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  1. Mojo appears somewhere in between fun and work. It goes both ways and if you do not posess harmony in life, you will have poor mojo. A proper balance is not easily achieved but you can find it if you look deep inside yourself. I am on the right track but have a long way to go. Wind in the sails !
  2. So what will happen with the True Details range now? I noticed some of them have been modernized not like the older sets. Never shopped with Squadron directly, just wasn`t my thing.
  3. Well i`m happy for you. This means you have not (yet) grown an emotional bond with your model kits/stash, in other words there is still hope for you. Trust me when i say this is not the case with many modelers 😉 At the end of the day you (most likely) paid money for something that ended up not being put to good use. Money down the drain...ethical issues...how to best consume a plastic model kit toy? Personally i don`t like the idea of throwing away a half completed kit. Why not save it for a rainy day? That being said, if it can be of any joy to someone else i would not hesitate to give it awa
  4. I think you tip #4 is a very good one and should be carefully observed. What are your thoughts on rectangular bases vs square bases ?
  5. Books are good to have around but not everybody has them even if the title is worth looking into which seems to be the case here. My guess is 99 out of 100 people here will not have access to that particular book. All in good faith of course but why not let`s use this forum for all its worth and share opinions with eachother here so all 100 out of 100 will have the possibility to learn more about this, not just the ones who have this book. That`s my goal with this thread...capiche ?! 😒
  6. I want to do a 72 scale diorama with a lot of stuff going on, not just a piece of wood, some foliage and smack the subject on top of it. I was even thinking about some variation in the height/topography. My main concern is getting the size of the framework right so i can fit everything i want in this confined space. I have some blue foam for the main base i will be trimming to shape but due to all the stuff i want to put into the diorama, i have a hard time visualizing the actual required size needed. I am hoping i can get away with a double "letter size" format or "A3" format but suspect this
  7. More than anything else : JUNKERS JU-52 (1:72) I`d like to see Hasegawa give that one a brand new tooling 😄
  8. Can`t help but wonder in these contagious times if some hobby companies have had to shut down their production lines. Are these smaller companies more prone to go belly up should the cash flow stop? My theory is most people spend less money on hobby stuff after covid became a thing. I haven`t actually heard of anyone shutting down yet, but it would not surprise me if one day this will become the reality. I just can`t see an end to this ongoing madness any time soon. Any thoughts on the situation ?
  9. Just ordered mine, now you do the same 😉 Great looking aviation figures ! Just wanted to spread the word. Buy directly from the producer to save some $$$. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Soviet-aircraft-pilot-1-72-in-winter-uniform-war-ll-news-Resin-figure-TOP-72/203049465150?hash=item2f46b0f53e:g:ekoAAOSwf6NfD0oP https://www.ebay.com/itm/figure-scale-1-72-soviet-air-force-ground-crew-1942-TOP-72-brand/203004587823?hash=item2f44042f2f:g:HUEAAOSwmaBez2~z https://www.ebay.com/itm/figure-scale-1-72-resin-printed-American-bomber-pilot-war2-n-2-set-TOP-72/203056647671?h
  10. If anything, i hope this new technology can bring down the prices of regular photo etch kits because these are generally overpriced. I have seen the Quinta sets but not tried them yet and not really sure i will. Remains to see if this will catch on or just touch and go.
  11. Maybe the problem is just that, you clean your airbrushes thoroughly and in the process damage the tips. It takes an eagles eye and a cats paw to smoothly insert the needle back into the body. I think the trick is being on top of your game and not let anything dry inside your airbrush and spray a lot of thinner through it after you have used it to clean the insides eliminating the need to open it up and clean it. I know many make a mess here. Just my thoughts.
  12. I`m willing to bet his Yen & Yang balance is a little out of tune.
  13. It goes in the one ear and out the other one. I never get drawn in by any catchy phrases and that goes for all sales pitches. Scott is right, take nothing for granted.
  14. I sold an Aero Detail book on ebay for $150 a couple weeks ago. It was "factory sealed" which is the only reason i would demand this high price but to be honest i did not believe anyone would pay that much...but they did and when talking with the buyer, this guy was only interested in sealed up examples. I realize the place i bought the book most likely sealed it to keep it pristine while sitting on their shelf until it got sold. I suppose that is the only reason we have products being sealed up like that. For some kit collectors, having a sealed box is imperative. I love the artwork on my Has
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