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  1. Hi all, I recently bought a decal sheet for the EA-6A. I bought a nice decal sheet, nice options, only in 72nd scale...... and the kit I have is in 48th scale.. so thats not going to work. Does anyone have a sheet for the 48th scale EA-6A for a Vitenam era aircraft? I'd prefer the VMCJ-1 Golden Hawks version, as that is the one I'd love to build. Anyone here have what I'm after? Let me know. I can buy or trade or..... Harald the Netherlands
  2. Nah.. he's only here waiting for the rain to wash his car.....
  3. Yo Vinnie.... Merry Chrimas to you to... and your brethren... whereever they might be... I don't do egg nog but I'm enjoying a small beer... (sans umbrella that is..).. Harald
  4. WOT???? AMK is still doing their F-14D?? How will it be an improvement over the excellent Tamiya kit? Oh and what does our resident MOAI have to say on this subject...
  5. Well.. it looks very much like you... Then again, you all look alike.. Harald has spoken!
  6. Dunno...... I mean.. look at this sh!t.. its been going on for AGES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh well... Back to the bench....
  7. Oh sweet Buddha.... Moai has his own Facebook page.. WE ARE DOOMED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Thats all nice and stuff.. but I want a drink with an umbrella... Harald
  9. SO.. where's my drink with the umbrella??
  10. So... my gf came in the other say saying she's taking a pregnancy test.. my question to you guys, as I'm nt familliar with those tests... are they hard to take???
  11. Aw crap.... like I need more decals... :-) Then again, I did ask, didn't I?? Harald
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