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  1. Beautiful, as usual. I hope that one of these days I may have the good fortune to see a Norbert thread that gives some love to USAF. Gene K
  2. Hey Matt, This is an old (!!) thread, but I see you are still around, so delayed congratulations. That's a stunning RF-4E, and I'm particularly impressed with how you smoothed out the rear Sparrow wells ... what's the secret? Gene K
  3. That's hilarious. Are those black or gray stars coming from the horse? (RHETORICAL QUESTION). Gene K
  4. Fact ... or your photo interpretation? Here's a picture of the aircraft when it had no stars: Opps ... Gene K
  5. Here's a close up showing just a bit of the black stenciling on the gray under the ladder - appears to be the same on the rest of the aircraft: Gene K
  6. Of the two blue-aircraft decals, the FM website translation states: ↑ The upper decal is offset printing that can be reproduced precisely ↓ The lower decal is silk printing with beautiful metallic color reproduction I have no idea of the difference between methods or the application implications. Gene K
  7. The sanding is all on the inside of the insert, so NO detail is lost! The gap you highlighted is not on the -EJ -- it is a tight fit there. My Kai will not be arriving until December, so will be interesting to see if there is in fact a fit difference. At any rate - no biggie at all. Gene K
  8. Interesting that the rudder insert on the Kai pictured appears to fit so well. That was not the case with my -EJ, which required substantial sanding to fit flush. Pollie said: [quote]I guess the end is very near for the JASDF Phantoms 😞 [/quote] Thankfully we have superb videographers recording the Japanese Phantoms. Wish the technology was around decades ago! Gene K
  9. Nice, thanks. Could you determine what they used for the wash? Gene K
  10. Drooped Ailerons A nice unexpected feature of the FM kit-- while starting to cut the ailerons to droop them, I found that FM had done most of the cutting!! Easy to droop the ailerons as shown here near the bottom of the page. Gene K
  11. An FM bonus (of sorts) -- one can go to this FM post to download 1/72 pdf side, top, and bottom view drawings. Google translation of the text accompanying the drawings is: We have prepared a full-color painting drawing for making the kit. Click each image to see a larger image. The PDF data version can be printed out in approximately 1/72 scale by selecting B4 size (horizontal) "actual size" and printing . Although the translation says "approximately", the prints perfectly match the kit! Too bad FM didn't arrange the graphics to also accommodate letter
  12. Nice analysis, Hoops. Thanks. Gene K
  13. I can't tell from the first mold pics if FM includes the option to model the front of the TAC pod in the down position: From watching film, it appears that the (FOD?) cover comes down when the gear does -- but appears up after the airplane is shut down. Anyone know for sure? Gene K
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