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  1. Is it allowed to name the "another forum"? Gene K Edit: Found it on Britmodeller.
  2. More pics of the mock up model and more are here. Parts layout for the intakes are in the upper left (I wonder if FM sells individual sprues?): What we have already seen: Gene K
  3. Can it get better?? Well yes ... price at Hobby Search has been reduced to 3,315 yen (about 30.92USD ). Hope that holds!! Gene K
  4. Price reduced to 3,315 yen (about 30.92USD ) ... see here. Hope that holds!! The EJ is a hard wing E model. The Kai has upgraded electronics. Externally: additional antennae; wingtips and tip of vertical stab have added "bulges"; radome has added strips. Gene K
  5. Thanks. Did you use the very cool Android mobile app to "translate the picture" ... or is there a way to do it on the computer? Gene K
  6. HUH?? The FineMolds Phantoms (F-4EJ and F-4EJKai) are both scheduled for release at the end of August, and hopefully shipping out of Japan will be "more normal" by then (Fedex and DHL are the current options -- $$). I'm looking for my kits to get to me the first week in September ... . The grand old Hasegawa Phantom kits are just that -- grand and old! The FM kits will unquestionably be better in many/most respects as previewed here, but I wouldn't say that they will "blow away" the venerable Hasegawa kits. Gene K (Eric would want the F-4EJ, not the Kai).
  7. Thanks, Craig. I can add these: The parts layout looks like adding Hasegawa nose pieces, like the RF, wouldn't take too much ... . Another "clear" view. Tantalizing teasers. Gene K
  8. Since  "ya-gabor cannot receive messages" , please email me at speedy01@mchsi.com concerning the FM Phantom.




    Gene K

  9. Here are the separate kit numbers and prices for the Weapons Set as well as the metal Pitot and Ram Air Bellows tubes: I assume that since they are separate high priced kits, that they will not be included in the Phantom kits. Gene K
  10. Gabor, Interesting watching you read the ultrasounds during the gestation of this Phantom. But it looks like there will be a horizontal piece from the nose back to the windscreen, taking care of that top seam. Gene K
  11. Please contact me at speedy01@mchsi.com.




    Gene K

  12. From FM Twitter - using a microscope to polish the canopy mold: Posted earlier by Gabor: Gene K
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