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  1. If you trash them, some poor guy in China will have to work harder to make new ones. Basically yes, trash them.
  2. You WILL need a tripod....EVERY TIME. Also use the 2 second delay or a remote shutter so your hands are well and truly off the camera at the point of shooting. You will need to know the basics /get an understanding of your camera and how it works and this WILL take time and effort to get to know. I`ve been wanting a macro lens for quite some time but it`s not that high on my priority list. Those two photos you uploaded isn`t really macro material. Wacro is way more up close and personal. Lighting is important and may not always work to your advantage unless you know what you are doing. You have most control of lighting in manual mode. Maybe you could consider shooting WAR so you can have all the data, not just some of it like JPEG but JPEG is easier to work with. You may want to edit your photos in Lightroom after the fact. There is a lot you can do to bring forth a photograph using digital software solutions. REALLY. And while you`re at it, do get a spare battery for your camera. Preferably one with a higher capacity than what you already have if possibru.
  3. Be careful with that Plast I Weld stuff. I`ve had a full bottle evaporate on me which is no bueno. Shelf life of that thing sucks. It could be a bad seal on the lid but still sucks.
  4. You said it Mofo. - - - POSSIBLE - - - as in PERHAPS, POTENTIALLY, PROBABLY, MAYBE. Let`s make some waves but let`s thread gently.
  5. Hi guys & gals, Finally gotten around to sorting the decal sheets included in my four Kagero books which i don`t need. I am hoping to move these to a new owner who has an interest in these scales. Some very nice sheets on offer here, take a look at the pics they are all in excellent condition. Asking US $35 shipped (worldwide) Payment can be made using paypal or bank transfer. I AM SELLING THE PICTURED DECALS ONLY, THE FOUR KAGERO BOOKS ARE NOT INCLUDED IN THIS LOT ! https://imgur.com/a/ehaf1ru Thankyou for your interest
  6. I have several massive JANES books. Should provide good quality TP for the next couple centuries worth of pandemics. No offence, Jane..
  7. When someone comments they have the "Tamiya Spit" do they even stop and consider there are two completely different Tamiya Spits around ? How are we to know which one they are referring to? NEW & OLD please folks so there is no doubt what we are talking about. As for me, i have the OLD Tamiya Spitifire which is a nice kit, well mostly because it is a Tamiya kit 🤩 When manufacturers constantly keep putting out the same old type, at some point you say, OK enough is enough. You can`t just keep buying the newest kit around all the time. I think there is a word for that, but can`t think of it right now because i`m slowly growing OLD
  8. How about these ? https://no.pinterest.com/pin/565905509418444870/
  9. Another Spitfire kit in the making...what has this world come to ?
  10. Anyone tried the BORDER "Black Flame" airbrushes yet ? They were sold a year back on ebay from China for cheap, than went missing only to reappear in Australia with Amodeler/BNA modelworld for twice the price. Still pissed about that because i was aiming to buy one before the pricetag blew out of proportions.
  11. This is how it looked from my point of view when i first made the post. Don`t know why you`re not seeing it.
  12. Here`s a twist. I`m busy listing books to sell. Got my hands on a booklot from an estate in my vicinity a good while back....all for free! All aviation related and talking approx. 6-700 lbs. I`ve cherry picked me a couple titles for my own collection but 98% i`m moving on to new owners. What can i say, i got lucky. This pic was taken AFTER the car was emptied of most of the books. Easy $1000 worth. I just sold three books for $100, lol. Haven`t even sold a small fraction and sold for maybe $3-400 by now. The car was also free. Given to me by my uncle just a few days prior to the booklot showing up on my radar. The lord indeed works in mysterious ways. This is really helping me taking my mind of the potent situation at hand these days. Next in line, some fancy french books i have no idea where to list. Bertrand, Dewoitine, Caudron, etc. hahahahahahaha 🤓
  13. Gawd i love that sweet wooden smell every time i open up my Aztek box. So they are no longer being made huh? I`m sure there will be quite a few listed on ebay for years to come. Testors, true to their word sent me a brand new airbrush after i used the lifetime warranty on this product, but only after i returned the old one. I always wanted the metal one, but to be honest the Aztek is a good backup airbrush, never was my primary air tool. They are maybe an even bigger asset for artists. I`ve tried shooting a little on canvas with water based paints and this is where it really shines.
  14. I bought a kit on ebay in 2012. Exchange rates wise, i paid NOK 5.8 for 1 USD. Today that number is a staggering NOK 10.5. INSANE ! I started selling now instead, lol.
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