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  1. I bought a six pack of the Future bottles in 2014 from amazon. I think they were like $35 plus shipping to Norway. Mine came with a very sweet apple smell. A couple of the bottles were damaged due to the bottle caps breaking off from the poor design "open top" Pledge packs so they must have left an apple scent trail all across the Atlantic ocean, lol. Needless to say i still have a lot left and this future stuff really has got to be the most sought after stuff for modelers living in countries where you can not buy this product.
  2. I`ve been toying with this idea for a long time but it`s still just a daydream. I really want to try it out but i can`t seem to find a "way in" if you like. Is there anyone out there who has gone through the paces and sat down and learned the ABCs of casting your own resin parts? Maybe a clever "way in" would be to cast some spare parts for your project just to get started? I can see a lot of uses for this type of work. I have no idea what to buy but i know there are several good quality products out there.
  3. Ok so at first you say "form long strong bonds" and then you go on to say "potentially weaker in bonding strength" This "contradiction" makes no sense to me. Either we are talking about a stronger bond or a weaker bond when adding water. If you say both things you are confusing people. Soooo....which one is it? Don`t use too many scientific terms, talk in plain english so everybody can understand. I`ve been using thin ca as a filler on my aluminium rims to fill in small scratches which worked great but i did not want to apply any ca kicker since i believe the glue would become poro
  4. I`m seriously considering picking up one of these. I just found these shirts really really cool. https://theywillkillyou.com/collections/t-shirts
  5. So adding water could be a better solution than accelerator ?
  6. So i am curious to know why ca glue seems to react with water almost as if you added accelerator. Anyone know why this is?
  7. So is the Metalizer range discontinued or to be continued? I could swear i heard something about them going out with a bang.
  8. Just hopped on the bandwagon. Did i miss anything?
  9. The bigger the scale the bigger the costs involved. Probably why from early on i chose to build 1:72 scale models. There are kits in all priceranges, something just right for all the Joes out there. More than kit prices, i am much more attuned to the currency convertion rates which in the long run helps me decide whether to buy or not. I don`t really buy anything retail anymore. I most often find these prices too high for my liking even though i could afford it. Ebay is a chapter of its own, don`t put too much emphasis on what sellers ask there. With all the seller fees there, i don`t really b
  10. Anyone tried the Halford brand? I know the brits like that but have no idea if they ship overseas. Maybe it`s better for larger areas? ...anyone?
  11. Mojo appears somewhere in between fun and work. It goes both ways and if you do not posess harmony in life, you will have poor mojo. A proper balance is not easily achieved but you can find it if you look deep inside yourself. I am on the right track but have a long way to go. Wind in the sails !
  12. So what will happen with the True Details range now? I noticed some of them have been modernized not like the older sets. Never shopped with Squadron directly, just wasn`t my thing.
  13. Well i`m happy for you. This means you have not (yet) grown an emotional bond with your model kits/stash, in other words there is still hope for you. Trust me when i say this is not the case with many modelers 😉 At the end of the day you (most likely) paid money for something that ended up not being put to good use. Money down the drain...ethical issues...how to best consume a plastic model kit toy? Personally i don`t like the idea of throwing away a half completed kit. Why not save it for a rainy day? That being said, if it can be of any joy to someone else i would not hesitate to give it awa
  14. I think you tip #4 is a very good one and should be carefully observed. What are your thoughts on rectangular bases vs square bases ?
  15. Books are good to have around but not everybody has them even if the title is worth looking into which seems to be the case here. My guess is 99 out of 100 people here will not have access to that particular book. All in good faith of course but why not let`s use this forum for all its worth and share opinions with eachother here so all 100 out of 100 will have the possibility to learn more about this, not just the ones who have this book. That`s my goal with this thread...capiche ?! 😒
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