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  1. Have you been able to get back to this grand build, Rich? Gene K
  2. Thanks to Mr. Thunderbird (Ben). and ya-gabor. Did you find any mention of McDill AFB? I "seem" to recall that we received a couple of ex-TBs around 1975 with nose ballast. Further foggy recollection is that the F-4E could be flown without the gun or ballast installed if tank 7 were locked out. Anyone have more definite info? Gene K
  3. Judging by this illustration on Hobby Search: the Sparrows are those on the white sprues from FineMolds kit FP44. That set also includes a separate sprue of Phantom pylons but those may not be included (unfortunately). So there will be a lot of weapons for the spares box as identified below: The following is for accountants calculating the higher cost of the BA kit : Using prices listed on Hobby Search, the F-4J kit costs 3,360 yen, and the Weapons Set costs 1,600 yen, so the 4,640 yen for the
  4. BWDenver, Thanks Gene K
  5. Thanks, ya-gabor. I am happily living with it, and I hope you get/have gotten "it" fixed to your satisfaction. Since you have the requisite skills to work any and all issues, what was the your solution ... to which kit? Thanks, Gene K
  6. Try to "unsee" the bulge -- it's not that significant ... to most. Gene K
  7. That F-16 pilot could be flying an A-10 if the right arm could be moved to a more central position to grip a stick! SO glad to see USAF getting some attention. Now what's needed is a USAF 60-70s F-4 Phantom crew!!!! Gene K
  8. How goes it on this magnificent build? Gene K
  9. I have always appreciated your expertise ... and your opinions! Gene K
  10. Replacement is likely a significant financial drain on such a small company ... but then, their initial production runs haven't been that large. Gene K FineMolds Fan
  11. I, and a lot of others I know, are thankful for your valuable "nuttiness". Gene K
  12. Haydn, Are you still making the F-100 intakes? Gene K
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