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  1. Mr Rotramel/mrvark is active here. There is a thread for his book here:
  2. Hornets are down the hall. This is the lightning nest.
  3. Unless it's also your last name, you're still not as transparent as Dave is. I think that's the point he is making.
  4. There were quite a few differences with the prototypes, so doing an A might be tricky. 3 of them had pointy tail housings, the enlarged spine was present, and the wing glove area was different. You would also need the turkey feathers on the exhaust.
  5. I'm not sure what that scheme is on the left. It looks like they just threw it on for the museum. I don't think I ever saw a picture of the B-1As with that scheme.
  6. That is one of the prototypes according to the caption but it's a bit weird. Any of the pictures you see of 0174 before it was at the museum show it with the enlarged spine. I wonder why they removed it.
  7. Night Hawk became Night Night Hawk in that second picture. Ouch!
  8. I don't think it's misleading, I think people just don't read the details. It literally say up to 6 months with surface shipping, and the status while waiting is Queued to FCL shipping, which is exactly what you described: the shipping container moves only once its full. If people don't want to wait, then don't choose the slowest option.
  9. The surface shipping gets better the more you buy. They got a bunch of Trumpeter stuff in stock, and with the current sale, I bought a ton of things off my wishlist. Can't do much about the wait time, but the prices were excellent.
  10. They show it as in stock, but my pre-order still says waiting for product. 🤨
  11. I pasted the answer from them above. It's not perfectly clear but I understood its the gear that are not strong enough to support the weight. I'm sure the bays would be fine, but I don't think they sell them separately, and I doubt they work with the kit gear. It's a real missed opportunity.
  12. Metallic Details has said their gear wont support the weight of the model and they recommend people use a stand. Not ideal at all. Especially with the ridiculous price. I copy their answer about gear strength below: "I use photopolymer resin for production. After 3D printing, the parts are thoroughly washed and cured under the influence of hard ultraviolet light. After polymerization, the material becomes glass-like in compressive strength. I tested the landing gear when assembling the model airframe. The material has held up. But the weight of the finished model with all ad
  13. New bot reported. Why do they zero in on this thread?
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