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  1. Here are a couple of screenshots taken from a video of the FineMolds president talking about new models to be shown the forthcoming Tokyo model extravaganza at the end of the month. Most certainly not Shigeo Koike quality, but the F-4J art is passable ... the distorted F-4C, however, not so much! Gene K
  2. Service from DMX to the US has also been great (for me 1 1/2 weeks). However, I can't find a link on the DXM site to this new sheet ... yet. Gene K
  3. I couldn't find any other pictures (camo or marketing guise) that show those "thingees" ... but I lean toward Slartibartfast's suggestion of air flow studies. Maybe one of the T-33 pilots on this forum can comment on the front cockpit: Gene K
  4. Must be a pilot thing. Has anyone seen more of, or know more on, the markings on the Boeing T-33 in the family portrait below? Nice picture here, but doesn't show the vert stab markings. Gene K
  5. Yes, Ben -- just one sortie. The Boeing demo pilot let me fly front seat when the company was making its promotional round through Tinker AFB ... 1987, I think. Was a fun flight with an easy to fly, very stable, but highly maneuverable aircraft. However, overall capability wasn't that impressive (I had flown an airplane with a similar configuration - the Warthog, so no contest there). But it could have been a good trainer. I passed on the Sharkit model back in 2018 because of cost, but jumped on this one. Would make a nice display next to a T-33! Gene K
  6. Since you say this is a test print, when will the final prints be available (I'm paid and in line)? Gene K
  7. Amen! Thanks for the built up pics - the test shots look great, especially the two seater. Gene K
  8. To add to your post, Craig: (Using Google Translate) F-4J: Antenna for the late J added. F-4C: No mention of new parts. (As reflected in the lower price than the J). "Details will be announced at the #All Japan Model Hobby Show 2022 on October 1st and 2nd. Release for both kits is in January 2023. I wish FineMolds would quite milking the "old" molds and get to the slatted versions! I hear your AMEN Gabor! Gene K
  9. Yes, pretty snarky answer at that. Gene K
  10. I'm with you, Bill. However, there's no denying there is a slight difference between the model and whatever references are cited in the various "Flaw Chronicles". I love the ZM Phantom series, both the flaw and after-flaw-fixed versions. But still, hat's off to the brilliant folks who discovered the flaw, as well as those who fixed it. Gene K
  11. If you got all that from what you posted, I commend your sleuthing! Gene K
  12. Thank you Jackman (and I pointed out the artist's "unconventional" tactic of tossing Snakeyes). 🤓 Gene K
  13. Sorry, I lost the bubble ... what's "ACL"? Thanks, Gene K
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