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  1. Specter1075


    Well GW8345, you managed to take three replies entirely out of context. Speaking for myself, I didn't call him obstinate because he had a complaint, I called him obstinate because he continued to complain to the point of calling Raymond a liar even after being given an explanation. He is allowed to complain, and to ask for clarification, but the explanation is the explanation whether he likes it or not. To escalate things over and over is being obstinate. Additionally, his history wasnt posted. He kept demanding answers for an order without giving Raymond any information to work with. Raymond was forced to search to figure out where the problem was. This hardly seems unfair, especially when the offended person refuses to work via PM. PS: no idea why it wants to quote Dylan above...
  2. Specter1075


    Speak for yourself. You're being obstinate. There are internal border controls between Hong Kong and the rest of China. Raymond is trying to explain to you that their operation has to deal with this border control. You don't have to like it, but quit crying about it over and over. Everyone submits electronic info to the post office and "ships" items before the post office actually receives anything. It's not very transparent, but it is not localized to Lucky Model. I have the same problem with sellers in the US. I'm amazed that Raymond is even trying to communicate with you at this point when you're clearly only interested in the act of complaining rather than receiving and accepting an explanation. I buy from LM because they have the best prices, but I do so knowing that it takes time. My last big order took 3 months. My current order is at two and they haven't even got the missing item marked as incoming yet. It sucks, but if I need it fast, I buy it elsewhere for more money.
  3. Are the shipping quotes accurate? eBay shows 40$ shipping for a single 'In Action' book to Manitoba. That can't be correct, can it?
  4. I would be happy with the nylon. I am not sure how creative I can be with other materials, so having everything included helps me a lot!
  5. I am very glad for your hobby! I know others are too! I can't wait to purchase a set or two!
  6. Hey CzechCutter, if you have Facebook, you should join the B-1B Builder's Support Group. The guys there will go crazy for your work! We have over 1000 members, so it will help you will sales too! https://www.facebook.com/groups/510129559386191/
  7. You are already my hero! I have bought set of wing flaps/slats, and now I only wait for this bomb bay set! With your CRL's, I will have everything I need for the perfect B-1b! Your work is phenomenal!! My plan is to do combined munitions, and CBU-105 with GBU-31 would look fantastic! Will AviationMegaStore be the only place to buy, like with the wing sets? Do you have ETA for the GBU-31 version, or only the CBU set will be this year? Thank you again!
  8. Good god, you are my hero! I'll be first in line for that! Who is making it?
  9. Specter1075

    AMK 1/48 F-14!!!

    The Google machine tells me that the F-14 engine guys had a skill code of 8345. All this talk about "competitors", is it not possible that the original speaker misused the word, or mistranslated what they intended to say? I'm not sure why everyone is so worked up about it. Talk about it or don't. Buy it or don't. Who cares what AMK may or may not have said about our talking about their product?
  10. Hello all, As noted in the title, I am looking for a set of decals that would work to represent a jet involved in the Gulf War. From what I have gathered, there were a few set that came out that would work but none are readily available. Does anyone have anything that would work? The other thing, and my inexperience shows here, if this jet had generic stencils for walk areas etc, was a set created for that, or does anyone have one they would be willing to part with? Thanks!
  11. Specter1075

    AMK 1/48 F-14!!!

    I'm not seeing them... can you link to it?
  12. Specter1075

    1/32 CF-18

    Fair enough. It just reads a bit differently than you mean it at first glance.
  13. Specter1075

    1/32 CF-18

    I like how you ignored the majority of his post, where he explains the bracket's purpose using his own experience as a CF-18 pilot, to write something condescending. 😉
  14. Specter1075

    1/32 CF-18

    Don't plan the parade yet, Toronto! 😆