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  1. Thanks for digging into it! I guess we'll do what we can!
  2. Everyone can re-holster their lawyers now!
  3. I'm pretty sure they don't mean to literally sue. Its either meant to be funny or a mistranslation.
  4. That's fantastic, Ben, thank you! Now I find myself wondering at how well I could chop up an Aires cockpit and try to scratch those back-seat elements into it... I do have the detail and scale book. I got it hoping for a cockpit picture and came away disappointed.
  5. Was it a physical photo or online somewhere? I'd love to get a look at the back, as I'm sure others here would too!
  6. I did a quick look, and the 4th picture from the top of this page does seem to show a TER. https://www.f-100.org/hun008.shtml
  7. Hi Spook and Nate! Thank you both for reaching out! I had someone reach out to me in private messages who is willing to sell the sets to me, but if something happens and that doesn't pan out, I'll let you both know. Thanks very much for helping me out, and for replying!
  8. Ah yes, I do have that one. I remember reading it in high-school, actually. That's a good one!
  9. Thanks Andy! I came across two of those before, but not the squadron one. I ordered myself a copy. One thing they all seem to have in common is being 100 pages or less. I hope they will be as detailed as I`m hoping. Either way, thanks for the help!
  10. Hello all, I was wondering if anyone out there could recommend a book about modern USN Carrier ops. I'm looking not so much about the politics of when and how they are deployed, or what they do in a larger theater of operations, but rather the day to day workings. I have some familiarity already, but I'd love to know more about all the positions on the flight deck, how it's organized, maybe some of the procedures for getting an aircraft ready for departure, etc. Does such a book exist? I'm interested more in the modern side of things, so I suppose that would be Nimitz class and new
  11. Not sure how common or uncommon these sheets are, but if anyone has one they would like to exchange for cash, I'd be happy to buy. Thanks!
  12. 26$ for a guarantee that your 600$ order wont disappear without a refund seems reasonable to me. If you've got the 600$ for your hobby, then you likely have the 26$, no? CF18 said that buying elsewhere would be 200$ more. Theyre still coming out well ahead.
  13. If the shipping is free, it will likely be slow. I've never ordered from them directly, but order things from Eastern/Central Europe fairly often and rarely have a problem. (That's shipping to ONT, MB, and now AB) If you purchase with PayPal (Goods and Services) you are protected even if the shipping time is measured in months. That's likely your safest bet.
  14. Thanks Jari! I had seen the first photo, but not the second. I wonder if anyone here has a picture of one of them from profile view. I'd love to compare the markings between Pave Knife birds and the older 433rd F-4Cs.
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