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  1. I have a few books on the B-1b, but Im in the midst of a move and its all packed up. If you have no luck, I'll post again in a few weeks with all that I can find.
  2. I'm not sure I've every seen anything like that. If you find something, be sure to let us know. I think most people are forced to use images to sort out where panel lines and rivets go. Do you have a copy of DACO Publishing's B-1 book? I think it's the best one-stop complete walk around.
  3. Someone on the Facebook group did a build with LEDs, and posted a lot of updates showing how he did it. I wish I could remember who it was... As for what else could be improved, I would like to see a lights set that gives all the clear parts we can would need. After that, I think some updates to the wheel bays could be nice. The bomb bays are so finely detailed now that I think the wheels should match.
  4. No, I didn't want to build until I had more aftermarket stuff for it, and now I find myself waiting for more and more as they get announced. I have a plan for my two B-1s, which is a bit grandiose, but it will require my career to settle down a bit before I forge ahead. Maybe sometime in the next few years...
  5. I was in the very same boat. I had my first B-1 in the stash waiting for the TwoMikes stuff. Now it finally seems that a lot of the stuff the older kit lacks is being covered off by new manufacturers. The recent explosion of recent update sets was likely a big reason for Revel releasing the platinum edition of the kit. If I haven't mentioned it already, and if you have Facebook, check out the B-1 Builder Support Group. You'll get to hear first about new Bone Fragments sets (the admin of the group is the owner of Bone Fragments), and you'll see a lot of inspiring builds by other peo
  6. Ah sorry, I thought you were talking about the exhaust side. I know nothing about Met Details intakes because I bought sets from Bone Fragments. Check out their Facebook page and website. The company is owned/run by a B-1b lover and he sells, and is developing, a number of sets for the B-1. He has already released an intake set, antenna set, Sniper pylon, and fuel tank set. He is working on a CRL kit, and updates for the wing glove area. His stuff is top notch and I can't imagine anything beating his designs for accuracy. He is also a point of contact for the Army Cast flap set, an
  7. I haven't seen the metallic details set in person, but from the pictures they released, they seem to be proportionally off. They do not seem to taper enough moving backwards, so the whole thing just looks wrong. From my phone, I can't work out how to post pictures but look at this: Compare the picture of the removed engine (3/4 of the way down this article) https://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/32213/b-1b-loses-low-level-mission-annual-flight-hours-capped-heres-how-it-got-to-this-point With this from Met Details http://metdetails.com/sites/default/files/imagec
  8. Look on some of the Buy/Sell Scale Modeling pages on Facebook. If you make a request, I bet you'll get a hit. Part of the biggest drawback with those kits is the price of shipping. As a Canadian with two in the stash, I say this with pain in my wallet. Many people have these kits but don't build because of their size, so I bet you can get one for closer to 100 before shipping. Once you get one, join the B-1b builders group on Facebook. You'll get the low-down on all the many aftermarket items available, and can see a lot of really impressive builds to inspire you.
  9. Id buy a sheet for the Hornets over Libya in 86!
  10. I am by no means an expert either, but from what I've heard about the Phase Hangar stuff, the guy building the masters for all the after market parts is quite well versed with the A-10, and the intention is for all the Phase Hangar stuff to be everything you need to do a current and accurate C model. I intend to do my build with resin/aftermarket weapons, though I am not sure which manufacturer yet. I can say that Phase Hangar also have a 1:48 APKWS set which I bought. I would post pictures for you to see the details but I am in the middle of a move and I'm not sure where I've tucked them away
  11. If you go with Hobby Boss, Phase Hangar Resin has just released a whole bunch of update sets to make an accurate C, including antennas, cockpit set, engine set, seats, with wheels and pylons soon to come.
  12. Otterblue32 agreed to help me out by accepting delivery of a package from abroad that wouldn't ship to me in Canada. He was very kind, and wouldn't let me pay him for his time. I am certain that anyone looking to trade with him will be very happy with the transaction. Thanks for the help!
  13. I did a search for those myself, and they are really quite hard to find, eh? Have you heard of Red Fox Studios? I think they are out of Hungary. They do color cockpit sets, and they do have one for a 1:32 Growler. I don't have a lot of experience with their sets first hand, but I do have two in my stash for the 1:48 B-1b. (So I guess you could tell me how accurate those particular ones are...)
  14. The kits are great, but communication can be lacking. I think part of the problem is the language barrier. I too had questions before ordering with them, and it took some effort to get answers. That said, once I ordered, everything went beautifully. Their kits are well packaged, and they arrive quickly. EDIT: Check out this thread. There are some people that talk about who you can contact at HpH.
  15. Good luck with your build, Bill! It seems perverse, but I seem to achieve a better result with those kits that I end up hacking up and adding lots of resin to. Maybe you'll surprise yourself with how well it looks after you're finished! I have never done a build log before, but maybe I will make this kit my first and everyone can share in my pain...
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