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  1. Hey Chris! Thanks for the insights! I really like the coke machine analogy! How varied could the load-outs get? I know the B-1B is capable of deploying CBU-105's, but wondered if it ever had cause to. Would you see a load-out with one bay of CBUs and a bay of GBU-38 or -31s? I guess put another way, would munitions be of a completely mixed use, or would they be mixed only from the standpoint of weight class?
  2. Check out the B-1B Builder's Support Group on Facebook. They have former operators and crew guys that can get into the very fine details of the B-1B. The question of the forward fuel tank came up, and if I remember correctly, the tank went in the front bay because dropping ordinance from the front bay created higher chances of FOD damage to the engines.
  3. I've made two purchases over the last couple of months with him, and I agree with all the others above. He is great to do business with!
  4. You're a bit unbalanced, friend. I hope you don't act like that in real life.
  5. Because you said it was your first time shipping outside of the US. Apparently it did need clarification. Turn the snark down a bit.
  6. 1200$ for 1:32? Doesn't their 1:48 cost roughly the same when converted from Euros?
  7. Thanks! How much different are the antennas? Are you referring to ones all over the aircraft, or the ones connected to the vertical stabs?
  8. Hopefully not hijacking the current direction of this thread, but I had a question for the handful of Flanker experts in the thread. From what was said here, the KH SU-35 stinger is an early production version, correct? Can someone say what differences exist between that early stinger and the stingers found on the prototypes? Seeing that DN Models has a mask set to make the 901/Yellow Splinter prototype, I'm wondering how much modification would be needed to the KH or GWH kits to make a reasonably accurate representation? I am by no means a rivet-counter, but I am curious how far off the kits are from that particular airframe. Thanks!
  9. These guys seem to be doing everything. I like their subject choices, but I hope they arent trading quality for quantity of releases.
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