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    VNAF Aircrafts

    VNAF F-5B. VNAF F-5A
  2. I love the idea of turning scale models to art , and have been messing around with it for some times . This is my 1/48 Academy F-8F Bearcat .
  3. Whoa you made it looks as easy as pie or eating pork rib rice ( Dễ như ăn cơm sườn) ! :) Love it !
  4. My favourite method is gluing a piece of stretched spure with diameter slightly larger than the width of the panel line to be filled . Wait until they dry hard then sand .
  5. C7A


    Thanks anh Let hehe yeah it would be cool to bring them to office only if I have an office with a locked door :)
  6. C7A


    Thanks RKic . Oh yes F-5B did serve the Vietnam war . VNAF used them to train fresh pilots to be combat ready . All VNAF F-5's ( and other VNAF air-crafts ) with black and yellow checker bands were from VNAF 23rd Tactical Wing Bien Hoa AB.
  7. No objections! but come on, I am pretty sure you can multitask :P B) :D Looking forward to see your build .
  8. Very impressive start, professional illustration too I think vacuum form is a good idea just a small suggestion: If you are going heat form it how about heat form whole forward section including the wind screen in clear PET plastic hmmm might be a lot of work to create the master. But if you decide plug the whole nose in it should be ok because in 1/72 no one will see the instrument panels control yoke, cockpit floor ... only the seats and the pilots but you would have to look really hard :) . Oh if you are going to heat form it please do not throw away the master. VNAF had a lot of
  9. Messing around with my newly built VNAF F-5B . A bit of trial and error but I think this is a cool way to present scale models in its natural setting . The model is the old 1/50 Fujimi F-5B updated with wolfpack resin cockpit and home made decals .
  10. C7A


    99.9 % of my built are Vietnam war subjects especially VNAF . I like to to join the VNW GB still pondering what to build . Here is one which I just completed, the 'ancient' 1/50 Fujimi F-5B rescribed and updated with resin Wolfpack cockpits, central fuel tank from Kinetic F-5B . Weapons courtesy of Monogram 1/48 Skyraider , pilots modified from Monogram 1/48 A-37 kit .
  11. North Korea pilots also served in North Vietnam, flying combats missions and claimed to shoot down US aircrafts . Though, North Vietnamese Communist always denied presence of the foreign troops on its soil during the Vietnam war . An article published in a Vietnamese newspaper in August 2007 reported that in 2002 the bodies of the 14 North Korean Air Force personnel killed during the Vietnam War had been buried in a cemetery in Vietnam’s Bac Giang Province and had been disinterred and repatriated to North Korea. In a letter to the newspaper to correct several mistakes made in the original art
  12. Thanks I got that in English/French :) . I need the rest in French if possible .
  13. Could any one tell me what these instructions in French were ? I think the top one under canopy rail reads : POUR OUVRIR ET REFERMER APPUYER ICI Could not read the one below it or on the engine compartment panels do you know what they were ? Many thanks in advance .
  14. Very nice Skyraider ! You did a superb job . PS I think Skyraider designation is A1-H not AH-1 (which is Cobra) .
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