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  1. Oh sweet Bhudda.. 500 more?? We're DOOMED!!!!!!!!!!!!! DOOMED I tell ya...
  2. Holy crap... first visit he in eons and he (Moai Vinnie) has still not crumbled due to erosion... the world is doomed.. DOOMED I say...
  3. In my book he is. Snet me a set of Hasegawa decals.. Thanks Michael.. Harakd
  4. Scout712 came through and got me the F-4S decals.. now if only I could get hold of the other 2 sets I'd be very happy...
  5. Michael, Thanks for the offer, but I'm trying to complete my Hasegawa Ka series with the missing decals, I need the colpete decal sheets. Once again thanks for kind offer. Harald
  6. HI all, Looking for a few kit decal sheets, all from the Hasegawa Ka series Phantoms (72nd scale): F-4C Ka4 F-4D Ka5 F-4J Ka2 I'm located in the Netherlands. If anyone can help, let me know. Thanks Harald
  7. Okay.. so the Pakistanis ran back and forth 400 times... wouldn't it bebetter for them (not to mentione les tiring) tojuststay n placead call it a run? Or something??
  8. Damm.. Moai Vinnie......he's stilll here... O M G !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Harald
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