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  1. Looking for scale brass ammo that would be correct for 1:24 scale. More specifically Browning .303. I would like to make a belt with brass .303 ammo in 1:24 scale. I`m thinking i need to look into the smaller scales and buy a bigger caliber ammo that just so happens to be the proper size for 1:24 scale .303. It doesn`t have to be an exact match, and no resin won`t do guys. I realize Gaspatch has a resin set. Any fast heads out there, please help !
  2. Was this a replica or an authetic WWII warbird? What a shame to see a B-17 cause so much heartbreak. Looks like this is the exact same subject from Meng Kids. https://www.ebay.com/itm/MENG-KIDS-mPLANE-001-B-17G-FLYING-FORTRESS-BOMBER-Q-Edition/351800298297?hash=item51e8ee8b39:g:xcsAAOSwtnpXoSDQ
  3. Manual mode eh? What about a software editing program? I`m sure that`s where the real magic lies 😉
  4. I have a modeling friend. He has maybe 20 kits in his stash. He keeps telling me he needs to build the ones in his stash before buying any more. To be honest i don`t know what planet he comes from. As for me i have around 2000 kits. It`s nice to be able to stick my hand in there and pull out the plastic model i was looking for instead of consulting ebay all the time. Collectors come in many shapes and forms and plastic modelers are one of them. Do i have an addiction? Absolutely not !
  5. Anyone else in here riding the action cam hype? I must admit i`m sort of hyped up as of lately. Never had any action cams before but i am about to buy the new Osmo Action one from DJI, those people who make them drones. I never did get on the GoPro wave (never!) but for some reason now i want the new DJI action camera. Lots of talk about which one is the superior one, but i figure they both have their ups and downs. I`m no drone guy but i do some r/c flying during the summer season and i know i`m not the only one ,-)
  6. In honour of Notre Dame it should be pronounced the 8th wonder of the world.
  7. breadneck


    Didn`t know this was a thing... https://www.ebay.com/itm/Dora-Wings-1-48-Granville-P-45B-Bee-Killer-plastic-kit/293028420865?hash=item4439dadd01:g:IYAAAOSwR8pbyjE7
  8. breadneck

    P-38 Lightning

    Regarding "parked" P-38`s, do their body posture/attitude vary much from various factors? (bomb load, topped up/empty/tire pressure etc..) How would a "correct" parked P-38 kit look like? Perfectly horizontal with the ground or slightly nose up/tail heavy and how do you as a modeler go about and measure this factor? Uploading pics sure is a pain and i`m not getting younger.
  9. Dimensional weight, ain`t nothing but a thing..
  10. I thought i heard Heller went bankrupt. Too bad you don`t have a link for that episode.
  11. When it comes to such popular species, some times you can find a book that will cater for the specific squadron or even subject matter. If you`re just looking for general information on these types go buy a new book shelf first. Only god knows how many you`ll end up with once you`re done buying the lot. What do you mean by reference? Again with such popular types it would be easier if you chose a subject and gathered info on that specific aircraft. Decal manufacturers have a great many choices so man up and commit to one or two of them. A simple paint scheme can prove a very motivational piece of paper 😉
  12. What i mean is to wash the panel lines and wipe off the excess around the panel lines, then paint the kit with the metalizer. I wasn`t thinking about the mottle type black basing or preshading techniques. This is a little bit different. By wash i mean so that the only wash left is residing in the grooves of the panel lines if this makes ANY sense, lol. I`m not afraid of making a fool of myself. If i`m in the wrong, i`ll rest my case.
  13. Say, anyone ever tried applying a dark wash to the kit before painting with Testors metalizers? I am about to apply the stainless steel Buffalo Bill one and i believe a dark wash will show through the finish after buffing since the coat is so thin. Also i am a bit apprehensive about ruining the buffing job if i apply the wash afterwards. I suppose such a wash would have to hold up to more than say what a water colour wash would. Setting solutions recommended for the Testors Metalizers? Thanks !
  14. Yeah, err...i`m selling my whole collection as well. Just transfer me $10.000 via paypal friends & family and it`s yours 🤓
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