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  1. Can`t help but wonder in these contagious times if some hobby companies have had to shut down their production lines. Are these smaller companies more prone to go belly up should the cash flow stop? My theory is most people spend less money on hobby stuff after covid became a thing. I haven`t actually heard of anyone shutting down yet, but it would not surprise me if one day this will become the reality. I just can`t see an end to this ongoing madness any time soon. Any thoughts on the situation ?
  2. Just ordered mine, now you do the same 😉 Great looking aviation figures ! Just wanted to spread the word. Buy directly from the producer to save some $$$. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Soviet-aircraft-pilot-1-72-in-winter-uniform-war-ll-news-Resin-figure-TOP-72/203049465150?hash=item2f46b0f53e:g:ekoAAOSwf6NfD0oP https://www.ebay.com/itm/figure-scale-1-72-soviet-air-force-ground-crew-1942-TOP-72-brand/203004587823?hash=item2f44042f2f:g:HUEAAOSwmaBez2~z https://www.ebay.com/itm/figure-scale-1-72-resin-printed-American-bomber-pilot-war2-n-2-set-TOP-72/203056647671?h
  3. If anything, i hope this new technology can bring down the prices of regular photo etch kits because these are generally overpriced. I have seen the Quinta sets but not tried them yet and not really sure i will. Remains to see if this will catch on or just touch and go.
  4. Maybe the problem is just that, you clean your airbrushes thoroughly and in the process damage the tips. It takes an eagles eye and a cats paw to smoothly insert the needle back into the body. I think the trick is being on top of your game and not let anything dry inside your airbrush and spray a lot of thinner through it after you have used it to clean the insides eliminating the need to open it up and clean it. I know many make a mess here. Just my thoughts.
  5. I`m willing to bet his Yen & Yang balance is a little out of tune.
  6. It goes in the one ear and out the other one. I never get drawn in by any catchy phrases and that goes for all sales pitches. Scott is right, take nothing for granted.
  7. I sold an Aero Detail book on ebay for $150 a couple weeks ago. It was "factory sealed" which is the only reason i would demand this high price but to be honest i did not believe anyone would pay that much...but they did and when talking with the buyer, this guy was only interested in sealed up examples. I realize the place i bought the book most likely sealed it to keep it pristine while sitting on their shelf until it got sold. I suppose that is the only reason we have products being sealed up like that. For some kit collectors, having a sealed box is imperative. I love the artwork on my Has
  8. Sure there is. Been on the market for a few years now. A rather extensive set it is, bit messy with the flash but should be well worth it if you wish to get your fingers dirty. It has all the little telltale signs of small aftermarket cottage industry 🙂 https://www.musthavemodels.fr/e-boutique-1/#cc-m-product-12926727525
  9. If you trash them, some poor guy in China will have to work harder to make new ones. Basically yes, trash them.
  10. You WILL need a tripod....EVERY TIME. Also use the 2 second delay or a remote shutter so your hands are well and truly off the camera at the point of shooting. You will need to know the basics /get an understanding of your camera and how it works and this WILL take time and effort to get to know. I`ve been wanting a macro lens for quite some time but it`s not that high on my priority list. Those two photos you uploaded isn`t really macro material. Wacro is way more up close and personal. Lighting is important and may not always work to your advantage unless you know what you are doing. You hav
  11. Be careful with that Plast I Weld stuff. I`ve had a full bottle evaporate on me which is no bueno. Shelf life of that thing sucks. It could be a bad seal on the lid but still sucks.
  12. You said it Mofo. - - - POSSIBLE - - - as in PERHAPS, POTENTIALLY, PROBABLY, MAYBE. Let`s make some waves but let`s thread gently.
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