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  1. Well.. after some conversations with Mike Belcher and some more google searching I was able to source a set of B.II bulged doors in 48th scale from the UK.... DS835 Kilo Oscar Kilo will be built. https://www.arg1940-1945.nl/lancaster heemskerkgb.htm Harald
  2. Hey all, I'm here requesting the long shot of long shots...... Years ago I bought a Tamiya 48th scale Lancaster and the Paragon set for the Radial engines. Thinking this was all I needed for the conversion to a B.II... WRONG!!!!!!!!! This week the postie arrived with my Lancaster book and it clearly shows I need bulged bomb bay doors to complete my project, so.. if anyone has Paragon set 48125 PLEASE let me know. Anyone with a 3D printer that can print the doors.. I'd appreciate it..... Anyways thanks and here's the reason I'm looking
  3. Hey all, Looking for the decals as seen below, just the "tiger stripe" S-55/H19 as used by the French in Indochina (Dien Bien Phu). Anyone? Harald The Netherlands
  4. Whish I could attend Too far for me.. and I'm kinda less mobile... (left lower leg in a cast)... Harald
  5. I do all my own stunts... but never intentionally
  6. eeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww a naked Moai.... and he's mooning us.... the audacity.....
  7. Anyone made of stone survives the Turks.... heck I think he drove them mad by quoting whatever he needed (or wanted) to quote I still thinks its amazing he is still allowed here.. Come to think of it, he must have some dirt on the mods for being able to stay here this long....
  8. Hi all, Does anyone here (preferably mainland Europe) have a 48th Scale Monogram RF-101 for sale? Paypal preferred. Thanks Harald The Netherlnads
  9. Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha... then again, how does he drink those other umbrella drinks he's boasting about??
  10. No... and I'm not travelling to Turkey to find out... Byeeeee
  11. Title says it all.. Looking for the above mentioned kit. I'm located in the Netherlands HArald
  12. Have you ever tried wine with an umbrella??
  13. Oh sweet Bhudda.. 500 more?? We're DOOMED!!!!!!!!!!!!! DOOMED I tell ya...
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