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  1. C7A

    VNAF Aircrafts

    VNAF F-5B. VNAF F-5A
  2. I love the idea of turning scale models to art , and have been messing around with it for some times . This is my 1/48 Academy F-8F Bearcat .
  3. Whoa you made it looks as easy as pie or eating pork rib rice ( Dễ như ăn cơm sườn) ! :) Love it !
  4. My favourite method is gluing a piece of stretched spure with diameter slightly larger than the width of the panel line to be filled . Wait until they dry hard then sand .
  5. C7A


    Thanks anh Let hehe yeah it would be cool to bring them to office only if I have an office with a locked door :)
  6. C7A


    Thanks RKic . Oh yes F-5B did serve the Vietnam war . VNAF used them to train fresh pilots to be combat ready . All VNAF F-5's ( and other VNAF air-crafts ) with black and yellow checker bands were from VNAF 23rd Tactical Wing Bien Hoa AB.
  7. No objections! but come on, I am pretty sure you can multitask :P B) :D Looking forward to see your build .
  8. Very impressive start, professional illustration too I think vacuum form is a good idea just a small suggestion: If you are going heat form it how about heat form whole forward section including the wind screen in clear PET plastic hmmm might be a lot of work to create the master. But if you decide plug the whole nose in it should be ok because in 1/72 no one will see the instrument panels control yoke, cockpit floor ... only the seats and the pilots but you would have to look really hard :) . Oh if you are going to heat form it please do not throw away the master. VNAF had a lot of EC-47 to monitor VC radio traffic and we definitely want more to be built :)
  9. Messing around with my newly built VNAF F-5B . A bit of trial and error but I think this is a cool way to present scale models in its natural setting . The model is the old 1/50 Fujimi F-5B updated with wolfpack resin cockpit and home made decals .
  10. C7A


    99.9 % of my built are Vietnam war subjects especially VNAF . I like to to join the VNW GB still pondering what to build . Here is one which I just completed, the 'ancient' 1/50 Fujimi F-5B rescribed and updated with resin Wolfpack cockpits, central fuel tank from Kinetic F-5B . Weapons courtesy of Monogram 1/48 Skyraider , pilots modified from Monogram 1/48 A-37 kit .
  11. North Korea pilots also served in North Vietnam, flying combats missions and claimed to shoot down US aircrafts . Though, North Vietnamese Communist always denied presence of the foreign troops on its soil during the Vietnam war . An article published in a Vietnamese newspaper in August 2007 reported that in 2002 the bodies of the 14 North Korean Air Force personnel killed during the Vietnam War had been buried in a cemetery in Vietnam’s Bac Giang Province and had been disinterred and repatriated to North Korea. In a letter to the newspaper to correct several mistakes made in the original article, a retired North Vietnamese major general who had worked with the North Koreans revealed that a total of 87 North Korean Air Force personnel had served in North Vietnam between 1967 and early 1969, during which time the North Koreans had lost 14 men and had claimed to have shot down 26 American aircraft.[2] - See more at: https://www.wilsoncenter.org/publication/north-korean-pilots-the-skies-over-vietnam#sthash.W8I4wDcZ.dpuf Communist China also sent 320000 troops into North Vietnam during Vietnam war. China played an active and crucial role in supporting their communist ally in the Vietnam war the with more than 320,000 Chinese troops stationed in North Vietnam between 1965 and 1971, peaking in 1967 with around 170,000 Chinese in the DRV. An approximately 1,000 Chinese were killed in North Vietnam in the late 1960s. - See more at: http://thevietnamwar.info/what-countries-involved-in-the-vietnam-war/#sthash.9lJBsRZs.dpuf
  12. Thanks I got that in English/French :) . I need the rest in French if possible .
  13. Could any one tell me what these instructions in French were ? I think the top one under canopy rail reads : POUR OUVRIR ET REFERMER APPUYER ICI Could not read the one below it or on the engine compartment panels do you know what they were ? Many thanks in advance .
  14. Very nice Skyraider ! You did a superb job . PS I think Skyraider designation is A1-H not AH-1 (which is Cobra) .
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