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  1. f5guy

    What are your top 5 dream model kits?

    All new tool. 1/72 F-5E/F 1/72 RF-8A/G 1/32 F-106A 1/32 F-101B 1/32 F-102A Fred K.
  2. HI guys, I'm after the VMA-AW-224 (green rudder) markings from AOA Decals sheet 32-009. If anyone has spares and wants to sell or trade, please contact me. I'm in the US. Thanks, Fred K.
  3. f5guy

    CD72090 - 1/72 P-3 Orion Part 1

    Perhaps a seperate P-3 stenciling sheet is in order. There's a lot of older Superscale sheets out there still, and as Dutch mentioned, the kit decals are thick and yellow. Just a thought! Fred K.
  4. f5guy

    Need a pic of Hawaii ANG F-15B 74-138

    No worries David. Thanks for looking! Fred.
  5. f5guy

    Need a pic of Hawaii ANG F-15B 74-138

    Much appreciated David! I had an old pic of it in a Koku Fan mag, but I'll be damned if I can find it now, and I'm almost to the decaling stage.... DOH! Thanks, Fred.
  6. f5guy

    Air-to-Air Combat Between India and Pakistan

    The evidence keeps mounting........ Fred K.
  7. f5guy

    Air-to-Air Combat Between India and Pakistan

    So at this point it's looking like Pakistan shot down an Indian AF MiG-21, Su-30, and helo with no loses. India is claiming that they shot down a Pakistan AF F-16B/D, but the US head count of their F-16 fleet says no. India also disputes the Su-30 shoot down, the wreckage of which fell in Indian territory. In video on the internet, the jet shown spiraling in is too small to tell what it is, but two chutes are visible, indicating a two seat aircraft such as an F-16B/D or Su-30. Pakistan says its an Su-30, India says its an F-16B/D. He said, she said is all that you get from either sides media. It seems to me that the ball is in India's court. The wreckage fell on their side of the border. Why have they not shown it? I have a hard time believing that if it were in fact an F-16B/D, they'd be parading it around for the world to see. So far it hasn't happened. I'm thinking that Pakistan might be right on this one. Time will tell. Fred K.
  8. Anyone? I'm building this jet now in 72nd scale and can't find the one pic of it that I had. Internet searches have come up empty. Thanks! Fred K.
  9. SUPER NICE! Thanks for sharing ;0) Fred K.
  10. Hey Gary, I bought a couple of your 32nd AGM-78s to use on my A-6B. I noticed that you've included to different forward sections of the missile, but I didn't see anything in the instructions specifying which one to use for what version. I'm building an A-6B Iron Hand jet from VA-52 circa the Linebacker I campaign. Thanks, Fred K.
  11. f5guy

    Block 30 F-16C 1/72 Oh ANG MiG Killer

    Thanks guys! I have since found a pic of the jet in question with no missiles on the wing tips, and it clearly has the 129 rails. I raided my F-16CJ for the necessary parts. Thanks again, Fred K.
  12. f5guy

    Block 30 F-16C 1/72 Oh ANG MiG Killer

    Okay, so I came across the F-16.net site and answered most of my questions..... Block 30: Large intake, GE engine, no bulged gear doors. The only thing that I couldn't determine is regarding the missile rails. Any help? Thanks, Fred K.
  13. Hi everyone, I'm planning on building the 162nd FS Ohio ANG F-16C 86-0262 using a 72nd scale Hasegawa kit and Twobobs Decals sheet 72-077. I'm still a bit confused by the different Viper blocks. I know the -30 has the GE engine and large mouth intake. Which is the best Hasegawa kit to get there though? Comparing the "standard" Hasegawa C kits to the A kits, the intake doesn't appear any larger. However, its noticeably larger in the CJ boxing that comes with extra sprue's. What about wing tip missile rails? The Iraqi MiG-23 that it shot down was hit with an AIM-120, so I'm assuming that in service with the 162nd, it would still have the AMRAAM rails? In every pic that I've seen of this jet it has a Sidewinder on the wing tip, so its hard to tell. Also, in the Hasegawa CJ kit, there's an extra sprue with fatter tires, and bulged main gear doors. That was a Block 40 and higher thing, correct? Does anyone know of a site that has a break down of the Viper blocks, and what Black has what features? Thanks in advance for your help! Fred K.
  14. Hi Guys, The title says it all. I'm looking for the option E Iraqi Air Force decals from the Eduard 72nd MiG-21MF Royal kits. I will buy or trade for them. I'm in the US. Thanks, Fred.
  15. Hi guys, Does anyone want to swap wing tips from the Hasegawa 1/72nd new tool F-4 family? I have the slatted tips, but need the non-slatted. I'm in the US. Thanks, Fred.