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  1. Great thread with outstanding comments (facts and opinions) from some real sharing experts. Gene K
  2. Thanks, Rich. Great site that I visit often. He has a really detailed collection of downloadable 3D parts for various airplanes, including the Phantom. Gene K
  3. Thanks, Rich. What is the source of the diagram? Gene K
  4. I really like your positive attitude. Gene K
  5. Where's the "Like" button? 👍 Gene K
  6. Well, I didn't make it to Jasper, but sounds like Vince may be able to get up there for some better photos. Gene K
  7. I think a lot of us can relate to that joy. Gene K
  8. I thought the same, but some of the pictures show a demarcation. Will be interesting to see. I may take a short diversion and pass by there Saturday, so will take a picture if I do. Gene K
  9. Thanks, so I'll share it, as well as this one: Gene K
  10. http://www.tinfeathers.com/Museum/Airports/VFW_4850/VFW_4850.htm I may have to check that one out ... just because ... it's not too far off I-65.👍 Gene K
  11. Nice, Finn ... as usual. Gene K
  12. Scamming is nothing to be proud of -- makes it harder/more expensive for honest folks to get replacement parts. Gene K
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