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  1. Don't forget the Vermont ANG EB-57s! Awesome! Thanks, Fred.
  2. Thanks! 23 fish in a season is about an average year for me. Back in 2017 I had my best year with 34 muskies caught, but 10 of them came in one trip! They were absolutely lit up that morning. I even managed to catch three in a row, which is about unheard of. And they were all between 37" and 42", so they had some size on them. What a day 👍 Fred.
  3. Thanks Pieter! Hopefully this afternoon it will look even better ;0) Fred.
  4. Hi everyone, Just a quick update today. No, this is not a new snow camo job on my NT-43, I just got done sanding out the flaws in the paint 😄 I gave it a wash and will shoot white over the problem areas tomorrow. If all goes well, I will give it one final coat of white on Sunday, and then sometime next week I'll start airbrushing the details. All for now, Fred.
  5. I hear you Dutch. My original plan was to build the EC-24, along with several other larger subjects, in 1/144th scale, but that BPK T-43 kit really changed all of that for me. I don't know if its the eye appeal of the larger kit, or just the fact that its in the same scale as most of my other builds, but that T-43/737 kit has really kicked my interest in 72nd scale large aircraft and airliners up a notch! Heck, I even bought the Modelsvit 1/72 AN-124 Condor. Talk about BIG! But seriously cool at the same time. If they did a 72nd C-5 too, I'd be on that as well 😁 Take care, Fred.
  6. Heh heh.... thanks Dutch! I'm kind of dumb like that 🤣 Fred.
  7. Well after seeing some posts and pics online, the kit doesn't look half bad, and seems to fit well enough. Soooo..... I took the plunge and just ordered the Iberian boxing, and the EC-24. Hopefully I won't regret it! Fred K.
  8. I just ordered the Herks. One less now! Fred K.
  9. Hi Steve, I tried priming the model with both Gunze and Tamiya white primer on the nose and tail sections as a test drive. I must say that I wasn't very impressed with either product. The Gunze stuff was especially bad. Perhaps I did something wrong with it, but it made a real mess. I sanded everything out as best I could, but apparently I missed several spots. I'm going to paint the bottom this afternoon, and fix the imperfections in the new week. Thanks for your input, Fred.
  10. Very nice! It's nice to see that I'm not the only one who did the "MiG-17" A-4E as well ;0) Here's a pic of you Viper that I took when she was new at NSAWC. Great work! Fred K.
  11. This spot is where the flat antenna that I added used to be. I finally got a few good reference pics from a fellow modeler, and decided to go with that aircrafts antenna fit from that time period. As with many secretive aircraft like this one, the antenna fit will change over time. So the flat antenna on the roof had to go, and this is the canyon that it left me that I missed...... AAARRGGHHH! I love modeling ;0) All for now, Fred.
  12. As I started spraying the Model Master gloss white it became quite apparent that I had missed a number of screw ups. This was supposed to be the base coat, but after seeing what I missed, and all of the lint that was being attracted to the paint, I decided to promote this coat to "primer"! I only did the top half of the model as it is basically too big to hold and paint at the same time. Tomorrow I will paint the bottom and see what I missed there, then go back in a few days and fix the areas that need attention. The fun never ends ;0) Fred.
  13. Last night I washed the model off to get ready for painting today. Here she is in the paint booth and ready to be sprayed. Wish me luck! Fred.
  14. Lately I have been having a real problem with "lines" in the Milliput on the tail empennage. I assume that they're small air pockets from when the two parts of the Milliput was folded in upon itself to mix the halves. I tried Tamiya white primer, both the spray on rattle can type and the brush on type, and later thin super glue, but nothing worked. Finally I tried brushing on some Testors gray paint and lightly sanding that out once it dried. That seemed to do the trick! The gray lines are the areas that the paint filled in. Fred.
  15. Hi everyone, The other night I finally got the last of the numerous antennas on the jet. Most were from other kits, notably the Hasegawa 1/48th A-4 kits, but some were scratched as well. Also added were the rest of the vortex generators around the tail. In retrospect, they're probably a little big, but I'm okay with them as its still easier than monkeying around with the supplied photo etch parts! Thanks for watching ;0) Fred.
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