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  1. Cool.... I just ordered this kit. Thanks for the help ;0) Fred.
  2. That makes things so much easier for me! Thanks ;0) Fred.
  3. Makes perfect sense Jakub, thanks so much! So basically I could use the Revell FGA.9 as a starting point then? Also interesting that they went to Somalia after service with Abu Dubai. Thanks, Fred.
  4. Hi everyone, With the recent, and most welcome, reissue of the Revell 72nd Hunter FGA.9 kit, I got to looking at some of my decals. Apparently Abu Dubai flew the FGA.76 version. Since I know almost nothing about this jet, which Revell kit is the best place to start? I think they released an F.6 version some time ago, but it's very hard to find. Thanks for the intel ;0) Fred K.
  5. Hi everyone, I recently bought a 72nd Fujimi MiG-21MF that I have started only to find that its missing the nose wheel. Does anyone have one that they can spare? I'm in the US and will buy, trade or accept donations. Thanks! Fred K.
  6. Hi Glynn, Sorry, I did find a trader for the wing tips. I just forgot to mention it here! Thanks though ;0) Fred.
  7. Oh nice! I'm on that one! Fred K.
  8. When I ordered his feedback was over 100 positives, no negatives. I should have checked them out more closely, and had I seen that they were all $.99 items with one word feedbacks ("good", "ok", ect...) I might have become suspicious. But I didn't look that close. Lesson learned! Thankfully it sounds like ebay isn't busing anyone's butt on this and is promptly refunding payment. Fred K.
  9. Excellent builds Ken! Thanks for the intel. I'll be going with the Trumpy kit for sure and just give the Italeri kit to my nephew to build ;0) Thanks, Fred.
  10. I got nailed by this same clown too. Interestingly enough though, it wasn't a huge price difference that would cause me to think that it was a scam. I ordered two Meng 1/72 F-106A's at $26 each. They go for about $32 normally, so not a huge price break that would make me think "scam". Surprise, surprise, they didn't show although tracking said that they did. I checked back on ebay and the dudes feedback was now at -4, so I knew that I'd been had. I filed a complaint with ebay and expected a fist fight trying get my money back, but apparently this guy is well known to them, and I got an email telling that I'd be getting a refund in less than five minutes. I'm not sure what ebay is going to do to fix this issue, but from now on I'm sticking with Chinese sellers that I've bought from before. Fred K.
  11. Hi everyone, I've got the itch to build a Fullback, but what's the best kit to start with? I have the Italeri kit, and know that it needs a lot of work to get to production standards, including a lot of expensive resin. I figured that by the time that I add all of that resin to the kit, I might as well get the Trumpeter kit for less money, and save myself a bunch of unnecessary work. Now I've heard that it has issues as well. Online reviews haven't been much help. Anyone care to comment? Thanks, Fred K.
  12. I agree. I've ordered many, many kits from various Chinese sellers on ebay and haven't had any problems. You have to remember that if someone is selling a $50 kit for $20, you should be suspicious. I just saw a 32nd scale Kittyhawk F-5E with these very numbers on ebay yesterday. The seller had over 100 positive feedbacks for $.99 items. The feedback read "Good", "Thanks", "Excellent", mostly one word. That's a red flag! As the old saying goes..... if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is..... Fred K.
  13. He really doesn't...... I've seen his stash in person! Heh heh 😁 Fred K.
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