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  1. Hello people ! Just feel have to share this here on arc. I`ve been on the hunt for a high quality masking foil for working on my automobile for quite some time, but frankly i had no idea where to turn or what to get. Most masking stuff we modelers use come on a roll of tape i recon. I had a stroke of luck when i took a chance and came across this stuff. It`s called GEKKOFIX and is made in Enschede in the Netherlands by Venilia Decor B.V. It`s says "Self Adhesive Foil" on the roll, come in rolls of 2M with varying widths. I have the matte white version by chance. This foil is design
  2. This one looks very interesting.. https://www.ebay.com/itm/284148278673?hash=item42288ea591:g:~9oAAOSw3Ate0uzh
  3. There are other MUCH better tools for that. Those things in your link are just cheap low quality stuff made to sell for a quick buck. I was very let down when i received mine. Also, this is a typical "generic" item branded by many different manufacturers who, let`s face it are less concerned about the quality and more about the income. When you work on your models, of course you want your tools to be either perfectly round or perfectly flat, not "somewhere" in the middle, still not known by man. There is something called "jewellers pearl reamer" and those are fantastic for small jo
  4. Hello gang, I need some recommendations for very low rpm electric hobby tools with Dremel style chucks. My beloved but old Dremel model 298 has a range from 5000-33000 rpm. but the low end 5K is way too high to work on plastics without endangering meltdown for example when using sanding wheels inside cowlings to remove plastic. I`ve been out of touch with these types of electric tools for a long time so i don`t really know what is available these days. Just leaned back and enjoyed my model 298 which has not failed me yet even though it`s very old now. Has anyone tried
  5. Those are no good. They have two "sides" that don`t seem to line up with each other making for a nasty ridge running all along the tool. You can assimilate it to flash on a plastic kit. Also, they are not 100% round which is a crying shame. Just like with some of the Evergreen rods you would think they were 100% cylindrical, but they are not 😞
  6. Here`s but a mere few suggestions...indeed a drawing would be helpful. https://www.I am a spammer, please report this post..com/item/1005005071962139.html?spm=a2g0o.productlist.main.27.1b6e67fduxAolI&algo_pvid=c2ee988e-ec6c-4082-b639-9799ca90ca77&algo_exp_id=c2ee988e-ec6c-4082-b639-9799ca90ca77-13&pdp_npi=3%40dis!NOK!148.77!97.53!!!!!%40211be72e16884020997268031d0753!12000031528379453!sea!NO!2614069766&curPageLogUid=5vgr4MC5PpZR https://www.I am a spammer, please report this post..com/item/1005004701840185.html?spm=a2g0o.productlist.main.95.1b6e67fduxAol
  7. Well for starters, was the actual blade a conventional hobby blade? What size was it? The bigger blades are called #10 and the smaller ones are called #11. I do presume the blades were replaceable, yes? If not, that changes everything. Swann Morton has their own patent of attaching the blade to the handle but no swing afaik. I use ebay all the time when i look for something specific, so i would say ebay is your best bet if you really want to find what you are looking for.
  8. Found that 3M Nexcare tape at a local pharmacy today. It was like $12 or so. Came in a thin cardboard box not in a blister like in your picture. It looks really good and very soft and flexible, can`t wait to try it out. That blue artist tape from amazon says nothing about having any flex. Care to enlighten us CFster?
  9. Thanks for the tip. I`ll be looking around for that one. Apparently not a staple in the shelves here in Norway i will have to inquire at the local pharmacies. I just ordered two 3M vinyl tapes, the 3,17mm & 6,35mm ones. Guess i`ll just have to place my bets and see how things work out. https://www.ebay.com/itm/353615098839 Tempting to try the white Tamiya tapes...
  10. That i already have so not really what i was looking for. It`s nice for masking canopies but isn`t really in the category flexible masking tapes as there is no adhesion. Blenderm (3M) is another similar product, perhaps better than Parafilm. The downside is of course that these are clear and harder to see the edges you are masking.
  11. So what should i buy? Never tried it before, hoping some of you have. I see that white Tamiya tape gets mixed reviews due to the poor adhesion. 3M have any superior products? "Kabuki" a thing? Thanks for any info on this..
  12. Swann Morton? They have been around for a while. Did the blade retract into the handle? https://www.festoolownersgroup.com/hand-tools/marking-knives-for-joinery/ https://www.popularwoodworking.com/editors-blog/intro-to-marking-knives-part-three-great-inexpensive-all-around-knives/
  13. Just a small note about jap pilot figures. I`ve seen that new Hasegawa set which is very welcome and indeed they look really good. Have you seen the "Redbox" kits? They also do like 3 or so figure kits with japanese aviation but they do seem a bit crude and perhaps a bit bulky. Not sure about availability or origin, maybe Ukraine? https://www.scalemates.com/kits/red-box-rb72052-japanese-army-aviation-pilots-and-ground-crew--952634 NorthStar of Ukraine also did a jap pilot, but just the one pilot standing with a jap. sword would you believe. PJ productions have a set wi
  14. I notice you keep quoting "the law". There is no flame icon on the Testors Metalizers i had in mind, just says flammable which i am sure it is if exposed to oxygen. In other words you would have to unscrew the lid (can be extremely hard at times) and break out your lighter and see what`s cooking. It still isn`t clear to me what these documents should read. At the end of the day there is more money in the pocket for the USPS, they always like to jack up their shipping rates don`t they and make as many special arrangements as possible for anything out of the ordinary. Let`s be honest here, these
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