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  1. The MRP colour is the one to go for: it's the only out-of-the-bottle colour I've found.
  2. Being reported on Facebook that KH is closing down. Time to get some F9Fs in?
  3. It's a muzzle blast relief door.
  4. Well the new Airfix kit has them. Can't recall if they are in the Hasegawa or Academy kits; I seem to recall they aren't.
  5. Corey, the 'short and fat' tank is the 200-gal tank that's fitted to F-86s. It's used on FJ-4/4B and some FJ-3/3M. There may be some minor differences, the main one being Corogard on the fwd section of the 'FJ' application.
  6. Corey, It seems very likely that all FJ-3 and 3M made their first assignment with green cockpits. As Tailspin Tommy has mentioned, it makes sense that at their first O&R they were refinished in the grey colour. See this shot of VF-211 FJ-3Ms still with green cockpit.
  7. I thought the cockpit on the LanceR was that weird bluish-green colour, but on checking I see it's not. I hadn't noticed that before. Set looks nice.
  8. They did a Scimitar a while back I think, plus some esoteric French stuff. Looked good from what I've seen. IIRC they have a Facebook page.
  9. Bear in mind that there must be 20 years or more between the Monogram F-86F and the F-86D. The latter is still one of their best.
  10. I'd go for thick wings; incorrectly-shaped drop-tanks, small intake and I think there is something not quite right about the windshield. However it's still not a bad kit, in my opinion.
  11. Same in the UK with Hannants: still showing as a future release. I'd recommend ordering direct rather than waiting, if you need one quick. The timing of arrival in the retailers for many will be good: Caracal decal sheets should be out around that time; Hypersonic also should have its dedicated FJ-3 correction set (intake lip + "short" trunking, revised radio compass antenna) out sometime soon too. We hope 🙂
  12. Released early in January I think. No idea about local stock however.
  13. I ordered mine from China as soon as it was announced and it only took a couple of weeks to arrive.
  14. Yes the camber is at the leading edge around the slat area. The KH kit does incorporate it though...
  15. Apologies: wet = fuel, dry = no fuel. The wet leading edge was used as an extra fuel storage space.
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