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  1. Oh man, you just stole my joy. Gene K
  2. Thank goodness I can read your posts to level the playing field ... somewhat. Gene K
  3. Thanks Craig! For English speaking Chrome users: My latest Chrome wouldn't allow a right click "Translate to English", so I copied the website address and went to Google Translate Web to do the job. Other menu choices, however, require repeating the Google adventure. Anyone have an easier way? Gene K
  4. Now there''s a statistical conclusion I didn't know existed. That buttresses the "fact" that 1/48 decals outsell 1/72, I suppose. Well, since I'm a 1/72 guy myself, I don't buy your premise, but all that's has been hashed to death for a long time on these boards. Long live Zvezda's outstanding 1/72 lines. Amen. Gene K
  5. Quite an eye opener! I've always enjoyed your bare metal builds/tutorials, the Hasegawa F-86 being a particular favorite. Gene K
  6. Funny!! Thanks, Hoosfoos, I missed this thread first time around. Gene K
  7. Wow .... does that look great -- excellent modeling! Gene K
  8. Man oh man ... tough crowd here!! Gene K
  9. Yes, BUT not to be argumentative and with due respect, Dave, the slats were cycled out and flaps down during Before Takeoff Checks, and the slats were out/flaps down for both landing and takeoff ... so there are three (short) instances where the slats/flaps could be modeled out/down on the ground ... during every sortie. I'll be putting the slats and flaps out/down ... just because. Gene K
  10. Why do/would you say that?????? Gene K
  11. That's a 3D print of a long nose Phantom - representing a series that ZM will begin to release "in 2020". Very rough print and only intended to be a preview of the series ... with accompanying sign in large letters that the final product will be different. The series, according to the ZM rep, will include the F-4E, EJ, F and G. I assume they will include un-slatted as well as slatted wings as appropriate (3D print has slats). Gene K
  12. A.C.Acikgoz is doing a nice job of getting some of us over to the Hobbytime web site by being somewhat cryptic. Maybe he can tell us where Hobbytime kits are available outside of Turkey. Would be nice if the new boxing included these markings (separate decals are listed on the site as available for 1/48 and 1/72 ... as well as that teeny 1/144): Gene K P.S. Long time, Dave. Hope you are doing well.
  13. I can't find the HobbyTime 1/48 F-4E boxing - can you give a more direct link, please? Thanks, Gene K
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