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  1. It sounds like you're going to be all set! Looking forward to seeing what all you have!
  2. Some people may be interested in the small group of kits, or you may get people who only want part of it. You'll have to decide if you'd be willing to break up the group. If the kits are missing things, then you should expect that some or all may not sell at all. Its just how it goes. Have you got a spreadsheet of all the kits you have? Some people in your shoes will just list them all and see what interest there is in what kits. If you get swamped with replies, you can post a reply saying that offers are on hold until you have it sorted. Just an idea. Good luck!
  3. I agree with Habu. Make a quick post in the Buy/Sell portion of this website, listing a handful of kits with what you want for them, and see how it goes. That would be the quickest way to garner interest and test out Paypal. People here will be more inclined to help you out and/or be patient while you get thing sorted than they will be on eBay.
  4. I'd guess that eBay's overly complicated way of selling is part/all of it. I rarely try to sell anything, and I found it to be extremely user-unfriendly the first time.
  5. Hi again, Dennis. If you have linked your credit card to your PayPal account, then PayPal will have the ability to send funds to it, and to deduct from it when you make purchases. It's also possible to link to your bank account, which may be preferable since you will be receiving money. You will have to tell Paypal to deposit funds whenever you so choose; PayPal will not do it without your say-so. Your PayPal account can hold a positive balance. If you make purchases online, you can use said balance towards those purchases. I wouldn't worry about paying fees. Most buyers are prepared for those things, along with shipping costs, and those should not come from your pocket. It's reasonable and normal that buyers pay for those. Of course, it's your call, but I don't want to see you come away disappointed with the experience. Definitely keep asking questions as they come up. People here are very good about helping!
  6. Hi Dennis, If you give people the email address associated with your Paypal account, that would be enough for them to send money to you. For your safety, do not mail anything until you're sure the money is in your account. Another thing to be mindful of are the Paypal fees. People will be able to send payments without fees, but then have no guarantee/insurance if the kit never reaches them. Ask people to pay using "Goods and Services" so that everyone is protected. Google says that the fees are 40 cents USD per transaction, plus 2.9% of the value being sent. If your Paypal account is active, you should be set. Have you gone through the process of linking it to a credit card or bank account so that you can access the money sent to you? With regards to shipping, you may put yourself in a hole with a guaranteed cost. Its usually safest to say that shipping is at cost, on the buyer. It opens it up to foreigners like me. 🙂
  7. Noted. Thank you Sir! I'll be giving this a try!
  8. How do you go about applying the grime, Collin?
  9. Very cool build! Can't wait to see it finished!
  10. Thanks again, Collin! I thought I had replied to you earlier but it never left my phone apparently. Sorry for the delay! I've book-marked the links you provided. I'll be out ice fishing tomorrow, so I'll be reading through them then. I look forward to those! I decided that I do like the look of Harpoons and Torpedos enough to use them for my build, but I'll balance out their less-comoness by using just one harpoon and adding the A/A42R-1 pod to the other wing. I ordered a Wolfpack resin one a couple days ago. I'll be sure to let you know when it's done. I'm by no means a professional builder, but I'll do my best! Cheers! Chris
  11. Thank you again! I'm pretty stoked that you have personal experience with this aircraft. I hope I can do it justice! I guess that's always the debate: how realistic do you want the presentation to be in terms of loadout. I'll have to decide if I want to go the CBU route, or torps/harpoons. You mentioned that in a hot war, you'd load up on harpoons. Would there be a circumstance where you would carry both torpedos and harpoons? Or would you be sent out with a specific task, be it anti-sub or anti-ship? Given the asymmetric loadout with CBUs/fuel tank you mentioned for the Gulf, would it make sense to have one harpoon with one external tank? Or were harpoons always in pairs? I'll do some more digging here to see what else can be gleamed. Thanks again for the personal input; it's been invaluable!
  12. Holy smokes that's good info! Thank you, Sir! One thing I never read was where the aircraft actually was in 1994. If you were in the Gulf at that time, but still in ASW config, was the primary role to look for Iraqi ships or was there still a carrier protection/anti-sub mission? I like the look of the MK-46's and harpoons, but if it's not a realistic loadout, I won't go that route. Why were warshots almost never loaded for MK.46's? Was that something that came about post-Cold War? Were the rockeye variants you used visually any different from USAF rockeyes? Was there a difference between Mk.20s and CBU-100s or is it just a different designator? Was their use unique to the Gulf theater? Hope you don't mind all the questions! I can't imagine a better resource than yourself, so I have to take advantage! 🙂 Thanks again! Chris
  13. Awesome! Thanks Collin! Looking forward to hearing more!
  14. Hello all, I've begun work on a 1:48 S-3B from the early/mid 90's. More specifically I'm building VS-21's BuNo 160156 from 1994. Recognizing that the S-3B's started losing their anti-shipping role around that time, I'd like to build one as it would have looked at that time, while they still went sub/ship hunting. For loadout I'm doing a bay full of Mk.46 torpedos and a pair of AGM-84's on the wings. I assume that's all well and good. I bought AeroBonus' Mk.46 torpedos and they provide 5 different marking options. I presume the predominantly blue scheme would be training rounds, but I'm wondering if other different schemes indicated other uses. Perhaps one was for ship-borne launchers or something. Can anyone here clarify which is most appropriate for the S-3B, if any? https://imgur.com/gallery/B5PsGxm
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