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  1. I do not think you are an idiot. You have a good eye for detail, and you have a lot of good information to give to us. You should stay on this forum and be a welcome member. Just remember that we are all different people with different opinions. Even if someone disagrees with you, no one is attacking you personally. We should all be comrades here.
  2. This is why you find yourself in so many arguments on this forum. I'll allow that it could be a language issue, and that you do not express yourself the way you intend. Regardless, no one cares what education you have, what you do or did in real life, or whatever else you feel justifies your opinions. Lots of us have degrees, some of us work in aviation, some of the members have hands-on experience with these aircraft, and we all live our lives. If you want to be picky about mistakes, you are free. If you want to ask and point out flaws, that's ok too. Many other people feel that a perfect scale model is impossible, and choose to overlook certain flaws. That does not make them any less of modelers or people than you. Talking about your background in this way is obnoxious and it sounds condescending. If someone disagrees with you, you do not have to take it personally and list all your credentials. All that does it make you look petty and unprofessional. It distracts from the conversation at hand, and makes things much less pleasant around here.
  3. Good question! I bought a few different reds to try to match as closely as possible, and found that Model Master Italian Red matched the closest. Hope to see yours soon!
  4. I thought I'd pick up a couple books too, but 65$ shipping to Canada is a bit rich!
  5. Really inspiring results! Great work!
  6. It may be worth asking your credit card company how long they will back you up for the purchase. If their coverage does not expire, you have nothing to lose by waiting.
  7. I often find that tracking numbers only work in the originating country. Even US to Canada. I think it's based on the level of service used. Without any change at all to the tracking, your stuff from Russia may arrive tomorrow.
  8. Schull24 or something like that? Sounds like you're pretty well set!
  9. I remember be surprised at how fast mine arrived as well. I think it was only 3 or 4 days from Czechia to Canada. Impressive stuff!
  10. There are currently two places where the flaps set can be purchased. The first is Aviation Megastore, based in Europe, and Bone Fragments, which is based in Australia. Nigel, if you're building a B-1b in 1:48, you'll want to check out Bone Fragments for a bunch of aftermarket stuff. He has an inlet set, and antenna set currently, and is working on a modern CRL for the bomb bay. Army Cast, the maker of the flaps set, also produce a ten-store conventional bomb rack for the B-1b, which you can get at the above mentioned locations. Lastly, check out Barracuda Studios for wheels, exhaust, and towed decoy sets, depending on how old a B-1b you wish to depict.
  11. I've got one waiting for me too. I look forward to watching your progress!
  12. Great news! I'm glad it came together for you!
  13. It couldn't hurt. Give it a try.
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