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  1. Not really much of an update. I went back and used the Blue-Tak stuff to mask and redo the camo scheme. Gosh, that was the most mundane task I've ever done in regards to modeling. I seriously thought about putting it all back in the box and starting something else...cut blue tak, roll out blue tak, stick blue tak on model along camo edge...cut strips of tape to mask behind blue tak....ugg...so glad that's over! I did end up with some ghost like patterns so I pulled the tip off the airbrush, put it at lower pressure and cleaned up a few spots. Overall it looks OK. Need to go ba
  2. I know I should mask thr paint, just not looking forward to it! Thanks for the tips on the silly puddy. I read that and blue tack also works.
  3. Make sure and read the link I put above as well. Here is the wing area I mentioned earlier. You'll need to grind/sand down those highlighted tabs where the flaps slide in to get the rear of the wing to fit together without a huge gap at the back. Here is everything primed and the grey coat put on the underside and top areas. I laid it all out to get everything lined up for the blue colors. Here are the engines just slid into place. Resin on the right, kit on the left Resin Version;
  4. I've built that kit. It's a really great kit. The landing gear is very difficult to get right (at least it was for me). The instructions are a little vague because of the isometric view they supply. Dry fit a lot and make sure it all fits or you'll end up with some diagonal wheels!
  5. A little more progress. Got the HUD built up and installed. Came out OK but it will be mostly hidden under the windscreen anyway. I managed to get the windscreen on the front and canopy to fit better with a little sanding of the frame between them and a little off the back of the canopy. Then the IR seeker did not really fit to well so I sanded that a bit to get a better fit up front as well Did you know you can use Perfect Putty on clear plastic and not damage the clear parts? Just let it dry for a minute then use a q-tip in wate
  6. Some more progress... The windscreen is a little large and causes the canopy to ride the back hump. I usually install the windscreen and then glue down the canopy with white glue and paint the kits so everything is even and matches on the plane. I could sand down the windscreen so it does not overhang into the canopy but that might remove too much detail. I'll figure something out.... When you attach the front intake of the engines, they do not align and match up with the the lower fuselage. A quick
  7. Here are the engine parts. I primed them first with MRP Grey primer, then Alclad gloss black, the a combination of Alclad Jet Exhaust, burn iron, Aluminum and Tamiya clear blue RESIN first; Kit Parts; And here is the main wheel wells I mentioned earlier. Each sidewall is shown in the instructions to just butt-weld together..much easier to just install and glue in place. White MRP Primer, Tamiya Red and Alclad Aqua-Gloss as of now. that's as far as I
  8. This is my first build thread, but not my first model kit. I suppose I should upload some photos of finished models in the Display Case. Been modeling since I was a kid, got back into it as an adult then parenting took over (that and the home we lived in had no model space except the garage in the Texas heat which was a no-go!). Got back into modeling again in 2013 after we moved to a new home and been building 1-2 a year since. So this is my build thread of the Kenetic Su-33. Big thanks to BaconRayGun for his build thread here. Lots of good i
  9. Thanks for the link and BaconRaygun I read your build thread. Good info. there. I to picked up the Eduard set and the resin exhaust nozzles and a few other bits from Spru Brothers. I'll post an build thread sometime this fall when I get started on this kit.
  10. Picked up a Kinetic Su-33 and saw that there is an updated set of instructions on by their website but the link is dead. Is there a working link somewhere?
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