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  1. Hi everyone, There was some discussion here earlier this year about the British government sticking everyone with VAT on purchases after a certain date, regardless if they were in the UK or not. There's some things that I'd like to get from Hannants, but if I've got to pay VAT on top of already high shipping costs, its really not feasible. Did that ever take effect? Thanks, Fred K.
  2. I find myself in the same boat as my stash of Model Master paints runs low. I have bought some MRP as it seems to be highly regarded, and I like the fact that they've done a number of colors, particularly for USN adversary aircraft, that MM never did. I haven't tried it yet, but am working on a couple of kits that I would like to give it a go on. My big question.... what to clean it with? Thanks, Fred K.
  3. The title says it all. Please contact me if you have one you'd like to sell. Thanks, Fred K.
  4. I do this all of the time. Very rarely do I start a kit, and then finish it before something else catches my fancy. I currently have 25 partially built kits on my shelf. However, I do always go back and finish them. Last year I finished off a 72nd Heller Connie that I started ten years prior! Occasionally I'll really have to force myself to finish a kit, but I always do. A lot of the time I'll start two or three of the same kit at a time, finish one, and then finish the other as the mood strikes me. It's what works for me anyway 😆 Fred K.
  5. Great news! Thanks! I'm not on facebook, so I usually miss this kind of thing unless someone posts it here. I sure hope BPK keeps putting out nice kits of these airliners/military airliners in 72nd scale. 👍 Thanks, Fred K.
  6. I hadn't heard about the BPK Wedgetail, though I have suggested it to Aleksey at BPK on a few occasions. I think I'll just wait then. Thanks, Fred.
  7. Very nicely done! How was the Welsh Models kit? I was thinking of picking up their Wedgetail kit. Thanks, Fred K.
  8. Interesting for sure, though not my scale. How many times have we seen it..... One company comes out with a kit, then takes forever to box subsequent variants, and another manufacturer beats them to the punch. It seems to happen fairly frequently, since they're mostly covering the same subjects over and over and over...... Fred K.
  9. I just ordered two kits directly from BPK 👍 Fred K.
  10. Nice! I've been waiting for this one 😉 Fred K.
  11. I can hook you up with the 02 modex and the pilot names. You'll have to get the other markings from the kit or somewhere else as the decal sheet only comes with one set of black markings, and I used them on F-5F #32 that I built from the sheet. LMK, Fred.
  12. Any specific markings that you're looking for? I don't have the entire sheet available, but may be able to help with a specific airframe. Fred K.
  13. Hi Dutch! Good to hear from you. The RC-135U is still on the list for sure. Anymore getting the time to build is my biggest issue. Just way too many competing past times, particularly in summer, coupled with work, family, blah blah blah..... you know the drill 😆 Take care, Fred.
  14. No updates. The paint is really kicking my butt, so I set it aside for awhile. I do plan on getting it finished this winter though. Hopefully ARC will get back in business and I can post without having to endured getting bombed with spam after every post. Until its fixed I won't be posting much of anything. Thanks, Fred.
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