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  1. I agree too. If this level of quality can be expected in their subsequent releases, then I have no problems paying relatively more for it. Let them be rewarded for producing a quality product.
  2. Very pleased to see this project continuing! Great work as always!
  3. Thanks Okthree! I'll have a look at them. Yeah, for all the books that exist out there, I'm surprised there isn't a complete breakdown of the war in one volume. Stuff that jumps to mind is something like Chandler's The Campaigns of Napoleon, or the Tom Clancy stuff that broke down the air and ground war in Iraq in 1990/91. I like to read things that are comprehensive in nature, though not too general, and then from that determine which specific elements I want to read more about.
  4. Great replies! I really appreciate it! I'm saving everything you folks mention.
  5. Hello all, There are a million books about Vietnam, but I'm wondering if anyone knows of a work that details things from start to finish, with a focus less on the politics, and more on how the war was conducted, how units were deployed, etc. Alternately, a book that does this but just from the USAF/USN airpower side would be great too. I've found myself digging into various topics, but never really find anything particularly detailed. For example, I'd love to know more about Pierce Arrow. I don't see much about loadouts, or how the mission was undertaken. Given the detail we h
  6. The issue is not whether it is challenging to fix, its a question of getting what you pay for. There are people who can scratch build models from just about anything but that doesn't mean I'm ok if the mail man runs over my kit. Bent missiles are a defect, not part of the challenge. I'm pretty sure Great Wall wouldn't want people to get a bunch of bent parts either.
  7. 30 years ago, cars didn't even come with air bags, and now people complain when their air bag sensor fails? Spoiled spoiled spoiled.
  8. Hello all, I'm almost certain that I'm going to come up empty handed, but if anyone happens to have one of these, I'd love to purchase it! Fingers crossed! Happy New Year to all!
  9. I wish I was half as productive, and half as talented. Congrats on a great year!
  10. I'm not in a position to grab sources, but I was under the impression that the Russians were using guided weapons for photo-ops, and conducting the vast majority of bombing missions with unguided munitions.
  11. Considering its 11 years later, I hope you bought a lottery ticket.
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