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  1. I was in the Hobby Town USA in Fayetteville, NC this past weekend and all their MM paints were "Buy 1 get 2 Free", while a lot of the stock was already picked thru I was able to pickup some colors including some of the metallizer paints. Got 12 bottles of paint for the price of 4. The owner of that shop says, they are getting rid of the remaining stock since they have been discontinued. I'm not sure if all the Hobby Towns are doing this, since most are all individually owned.
  2. Does anyone make decals for the PBJ series in 1/48 scale?
  3. I think @chukw should have a youtube channel with his special host(s)....
  4. For anyone who is curious, it was about a week from order to delivery from Reedoak to USA (Maryland) on my recent order.
  5. I know it's been done but can you do the HMX-1 Presidential Support version Also these
  6. Finished this up Revell's 1/48 Strike Eagle with Furball's Decals for the Mountain Home 75th Anniversary scheme. Went with minimal Training load out as seen on a lot of F-15's. I thought it would be something different from the normal "heavy" load out. AIM-120 and launcher are from Tamiya's F-16. ACMI Pod is from parts bin. Missiles have markings from Two Bobs. Used Eduard's Sniper Pod. Furball's Decals are awesome, and any mistakes are my own.
  7. Prices in USD include shipping to CONUS cheapest way possible. PayPal Only All kits are sold as is, they should be complete 1/48 Hobby Boss F-84 - 40.00 box open/parts sealed 1/48 Kinetic T-45 sealed - 50.00 1/48 AMT A-20 started loose parts - 15.00 1/48 Monogram A-37 Dragon Fly sealed - 25.00 1/32 Lindberg Gee Bee Coca-Cola - sealed 10.00 1/48 Monogram A/B-26 Invader - Parts sealed - 25.00 Pending 1/48 Revell E Super Hornet - Parts Sealed except one bag - 25.00 1/24 29 Cartoon Network Monte Carlo- parts sealed - 20.00 Looking for 1/48 H
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