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  1. I sold an item on ebay a few years ago for a pretty penny. It was $150 plus $25 intl. shipping but immediately i felt bad for the buyer so after the buyer in USA had paid up, i cancelled the ebay order, refunded the guy the money and got in touch with the buyer and told him hey, let`s make our own arrangement which we did and i let him have it for $75 plus shipping via PP friends and family. Now i don`t know how many times you can get away with doing that, but my logic is since ebay is being such a jerk and charging all those silly fees, why can`t i doublecross ebay every now and then. They re
  2. Absolutely. Do not hesitate buying from them, they are a respected business. I think they have an ebay shop called Ridgefield Hobby...i could be wrong. https://www.mustang-hobbies.com/
  3. A short update.. Thankyou - Seawinder - for sharing the Heller link. I attempted to fill in the missing parts form and indeed, the decals i requested arrived a few weeks later free of charge. Wow, this was almost like going back in time to the good old days when you could mail the included missing parts label to Airfix/Heller and get the spare parts for free 🙂 That being said, my sudden emotional rush soon got overpowered when my eyes scrutinized the decal sheet. I am sorry to say this was a case of OOR. Either the winds were blowing very strong the day they printed these dec
  4. Hey all, This one is right around 20 years old, been sitting here all that time unmolested since i don`t do acrylics. Seems to have held up well against the element of time. I think i heard these are no longer available so selling if anyone is willing to buy it from me. As i am in Norway, you would most likely be looking at intl. shipping. Thanks, Bjørn in Norway
  5. Well it seems it helped speed things up posting it here on arcair 😉 Shipment was delivered today around 9 days after landing in Chicago.
  6. Hmm, makes me wonder if the Chicago facility is a one man operation. This is the type of thing they make documentaries about with hidden cameras, lol. I like the zip code of that place...60666.
  7. So i sold a kit on ebay two weeks ago, wrapped it up and shipped out. Shipment took only five days to reach its destination. Shipment arrived in Chicago (O`Hare?) on sunday the 24th and now, 7 days later no more tracking updates. Is this normal? Apr 24, 2022 10:17am ARRIVED AT INTERNATIONAL SERVICE CENTER ISC CHICAGO IL (USPS), 60688 Apr 24, 2022 10:17am INBOUND INTO CUSTOMS 60688 https://tools.usps.com/go/TrackConfirmAction?qtc_tLabel
  8. So is Heller still alive?
  9. I recently found out that Heller have released a "new" boxing (yet another one) of their old range of kits but this time with a completely new set of decals (and instructions) Not wanting to buy these kits all over again as i already have them, is there any way i can order just the decals from Heller? It seems this is a 2013 release so several years ago. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/heller-80229-messerschmitt-me-109-k-4--347701
  10. Hello all, Need to rack up some extra cash and where else to turn to than my faithful styrene stash. It rhymes don`t it...stash...cash, lol. I have one too many of the E27 kits, unmolested/parts sealed. Box is in great condition...it`s been well cared for. If you want the B/C kit, i do have that one as well just in case you are looking for both. I noticed there is a low supply on these kits so demand goes up don`t it?! Thanks for stoppopphopping by, Bjørn in Norway
  11. I`m a diehard Humbrol enamel fan and i couldn`t care less for some silly new rule banning the sale of them. I was in Denmark 10 years ago in some hobby shop and asked for the Tamiya Acrylic range but was told they had a chemical in them that apparently was banned in Denmark. Well, guess i just buy them at home in Norway then. All these various regulations is not to be taken seriously. I won`t let anyone tell me what paints to use. Can`t help wonder if this is a Brexit thing...
  12. Well to be honest this issue popped up in my head when i accidentally dropped a single engined model straight down onto the wooden floor and thought to myself aerodynamic my arse. I couldn`t help wonder why it just fell to earth like a rock. I guess physics plays a part in this. Maybe if the model i dropped would have been true to weight it somehow would have magically crashlanded on the floor without any damages, lol. I get strange thoughts in my head like that from time to time, hahaha.
  13. If the real size 1:1 machine is 10 tons, what would it weigh in at in the various modeling scales? Say a 1:1 scale Avro Lancaster weighs 25.000 KGs, what should in theory a 1:72 scale model of a Lancaster weigh? I don`t even know if there is anything called "true to weight" but it would be fun to know. Are our plastic models lighter or heavier then what they should have been following the logic of "true to weight" ? I hope i got my question through to y`all out there, lol.
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