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  1. Kursad, Why not an F-111B sheet covering the different prototypes? Pete's Hangar set and decals are now long OOP, but Cat4 of Ukraine has recently issued a complete conversion set for the Academy 1:48 kit, which I am currently adapting to the Hobby Boss F-111C without major trouble. It will soon be begging for Caracal decals! Airframes 151970 to 151974 could easily be covered on one sheet, and the only artwork to really take care of is the Phoenix system logo that can easily be adapted based on available iconography.
  2. Kinetic’s A is a C, unfortunately. For early A features (fuselage vents, gun rounds ejector, downward firing bang seat and associated canopy defogging pipes, etc) you’re still on your own.
  3. Yesssss !!! Been longing for this one in 1:48 since Middle Ages!
  4. Furball has a grey USNTPS F/A-18F. Leading Edge did a very nice F/A-18B sheet a long while ago and Twobobs did the T-38s, but both are sold out. Maybe a composite sheet with various types (including helos) and eras would be a good idea indeed.
  5. Great shots! This one is next in the stack for me.
  6. That one is a winner for sure ! Thumbs up for Kursad !
  7. I’d like to share your optimism, but IMHO the new Skyraider release by Pilot Replicas may well turn out to be a Swedish AD-4W target tug rather than an AD-5. I stand to be corrected, but I still have to see something else than a Swedish topic covered by this manufacturer in 1:48.
  8. Hoping you can include this wraparound T-Stick II as well with the « THud » zap on the right side of the tail !
  9. Any chances to see a re-re-issue of the 1/48 B-58 Hustler sheet ?
  10. Hey that is good news! Including the one below in that future sheet would REALLY make me a happy man.
  11. We already gave Kursad some inspiration several posts above on orginal Crusader liveries (NASA, NATC, VX-4, you name it). My Hase F-8 box stash cries out for that decal sheet!
  12. Bon courage Arnaud, y’a du boulot sur ce coup-ci… 😓 😉 You’ve got my inconditional moral support ! 💪
  13. IMHO any modeller skilled enough to build a HARV conversion, even based on Arnaud’s masterful sets, should have no issues painting the gold fillets. They are constant width. And there are numerous other stripes all around the airframe to paint also (instrumentation wiring protection tape) depending on configurations. As for me I’d alteady be very pleased just with the white tail codes and cockpit warning/rescue markings.
  14. BAM x Caracal F-18 HARV, count me in for sure!👍
  15. Would sure love decals for the NASA DFBW NF-8C! and DF-8A drone controller too!
  16. I’d love a F-111 « early years » sheet, covering TFX prototypes plus the NASA test beds (AFTI and TACTS). Would make a great companion to my AFTI/F-16!
  17. How about a « Coral Sea 1986 Libyan Raiders F/A-18A » sheet ? These A/C are quite well documented, have most interesting heavily faded TPS schemes, but up to now were only covered by a pair of obsolete and out-of-production Superscale sheets. VFA-132 Privateers in their original tail art guise would be my favorite. VMFA-323 https://www.usscoralsea.net/images/web_DN-ST-86-10459.jpg VFA-132 https://www.usscoralsea.net/images/web_DN-ST-86-06948.jpg VFA-131 https://www.usscoralsea.net/images/web_DN-ST-87-02674.jpg VMFA-314
  18. Glad you picked up the -51 and -321 schemes, Kursad! No crew names on the -21 and -51 canopy rails?
  19. Xtradecals did that scheme ages ago. It was awful! I second the idea, we definitely need more late USAF/ANG/AFRES mid-80’s photo Phantoms.
  20. There is definitely an RF-8A/G conversion by RVHP which was recently re-issued for the Hasegawa kit, and is worth considering. Already done one, two in the stash. Nice engraved fuselage halves, some shape adjustments needed on the nose area, but nothing beyond the skills of any average modeler.
  21. Time flies, I guess we shall not see this one any time soon?
  22. VF-202 and 302 colour birds are already covered by Furball and Kits-World respectively, if memory serves.
  23. Yes, that white Star-and-Bars is pretty cool too.
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