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  1. Great, thanks, Craig. I can see the outline of the RF-4E nose. Gene
  2. In general, easy enough to get kits from sellers like HLJ and HobbySearch -- provided you reserve before the "Stop Order". Even then, you stand a good chance of successfully ordering as soon as the kits are in stock. The updated FM Phantom release dates are published on the FineMolds site, and YES, they sell out quickly. Scheduled release date for the F-4E is March 8. Backorders are not likely soon since smallish FM is likely at capacity turning out the new Phantom kits. Of course be prepared for high $$ COVID shipping options. Gene K
  3. Latest update to the FineMolds F-4E page on their website shows two decal option profiles as well as the decals themselves: Very nice! Gene K
  4. Interesting outer pylon/MER setup on this USAF Phantom -- perpendicular (to wing) pylon with canted MER to clear the gear. When was this pylon used on USAF Phantoms versus the slanted pylon? Above diagram from Tommy Thomason's outstanding blog. Gene K
  5. I would like to direct your attention to here for the opinion of some other (non-mainstream) modellers. Gene K
  6. I asked a friend in Japan ... whose wife gave the following candid translation of the "sloppy kanji" (her words). B N -- upper and lower wings C D -- nose is short J -- front (same as C & D), aft (lower wings) S -- upper and lower wings E -- upper and lower wings F -- a combination? G -- various things are different RF -- don't even wanna think of it overseas F -- No way British -- Gimme a break Of course it's an incomplete and not very correct list, but it's really encouraging if, in fact, this indicates that FM is looking at future variants ..
  7. Not an uncommon thing to happen. There was an airspeed limitation with the boarding ladder extended - 400 knots, I believe, but don't quote me on that. Obviously the pilot had to adjust his bomb release parameters to stay within the speed limitation. Gene K
  8. Heads up. I started taping and dry fitting my FJ-3, and in Step One (!) of the instructions was surprised to see errors in how the guns are labelled. Specifically parts B3 and B4, as well as B5 and B6, labels are reversed (in other words the instructions indicate B3 when it should be B4, etc). The drawings are correct, the labels are not. (same as FJ-2 kit) No big deal if it's noted before gluing. Hopefully that's the only error in the nicely done instruction booklet. WOOPS. Since two of the three major sprues are common to the FJ-2 and FJ-3 kits, the major
  9. Hard to tell whose kits Italeri has in their catalog ... until Scalemates (or the forums) sheds light on them. A mixed bag, for sure. Gene K
  10. If the figure were done by Salvadore Dali, it would also have "human touch", that I'd treasure ... but I wouldn't pose it next to my Phantom model. My hat's off to Norbert for his technical artistry. Gene K
  11. Just more info on shipping from Lucky Model in HK : to the US (Florida) took 9 days from ordering. Yes - definitely amazing these days. My last order from Russia (Sept 2020) took over four months. Gene K
  12. Please look at the [outstanding] Zoukei Mura kit. Gene K
  13. But if one looks at the two separate built up models posted by Tamiya (one with and one without folded wings), it appears that the model with the folded wings also has separate drooped ailerons ... which are not so on the other (earlier test?) model. So perhaps the model with the folded wings also has the speed brakes down/drooping? Hmmmm. Gene K
  14. Good Grief. If that's your assessment of the Academy kit, then I understand your rationale. Gene K
  15. Could there really be no open speed brakes on such a magnificent (and expensive) kit???? Gene K
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