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  1. I too have taken partially assembled kits and done things like gluing, seam work, scribing, etc. - no paint at all. I think the OP probably has more options than he thinks. I have also had separation anxiety over being away from my "home bench", but once I got something to work on it was not that bad. Just be glad you aren't moving. I was out of the game for almost 2 years between packing all my stuff away to sell the house and then getting a place situated in the new house where I could work. Man...that was awful.
  2. Have you tried burnishing the finish with a soft cloth before masking? It might be a reaction between the adhesive and "paint dust".
  3. Curious... What do you normally build? Scale? Pace? There are plenty of paint options that have no or very low odors or VOC's, so can't see where that would be a problem when brush painting these days. I am glacially slow, so would not need tons of supplies for a 6 month term for 1/48 aircraft. I doubt you will have any issues with landlords in that area. I mean, unless you are using rattle cans inside, I don't see how? Simple matter to pack everything into a few plastic storage boxes and cart it with you. So long as the humidity is low, you could probably paint outside or near an open wi
  4. Thanks for the reply! Happy I stumbled onto this set and grateful you put it together. Kurt
  5. Want to build an A-7B from VA-205, a reserve squadron stationed at NAS Atlanta. They flew these in gray/white and then low vis later. (I think they upgraded to E's at some point before moving to A-6's.) One of the first airshow/open house events I attended as a kid was at this base and I saw these flying around frequently. I saw this conversion and managed to find one. Any hints or tips from anyone who has used it? Anything in the kit that should be left off or re-worked?
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