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  1. Thanks Habu and Craig. Disappointing that the release of the F-2 (as well as the brass pitot tube set) is pushed back to May 2022: https://www.finemolds.co.jp/FP/FP48.html#AA53 Gene K
  2. Now that would be a treat!! I hope you are right, but clever ZM marketeers might have other ideas. Gene K
  3. When you said, "At last it is here!!! : ) : ) : )", I assumed your new-release anticipation was relieved. Looking forward to your builds! Gene K
  4. Congrats on finally getting the kit, and thanks for the excellent pictures. Yes, the 43 Euro is a fair price ... if you have the patience to wait a half year after release. But for someone more "in need", one could order four or more kits (for themselves and friends) from Japan, and receive them in 3-5 days after release in Japanese shops like HLJ and Hobby Search. Combined shipping would average about 6 Euro per kit. Gene K
  5. Thanks for all those beautiful shots, Gregg! Gene K
  6. A classic build revisited. Thanks. Gene K
  7. Gianni, What a treat to have you back on this project. Since it's nearly complete, it shouldn't be long before you start the FineMolds Phantom, correct? Hopefully you and your brother are doing well with the workshop! Gene K
  8. Thanks, Craig - great details. Pretty amazing how well the shots are lined up!! I'm anxious to see how well the Hasegawa B model parts will fit on the FineMolds A. In that regard, one can build the excellent Has A model and have the B model top front fuselage part left over ... all for the bargain price of only $13 at Plaza Japan!!! What are the external differences between the A and B models other than the two cockpits? Gene K
  9. Thanks for the Quinta links, Gabor - looks like a great set!! Hope you find time to get back to your build. Gene K
  10. How does 3D printing relate to cutting the molds? Gene K
  11. Thanks, Craig. Nice finds. Which scheme(s) will you be doing? Gene K
  12. Thanks for the competition clarification, JR. Gene K
  13. Nontas, I hope you can get back to modelling - I miss your fine builds. Gene K
  14. Have you finished this great build, Nontas? Gene K
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