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  1. Thanks again for the replies! Mstor and Wyman: I'll head over to hyperscale for my next attempt at contacting him. Thanks for that! Chip: It seems like he has universal praise. I don't mind waiting either, it's just that we are way beyond his own estimate. I'd be fine to wait a year if that's what he had been quoting, or had said to me in some form of reply. Dutch: I have tried that link a couple times now. I also had an email address from when I initially placed the orders, and I've reached out via Facebook. Still waiting.
  2. Thanks for the replies! Waiting beyond six months is worrisome since my PayPal backing expires at that point. I would be less concerned if he would reply to me. If four to six months and beyond is the norm, he should be putting that on his website.
  3. Hello all, I placed an order for two B-58 sets through Lone Star in February and nothing has arrived yet. (I'm in Canada.) I know things are all screwed up with the COVID stuff, but his website has not changed its 6 week turn around time, even though he addressed the COVID situation in a message on his website. So with the much delayed delivery time, after six weeks to fulfil the order, he has had nine weeks for it to arrive here. I sent an email through his website without reply. I do not want to be an unreasonable or unfair customer, but the lack of communication has me a bit concerned. Does anyone know him and would be willing to reach out on my behalf? Thanks!
  4. Thanks for the reply! That would work just fine, but I'm a bit leery of ordering from him. I ordered two B-58 sets from him in February, and nothing has arrived yet. He is not responding to emails either. I have until August to sort it out, otherwise I'll have to seek a refund through PayPal.
  5. Hello all, I'm trying to track down a 1:48 D-704 buddy pod. It's for an A-6E, but I don't think that matters. I know Cobra Company and Attack Squadron made them, but I am not picky. Has anyone got one that they would like to trade for some cash? Thanks! Chris
  6. Those few would have to be particularly careless since you have to click at least a half dozen times to confirm the order, each time with the total cost displayed on the screen. Scammers suck, but they are usually not difficult to spot.
  7. Doesn't get more definitive than that! I'm glad you're on these boards GW. I learn a lot from your posts! (You too AlienFrog!)
  8. No problem. Sorry for the confusion. 🙂 On topic, I am excited for this kit too!
  9. Despite the global pandemic, Great Wall Hobby was labeled an essential service, and though it has cost many lives, many workers with their last gasp proclaimed "must... release... Flanker..." as they all diligently worked toward their spring-time release date. Or, everything is shut down and I wouldn't expect any news for a while.
  10. Gary is an honest seller, and I am happy to do business with him! Thank you sir! Good luck with the remainder of your sales!
  11. Gary is an honest seller, and I am happy to let everyone know they can deal in confidence while giving his thread a bump!
  12. I hope you had a bad batch. I have a bunch in my stash for later projects, and it would be an expensive fix to replace them all.
  13. Wow! Well done! I'm building this one now and yours is a bar I couldn't hope to reach!
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