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  1. Cruiz, this is a perfect reply, and exactly what I was looking for! Thank you very much for taking the time to write it up! I also didnt see that Aztec did a cockpit set. I think I will stick with the Isracast version and fix it up as much as I can. Thank you again! This was very helpful!
  2. I haven't had a good look at them yet. I will tonight and get back to you.
  3. I would be happy to help, but I'm not clear what marking you're referring to. I can't figure out what MAF is. Can you upload or link to the aircraft you saw with it? If it had Naval markings, would it maybe be a Tu-142 rather than a Tu-95? I did some quick digging. I do not know what MAF is, but the naval forces are the VMF. I found Tu-142s wearing the VMF marking, but none of Tu-22s. It seems like they either wear VVS or VKS more currently. Is there a timeframe you're looking for? Which version of the Tu-22M are you looking for? Second edit: It looks like the Tu-2
  4. So now we have a bigger image. Was this image tied to any kind of news?
  5. Amazing build! Really remarkable work! I really wish I could design in 3D. What a game changer that is!
  6. I have a few of their kits. It's too bad they are gone now. With some tweaking, maybe they could have overcome some of the problems they had with mistakes and inaccuracies. I'd maybe pick up a few of the stragglers if the price was right. When I looked at that first eBay listing you posted, I was shocked that I haven't heard of a MH-60R in 1:48. If be all over that! Alas, it's 1:35. And way overpriced.
  7. Someone definitely got a good deal then. Its crazy what those prices have gotten to!
  8. I don't know when the F-4D contracted the Herpes mod, but the F-4E's took better precautions:
  9. Thank you Dave! As I'm doing a demo bird, I'm not sure I'll have any missiles at all, but I'll be sure to do it correctly if I change my mind. Thanks for the reply! Crash, I searched a few different ways looking for a thread like that, and I never came across it. I have no idea why, but thanks for digging it up for me!
  10. Hello all, I intend to build a German F-4 for my step son. He likes the blue scheme from 2008 commemorating 50 years of the Phantom and 35 years of the F-4F. I have some of the Syhart decals, but can't see much available for 1:48 F-4F kits. He is not a rivet counter, but I do like to be somewhat close to accurate, so I am wondering how much difference would exist between a F-4E and F-4F. My understanding is that there wasn't much different externally, but am having a hard time finding anything definitive. Does anyone here know? Thanks!
  11. I'm not seeing it. What happened? Is it the mis-labeled scale?
  12. I hope not. Let them give us something we don't have any or many options for!
  13. This website specifically mentioned the recon versions being used in 1968, but no mention of losses. Maybe just wishful thinking? http://www.airvectors.net/avil28.html I couldn't find anything at all that even insinuates that an Il-28 was shot down, or that a Mig-21 shot anything at all. I did some quick searches in the Russian language as well. Nothing there either.
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