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  1. Hi Kursad, Sorry to drag up an old topic. Did you ever do the reprint of this set? If not, is it still something you intend to do? Thanks!
  2. Not sure how unlikely this is, but if anyone has a set of Caracal's C-2 set, I'd be very pleased to purchase it. I'm in Canada, and can send payment any way you prefer. Thanks in advance! Chris
  3. Resurrecting an old topic to voice my support for John B too. Completed a transaction last week, and he was very friendly, communicative, and a good person to deal with. I'm very pleased, and I am sure that anyone else would be too!
  4. It's big and expensive, making it difficult to break even or make a profit. Because the subject matter is less popular than others, its logical to conclude that production of a kit like that makes poor business sense. That's not moving the goal posts, its you arguing against someone's point for the sake of arguing against it, and doing so in a thread that was started six years ago, and had been dead for over eight months. To nail down the point, you can look at a company like HpH. They make huge kits that do not sell in massive numbers. How do they turn a profit? By selling them fo
  5. What I found is this: ISBN-10 1526705168 ISBN-13 978-1526705167 This is what Amazon lists. I didn't find much using those numbers.
  6. I looked around out of curiosity, and the Amazon page I looked at showed this book as already published as of the start of this year, and Google books shows it published as of last year. Of course, no one has a copy available, new or used. In my experience, Amazon is usually pretty good about publication dates for upcoming books. I wonder if something happened to make this one fall off the grid.
  7. Are we doing rhymes now? There once was a man of the forum Who marveled at the lack of decorum The topic title said flanker But debate full of rancor The squabbling begins to bore him. Let's be more friendly. The sniping gets tiresome for everyone.
  8. Truth be told, I did rip a few of them, but was able to slide them together well enough to hide it. They are good decals! I'm a few days away from doing a 1:32 Hornet in the NORAD 60th scheme, so we'll see if I've learned anything.
  9. I do not think you are an idiot. You have a good eye for detail, and you have a lot of good information to give to us. You should stay on this forum and be a welcome member. Just remember that we are all different people with different opinions. Even if someone disagrees with you, no one is attacking you personally. We should all be comrades here.
  10. This is why you find yourself in so many arguments on this forum. I'll allow that it could be a language issue, and that you do not express yourself the way you intend. Regardless, no one cares what education you have, what you do or did in real life, or whatever else you feel justifies your opinions. Lots of us have degrees, some of us work in aviation, some of the members have hands-on experience with these aircraft, and we all live our lives. If you want to be picky about mistakes, you are free. If you want to ask and point out flaws, that's ok too. Many other people feel that a
  11. Good question! I bought a few different reds to try to match as closely as possible, and found that Model Master Italian Red matched the closest. Hope to see yours soon!
  12. I thought I'd pick up a couple books too, but 65$ shipping to Canada is a bit rich!
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