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  1. Three days to US release of the F-4E (theoretically). Surprisingly no pre-order at Sprue Brothers. Anyone from Pensacola area want to split the Volks US Shipping cost? I'll deliver. Gene K
  2. GeneK

    Z-M F-4E

    Sorry, my bad -- "fence". Gene K
  3. GeneK

    Z-M F-4E

    USN slats are different shape, and the strakes are different. I'd wait for the slatted E -- can't be too far behind. Gene K
  4. A total shocker. He was a great all around guy - you couldn't meet a finer gentleman. Gene K
  5. HLJ review is here . It's in Japanese, but Chrome Translate works well enough. Nothing not already covered in this thread. Gene K
  6. Stabs, burner cans and outer wing panels in one package ... as with the part groupings and the parts breakdown, the packaging gives more indicators of FM's planning for possible further variants. Gene K
  7. Yes. Here's a photo without the cover showing the opening. Gene K
  8. Translated text says, "The package is ready. The package has been completed even though the assembly instructions have not been submitted yet. Seriously (sweat ". Hopefully we'll see the return of somewhat normal world-wide postal service after the kits are released (for the benefit of modellers as well as FineMolds). The only shipping options right now from Hobby Search, for example, are surface and DHL (premium). DHL for me, of course. Gene K
  9. So, while waiting for the kit .... Is this a "teaser", or does the Decal Maker just have a sloppy desk with extraneous references in view? Of course that's an F-4B: The F-4B/N would be one of the biggest steps FM would have to take if they were to expand the Phantom line since it would require significant mold work, in particular the flat wing. Better to start the short nose variants with an F-4C/D. Gene K
  10. Actually, it was either or. Gene K
  11. Hope you' and the family are doing well, Gianni. How goes it with the Eagle? Your Covid-forced return to figure painting yielded some absolutely outstanding works - I'm sure the recipients are more than pleased. I'm amazed at the versatility you demonstrate doing such great work with figures, aircraft models, and the computer painting (of the Phantoms) ... among other things. Quite a talent! Gene K
  12. Outstanding. Hopefully there will be a Vietnam era F-4 crew included. I appreciate your artistry, as well as technical (casting) prowess. The Best. Gene K
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