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  1. The SU-30SM is of most interest to me too. Cold War Studios is doing a conversion set for one of the Hobby Boss Flankers (The MKK maybe?) So one way or another, the future should be happy.
  2. I'm pretty sure the Lockheed F-37 Chrome could take it. That said, I'm sure it's a step up from the Su-42 Internet Explorer.
  3. Have you maybe run into the Global Shipping Program? Some sellers use it, but no idea what the benefit is for them. eBay determines what taxes/duties you would owe and "takes care of it" for you. It's supposed to make international shipments easier, but in my experience it's a complete scam because eBay has no idea what you might get charged by the customs person looking at it. You could have over paid, or you may need to pay more. It's a scam. This program also has shipments go through one of their own logistic centers, so your tracking number (if you have one) will only be for that first leg. In my experience it actually takes longer because it sits at the logistics center for a couple days before actually heading to you.
  4. It looks as though this set was put out before I got back into the hobby, so I have no idea how long it was produced for, and it seems to be one of the only cockpit sets made for the B-58. So I may be after a white whale here, but if someone has a set hiding away some place, I have some cash with your name on it! PM or reply here. Thanks!
  5. I may have jumped the gun and posted before being sure of what I need. Sorry about that.
  6. I'm interested in the B-58 if you decide to part ways. I'm in Winnipeg, so shipping should be reasonable. Cheers!
  7. Fair enough. I know who I'll be bugging with questions when I get to building it!
  8. Another build for me to watch closely! I'll be doing an Aurora soon too. I have some extra resin parts that cover the areas for the guys in back, as well as a better torpedo bay and flap set. Do you intend to scribe panel lines or stick with the raised ones?
  9. Yeah, I've landed on 70-2387/Lujac 23. It's the only bird I have the decals for.
  10. I have tried to do just that, but it's tough to find pictures of a specific jet from a specific date.
  11. I'm going to have to start looking through my reference photos again. I must have overlooked that easter-egg!
  12. No, it was just some BS. There was no real story there.
  13. Thanks Paul! That's actually the first picture I've seen that more or less followed the guide I had been working from. It was that same tan on the nose that first caught my eye and highlighted my mistake. I found a set of instructions for the Academy E version online (I'm at work so can't consult the F instructions at home) and the instructions seem to correspond to the later pictures I have, and (fortunately) the parts I have already painted are not far off. It's that tan patch on the nose and the tail surface that seem to differ most of all, where the top of the fuselage and wings are not overly different from the AF Tech order. So this big problem is not so big after all.
  14. Ok, that's not much of an answer. There must have been some at least semi-standard since different aircraft have very similar camo applications. They surely weren't just making it up.
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