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  1. No. I have membership but I've never been to any meeting anywhere. Life is way too busy right now, unfortunately. Maybe one day...
  2. My experience is the same. I was in Winnipeg until a year ago, and it was the same out there too. I think there are a few of us here from Alberta, now that I watch for that sort of thing.
  3. Still waiting in Alberta too, Scooby. That border is a difficult chasm to cross if you're a mail or parcel delivery service.
  4. Hi Da SWO! I tried sending you a message but it says I cannot. Is your inbox full?
  5. Hello all, I have done this a couple times now, and it has worked out great. There are some decals on Ebay that I would like to purchase, but they do not ship to the Frozen Lands of Hockey and Maple Syrup. I know USPS has made it a right pain in the fool for you guys to ship up here, but if someone was willing to help, I'd be more than happy to compensate them for their time and whatever costs (of course)! It's just one pack of decals, so I would expect it to be nothing more than letter mail. Maybe with a piece of cardboard inside. Shoot me a message if you're feeling kind and genero
  6. Great find with Aztec! I'm placing an order now! I agree about LeQuack doing decals too. I spoke to one of their people about finding some, and he pointed me toward Fishbone. Apparently he was unaware about them not shipping world-wide.
  7. I reached out to Fishbone a few times, and they don't want to ship to Canada for some reason. The second link is to a limited edition set that is no longer available. I've done a fair bit of scouring trying to find these decals, without much luck. I appreciate your help nevertheless!
  8. I've reached out to try to get one of those conversions. I'd love to build a MKM! But the one missing piece of the puzzle is decals...
  9. This is pretty neat. Would love for it to be a big success so we can see more Canadian topics. Everyone goes to the Arrow, but I'd love to see a new Canuck.
  10. Clusters it is, then! The timeline for his second deployment line up with the period I'm looking at (late 60's) when the Phantom E's were being introduced into combat. Thank you, and thank you to your father, for the help! Pass along my thanks for his service as well!
  11. That would make sense, but I read someplace that they weren't all that common yet. I'd love to be proven wrong.
  12. Hello all, I have been trying to find specific information about how F-4Es would have been armed when flying in Hunter/Killer mode with F-105Gs in the late 60s portion of Vietnam. I've found a few pictures of the groups (usually at the tanker), but not any clear enough to see a load-out. I am expecting that Mk82s are the most likely, but in terms of their variety and number, I come up short. In a DEAD role, would daisy cutter fuses make sense, or high drag? I would assume a dive delivery, so maybe just vanilla Mk82s? Any insight would be really appreciated, as always! Thanks!
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