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  1. Huh..... they were really good with me. Well good luck! Fred.
  2. Hi Guys, I'm looking for a few kits and accessories for the AMT C-135 family. Specifically: AMT EC-135 "Looking Glass" Command Post kit Steel Beach 72011 E-3B AWACS late nose wheels. I'm looking to buy, and am in the US. Thanks, Fred K.
  3. Have you tried contacting Modelcollect directly? I accidently stepped on my B-2 canopy glass and broke it. I contacted them, and they sent me a new one for free within a few weeks. I was very impressed with their service. There's a lot of kit manufacturers that could learn from them! Fred K.
  4. Now its starting to look like a T-43! Fred.
  5. Next up was finishing off the tail. The kit provides horizontal blade antenna's (?) for the top of the tail. I decided to make my own with thinner plastic. An hour, and 10+ failed attempts later to get two that look the same, I decided that the kit parts would work just fine 😅 The small intakes near the base of the tail are engine vents from a Fujimi 72nd MiG-21 that were reshaped a bit. Fred.
  6. Pieces of plastic scrap were glued into the gaps, and once dry, gap filling super glue was put on. They will be sanded tonight.
  7. Hi guys, I had some free time the other day and got the engines glued to the wings. Like everything with this kit thus far, the fit wasn't perfect, but not really too bad. I no doubt could have made it better by taking a little more time test fitting! There is a gap between the engines and the wings. Depending on whether you slide the engine forward or to the rear determines where the gap will be. I decided that it would be easier to fix the gap if it were at the rear......
  8. The last thing that I did was to add a couple of what I believe to be reinforcing straps to the rear of the fuselage where the empennage connects. Once again, Evergreen strip was used. All for now. Fred
  9. The fit wasn't too bad, but some filling will still be necessary.
  10. The wings are on now after much test fitting and trimming of the wing spars.
  11. Next up was to thicken the wing root to match the fuselage. For this I used some scrap Evergreen plastic tubing and lots of test fitting.
  12. Hi guys, Well I had some time and got the engines done the other day. BPK includes a couple of sheets of brass that you're supposed to roll up into a tube for the exhaust sections. Not for one minute did I plan on doing that! I used some brass tube instead. There is a resin part that is supplied that is supposed to go inside the exhaust section (I don't know what it is), but there is no way that it will fit inside, so I just left it out. However, I did use the kit supplied resin exhaust fan face and glue it onto the brass tube. Fit was not the greatest for the intake section, but a little super glue and sanding took care of that. The fan was painted Model Master Titanium, and the intake was painted Testor's chrome silver. The engine was assembled first, cleaned up, and then the fan was glued in from behind the intake duct.
  13. My fingers are crossed! Thanks, Fred.
  14. Hi Jens, Thanks for the report! I was looking at their P-8 and Wedgetail. I am currently working on one of the BPK 737-200's, and after reading your report, I think I'll wait for them to release their 737-800. Hopefully they'll do a Posiden, and maybe even a Wedgetail too 😆 Thanks, Fred.
  15. I'm interested, but heard there are a few shape issues. Can anyone who has one comment? Thanks, Fred K.
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