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  1. What a great job you did. Have fun, don't compare yourself to others with many years of experience and... well have fun! My very first model... I pu tthe wings on upside down ;). Not kidding you, I did. build more and post them please, you bring the reason back why I started this in the first place.
  2. I don't think this hobby should be called modeling, I think it should be called sanding... "Hey you get some sanding done today?" "yeah dude, had a 2-3 good our of sanding in before the kids got home..." Another good point for sanding is the direction you sand the seam. It's best to go across the seam whenever possible and not with it. It's easy to create a step in your seam when you sand with the seam. Jeff
  3. *Technique "barrowed", stored away for my try at it* That is a really smooth finish to your paint job, good work. How do you take such clear pics while holding the model with one hand... is that even possible??? Jeff
  4. Wow Angels, that has to be the best compliment I have ever gotten!!! The build is good. There are no pitfalls, but the overall fit is only OK. Not bad mind ya. No big gaps, nothing like that. You just need to test fit allot to get the best fit you can. I am anal about my seams though since I spray lacquers in paper thin coats so it needs to be good. I appreciate the kind words. Jeff
  5. Thanks Jack, The glue is dry on the fuselage so time to move on. I filled in that Antenna behind the pit with stock and sanded it in. Worked the seam with Tamiya basic putty and sanding bow and sticks. Rescribed the panel lines and rivets I lost. I seem to have gotten a good fit on the pit and nose wheel bay (musta been all the cussing..) and press fitted the cannon end in to have a look, after drilling out the barrels. Jeff
  6. Mocked up and I like it so I am going to go ahead and ca this thing in, in a minute. Jeff
  7. Hi Pierre, 1/48 and it's huge!
  8. Love this kit!! I have the Aires Pit seen here for it. Took a ton and Dremeling, sanding and cussing to make it fit. Mr. Color Aircraft gray with hand painted Vallejo Black,green and red. Wash is oil and promodeler. Dry brushed with oils. This modern stuff is cool!! Wish I knew more about it. Jeff
  9. Some more progress... Here is my fix for the main gear bay collapse. Laminated some stock and sanded it in. not going any further as far as detail or anything because I am afraid I will make it worse. Just going to paint it and live with it. Nose wheel bay, just couldn't get rid of that gap. Here are the wing tops and bottoms. Ton of sanding and filling. Used the tamiya basic putty for the first time and I like it. Have the Trump riveting tool coming too because I erased all the panel lines and rivets for the sanding. And the infamous intake, did my best with it, made it seamless
  10. woodbeck3

    MK 82

    PM me your addy. Jeff
  11. woodbeck3

    MK 82

    1/48 from the HB A-10 kit
  12. woodbeck3

    MK 82

    Anyone need any nicely done Mk 82 navy freefallers Good thing I have 6 more . Thanks for your help guys. Jeff
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