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  1. Any chance of getting CRJ-900 decals in Delta Connection w/Skywest Logos? My brother is a Capt for them and I would love to build him one.
  2. That is a cool scheme, maybe someone will do it soon
  3. I believe these are the MRP colors RAL 6014 Gelboliv - MRP 208 RAL 7012 Basaltgrau- MRP 069 RAL 7001 MRP 065 I also believe Hateka and AK have them too
  4. Which scheme are you looking for? Furball has the SU-57 scheme
  5. I had the issue as stated above, but just emailed them and about 24 hours later I got a response with the link, and everything worked from there.
  6. Looking to build this F-15E in this scheme. I have @jmel beaufitul new decals. I have the Revell kit and want to know what mods need to be made to make it close to this jet. From what I can tell it has the new wheels and I already have the sniper pod for it. I also have the LAU-128s launchers for it too. What else would be needed?
  7. The Mr. Super Clear Gloss, Semi and Matte UV cut sprays are my new go-to for rattle cans. they all work great and settle nicely.
  8. Also, shipping cost are not on the suppliers, USPS, UPS etc set those. Also, some paints have to go ground HAZMAT which also makes the cost different. As @modelingbob says, some overseas dealers, Super Hobby and Exito carry various paint lines. As long as you are not in a super hurry for them, they can be ordered for a reasonable price with shipping. Just don't expect in a few days.
  9. I got mine in the mail and it is a very nice kit. The detail is crazy. I am not an accuracy freak but it surely does look good in the box. If it builds well, I will be in for more
  10. I ordered the basic kit yesterday from Super Hobby
  11. The CD144001 - 1/144 KC-135R Stratotanker (reprint) is welcomed, as it seems Academy is releasing the Minicraft kits under their own label, probably not long before we see the KC-135R again
  12. Hey guys, Are the nose and main wheels/tires on the USCG HH-65 all the same size? I want to replace the ones in the Trumpeter 1/35 kit with something that is close.
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