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  1. I have ordered from Sealmodel in the past. I have NEVER EVER seen anyone take so much pride and care in packing as they do. Good prices and good service. You may be presented with an option "rush" or not depending on whether you want it fast or not. I think you will get a bonus item if you choose to "wait" lol.
  2. While always trying to think out of the box, i forgot to mention that you should also look into lock picking tools which may have some similar properties. https://www.ebay.com/itm/334651990096?hash=item4dead02050:g:uPgAAOSwHt5jihyf https://www.lockpickmall.com/best-32-piece-lock-pick-set-and-case_p.html As the saying goes, it is a jungle out there so know what to buy. Cheers..
  3. Hello. I love scribers too 😉 Gotta have a decent selection of them which i now have after many years of buying various scribers. For sure no scriber is worth $100, that`s just a load of BS. These days there is certainly a lot to choose from so you need to know your way around town. I am guessing you are after a scriber that leaves a flat surface in the groove, not a V shape like most of the 1st generation scribers did. Another thing is to distinguish between a scriber and a chisel. They are not the same thing. Personally i don`t like the fragile looking "thin tip" scribers which many of your l
  4. Since my topic is so closely related, i will ask here instead of starting a new topic. I want to steal the contents inside my Tamiya acrylic white spray can and use it with my airbrush instead. Never tried this before but i`ve read about people doing this. I believe the term is decanting? ..a term originating from the fine wine department?! ..where you soak up the upper layers of the liquid. I don`t know if the Tamiya cans use a liquid propellant so not really sure if i need to go for the upper "sediment" or use all of the contents in the can. Will my airbrush deliver a finer atomization than
  5. What if any is the affiliation with Academy of Korea? Minicraft, this is a US company right?
  6. The old Matchbox kits technically also have recessed panel lines so this is nothing new. Just like the new Revell and Airfix kits, it seems trench warfare never goes out of fashion. I`m not old enough to remember what came before Matchbox but i am sure recessed panel lines were a thing long before 1980.
  7. Just making some headway here, lol..
  8. Hmm, outbound or inbound ? Nice catch, i can think of at least one more. All subjects apply, ships, subs, cars, figures and so on.
  9. New Price - $450 shipped - BUMP ! This is my rock bottom for this lot just so y`all know. Thanks for eyeballing 😉
  10. While certainly not having any recent events in mind, let`s see how many hits we can muster. So dear members, how many of you out there is able to find model kit box arts that include the Golden Gate bridge? Since i am the topic starter, i will begin the show 🙂
  11. You should be happy you have a chance to model this old kit. The challenges must be overcome but this is what modeling is all about. Take it for what it is and be happy.
  12. I believe you are missing the main point here. My reason for reporting this item is because it was involved in fraudulent activity and hence the spotlight should be focused on the italian ebay seller. Whether or not ebay pulls this listing is irrelevant. As long as ebay is informed this seller is being "red flagged" by users, this is pretty much what it boils down to. I think most of us if not all at some point have sent money via friends & family when buying stuff but this is merely a digression.
  13. I tried it on my mobile phone which for sure has a different browser and now the Report Category bar gets an orange outline/frame and there is still no dropdown menu to choose from. I would very much like to see a screendump from your computer where the dropdown menu works and what options there are so i won`t have to go around feeling paranoid all the freggin time.
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