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  1. That is one fine "comparative study". Must have taken you a lot of time to so carefully match the models and pictures. Really well done, thanks!!! Gene K
  2. Thanks for that detailed tutorial -- very clever! Gene K
  3. Looks great. How did you make such a "quick replacement"???? Gene K
  4. Gosh darnit, it sure does, but maybe find a better way to express your exuberance. Gene K
  5. I ordered the FJ-2 from to this expired eBay listing having no idea of a reasonable price - didn't matter since I had been anxiously awaiting its release for so long. Unbelievably, the well packed kit showed up at my door here in Florida, USA this morning -- FEDEX delivery from China to the US in four (4!) days. Kit looks excellent in all respects, with only very minor sink marks on the nose wheel door, and in the nose wheel bay molded onto the intake trunk. These sink marks are caused by ejection towers in the insides of the intake pieces, and will be an easy fix, as will be the ejection marks on the inside of both the top and bottom intake pieces. Other than that, there is a minuscule trace of flash on a few parts --very little. All in all impressive plastic! The molding is first rate, as is the packaging and presentation -- the best I've seen from Kitty Hawk. The fit is very good -- I taped together the major components with no problems at all. Really looks the part, and hopefully experts like Tommy Thomason will give accuracy a big thumbs up. Bring on the FJ-3!!!! Gene K Add: The well sculpted resin figures look like tall, emaciated basketball players, especially the pilot. He certainly can't have much body fat under his G Suit and other flight gear.
  6. Itch, Did you find what you wanted? Gene K P.S. Nice post, Quixote74
  7. Gabor, I'm sorry you have to repeatedly "defend" your observations and recommendations to those who somehow know Airfix models are, by design, mere toys for the masses. You show tact and class in addressing these good-enough folks. Gene K
  8. Thanks for the rundown,. I always appreciate your insights. Gene K
  9. Thanks, Gabor. So which 1/72 MiG-17 kit should I buy ... at this time? Gene K
  10. As habu2 said, "Good grief". Reminds me of Joe Btfsplk. Hope your luck improves so you can better enjoy this wonderful hobby. Gene K
  11. But then, the Bashing Caucus is not that large - just repetitively vocal and overbearing. Good entertainment. Gene K
  12. If anyone has skipped this video, there is a great tip (pun intended) on precisely applying minute amounts of CA at 3:24. Gene K
  13. Oh man, you just stole my joy. Gene K
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