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  1. That's what I'm thinking happened. One was an order from Two Bobs. He replaced it right away and it arrived in about a week. The other we're working through eBay. the seller just put stamps on it and dropped it in the mail. We agreed to give it a month, then they'd refund. I just wonder how many other packages are just "disappearing" these days.
  2. Oh yea, sorry!! for hasegawa 1/48 F-16D Will also take an upper fuselage section for a Kinetic F-16D thanks!
  3. Any update? They have a sheet for aggressor F-16Ds, and this appears to be the only game in town for two seaters these days. thanks, Mike
  4. I have had very, very few issues with ordering or trading items in nearly 30 years. However, I've had two orders disappear in a month. I know postal services are extremely slow, but these never showed up. I confirmed with both merchants when they shipped. Unfortunately, neither had tracking. I've read where people are just throwing mail in the trash. Anyone else experiencing this or am I just having a bad run? smh, Mike
  5. If you ever decide to get rid of those shelf of doom Hasegawa eagles, let me know. I enjoy building them and have many options I'd like to do. cheers, Mike
  6. Looking for kit 07011 F-15D w/ the bitburg jet on the box. willing to buy or trade. thanks, Mike
  7. I want to do an 80's era F-15C from Bitburg with the full color stencils and the black band tail flash. thanks! Mike
  8. I'm sure I have a spare pylon and pod from the Verlinden set if you want that. Mike
  9. I have several kits that I've messed up trying to fit resin cockpits into. I'd like to replace the ruined parts and build them more OOB. I have a few F-16B/D kits that are like this. If you've got a spare upper fuselage for the B or D, I could use it. Willing to trade parts or buy. thanks Mike
  10. I need one or two of these for kinetic F-16B/D projects. If you have a couple that you do not plan to use, even if they're started. I have tons of resin sets to trade as well as kits, or willing to pay. thanks! Mike
  11. What a great kit. Completely out of the box, even kit decals. Very fun build. Thanks for looking! Mike
  12. This started out as my dual eagle build; a hasegawa and the new (at the time) academy F-15Cs. i spent a lot of time on the black box cockpit. When I went to mate the fwd and rear fuselages I had a huge step, which led to a Hulk smash. Thanks to Don G and eBay I was able to get replacement parts and it is reborn! the results:
  13. I'm trying to figure out if the 525th TFS has the ALQ-135 tail boom upgrades during Operation Desert Storm. I can find plenty of images of 53rd jets before and during ODS that had them, but not sure about the 525th or the 32nd TFG for that matter. I'm think neither 525th nor the 32nd had them installed, but cannot confirm. thanks! Mike
  14. Definitely interested! What bird do you make? Not that it matters, just curious. let me know what you’re looking to get for it. mike
  15. Not sure how I missed out on this one, but if you've got a spare sheet or even spares I'll take them. Have lots of 1/48 sheets to trade or buy. thanks Mike
  16. I completely dorked up an f-16D project ruining the upper fuselage. I have a replacement fwd fuselage but still need the upper rear fuselage to finish the kit. I’ll take whatever you have to spare. will buy or trade. thanks Mike
  17. If you have any spare PW engine parts from the 1/48 Tamiya F-16 kits, I'd be happy to buy or trade you from them. Looking for a couple sets, Need the donut, inner tube, and exhaust nozzle. thanks, Mike
  18. I picked up a parts kit and have pieced it back together except for the following: F4 single seat rear fuselage (will also accept the equivalent part from a D) J2 canopy thanks! Mike
  19. Anyone have this sheet they'd be willing to part with, or just a partial. Looking for the blue C and the black cow D. thanks Mike
  20. The original release F-18C had misshaped tails, with attached rudders. The next release had corrected the shape, and separate the rudders from the tails.
  21. That's too bad. They sent me replacement tails when they corrected them.
  22. Great! thanks for the response. I emailed kinetic asking if we could get the newer windscreen for the older kits. Hopefully I can order a few.
  23. Does anyone know if this kit has the corrected front windscreen? What kits have been corrected? TIA, Mike
  24. I have read the reviews too that said it was squashed looking, unbuildable so mine has languished in the stash. Seeing your pics, it doesn't look bad at all. I've got some really nice markings and no other option for an A, so I'll give her a go. If it turns out half as nice as yours, I'll be very happy! Good work.
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