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  1. You just need to search “Facebook IPMS” and you can go to the page and see all the photos posted. It’s an open, public page so anyone, even non Facebook users can see posts and photos. You just cannot post comments or photos since you are not a Facebook user.
  2. Kasatka just linked this on the MiniBase SU-33 thread. This is a much nicer build than mine.
  3. Pretty much done at this point. I took some finish photos, and then realized I'd not put the pitot tube on the front. It's a brass piece, but supposed to be black at the base and chrome at the front and that's not going to get done tonight. So here's where I am and should have some final photos I'll post in the display case later.
  4. Having almost finished the Kinetic kit I'm wondering if I should have paid better attention to this thread and waited for the Minibase version. Already from the test sprues in the link above it appears like it would be much easier to assemble than the Kinetic. I do have a lot of paint left over...hum..... 🙂
  5. Thank you....it does look nice in the photos and from a distance....50/50 paint we called when I was racing cars...looks good at 50 miles per hour and 50-feet away!
  6. Thank you for the compliments all! I did not get my photos uploaded, but I think at the end I'll just summarize all the area's you need to show extra care to get things together correctly. The wing fold parts simply did not fit as they came off the sprue and I had to do some surgery to get them the work. I got the weapons gloss coated at the end of the evening and will let those dry for a few days. I did find my Mig 31 decals so I'll throw some on to add some interest to the plain weapons and get those mounted. Need to weather the tires a bit and get the gear pieces a
  7. I tried to remove the front gear and the whole well came loose! I managed to get some superglue inside the well and get it reattached. The missiles will not fit with the flaps down.... Installing the tail! Getting the wings installed folded was a PITA... I'm on a mobile but when i get to a keyboard I'll provide some tips to get them on...
  8. Flat coat is on and I've partially assembled a few things. Although I did not glue the gear in place and I realized last night I need to remove it. Still need to attach a few things and it will be easier without the landing gear sticking out (folded wings, tail, elevators, etc.). In the home strech. Liquid mask worked perfectly around the canopy and windscreen. wings are not actually attached, I just placed them on the fold mechanism to see how they look model table is a mess (like always at the end of a
  9. Got the gloss coat and decals in place. Not going to do a lot of weathering on this one. Also cleaned up the gear and got the missiles are painted. No decals included for the missiles. I threw the engines into the back but obviously not all the way just to see how they look.
  10. Its entirely possible that little bulge is a stand alone part you attach to the wing and not molded as part of the upper wing itself.
  11. I just realized I need to paint those access doors a bright silver color!
  12. I swear this thing is fighting with me like no kit I've ever built! This is the third chunk of paint thats lifted. You can see another in the dark blue just above thie one in the metal. Ive never had this happen! I, might just "weather" it and move on..... Got the engines done. Gloss coat, weather, landing gear, armaments, seat and cockpit are still left... Typing that actually kind of depressing....
  13. Odd thing happened when I was spraying the Alclad II. When I put the first coat of Aluminum down, strings were shooting out from the surface of the model. They did not stick, but it was like the paint was drying in the air. I have a scrap model on my paint bench and no matter the pressure or distance or flow, little strings of paint were coming off the surface. I’ve never encountered this before. I cleaned up the mess, dumped the paint out of the air brush, dumped some lacquer thinner thru the airbrush and tried the other Alcad colors (titanium, jet exhaust, airframe Al) and th
  14. Not really a huge Phantom guy but I'm sure I'll buy one. Is it me, or do the hips look a little wide....haha Just kidding!
  15. Small update. Got the white panels and nose painted. Then got the black gloss on the metal areas and started the engine covers. Letting it dry now and will do some clear blue and red tomorrow.
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