalizers for my metal parts, but I'm going to need to do some masking on this build, so I need a silver that I can mask over. I also need the finish to be able to take decals well without gloss coating. I prefer enamels, but will consider acrylics as well. I'm in the US, so some of the paints that I've heard good about, lik
  3. I've got a spare Hasegawa Tomcat canopy that you can have. Send me a message. Fred K.
  4. Hi Lukic, Nice job on this adversary! Having seen and photographed this jet in person I'd say that you nailed the colors very well. I'm working on this jet myself now, and am wondering which paints you used? Thanks, Fred K.
  5. Thanks for the encouragement along the way Jeff ;0) Fred.
  6. Thanks! I did manage to get one from a buddy though. Thanks! Fred.
  7. I hadn't thought of that. I did find one though. Thanks ;0) Fred
  8. Ahhh..... one of those things that I missed. It all makes sense now 😆 Noted for future reference! Thanks, Fred.
  9. I see what you're talking about, but after looking in Jake's F-16 book, which was my main reference, there's a bunch of Vipers in there with the "doughnut" in silver too, so who knows.... It is what it is at this point. Fred.
  10. We plan on hooking up at one of local breweries for dinner and beers, so I will be sure to get some pics and post them here. Thanks again for your help Chris ;0) Fred.
  11. Hi Pappy, Regarding the engine.... I went with what my reference pics were showing. There seems to be a lot of variations from what I saw. Take care, Fred.
  12. Thanks! I find that some folks tend to really over do the weathering. I generally try to be rather subtle about it. Regards, Fred.
  13. Hi Steve, I sent Roto some pics of it yesterday, and he was stoked! He currently just became the Vice Wing Commander of a unit back east, but will be traveling out west later this year, so we're going to hook up then. Thanks for all of the kind words! Fred.
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