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  1. I got mine the other day and it is purdy!!!
  2. Looks like the Zvezda short body J is out and available from some retailers.
  3. Ace Hobbies in Aurora Illinois. It's also long gone. We used to go with my grandpa. He was more into RC and other balsa stuff, but I enjoyed the plastic models and trains stuff.
  4. LOL This made this whole thread worth reading I mean I know you're not talking about Piperfail...
  5. If anyone has got the new 1/48 F-35 kit from Tamiya and isn't planning on using the pilot figure I will gladly take it off your hands. Willing to pay or trade Thanks, Brent
  6. Forgot to post, but work continues on my Rhino The flaps are a huge improvement over the Hasegawa kits. Wingtip launchers were swapped out for the correct ones and much better-detailed ones from Flying Leathernecks. Also must Blues aircraft "at-rest" usually have a HUD cover, so I decided to make one for my aircraft
  7. I'm looking for a 1/35 USCG rescue swimmer figure for the inside of my HH-65 model. I can't really seem to find any. I've looked at Reedoak and live-Resin and a bunch of other places. I thought I could also find maybe a special forces figure and modify as needed
  8. I think planning isn't exactly what I do, more like my "to do" list or projects I'd like to do. I'm sure there will be changes and I will end up building different from my original list.
  9. I thought it might be fun to share our planned builds for 2023 and then we can revisit this topic at the end of the year and see how we did. If you're like me, you like to plan ahead. You can be as vague or detailed as you want. Here are some of the kits I have planned for 2023 1/35 Coast Guard HH-65 1/35 Academy MH-60S as HSC-14 California Wildfire Markings 1/32 Trumpeter F8F Bearcat 1/48 E/A-18G Growler VAQ-209 1/72 BPK P-8 1/48 Tamiya P-47 Tarheel Hal 1/48 GWH F-15 Grim Reapers ** Totally forgot my Mig K
  10. If you don't have to have the Hasegawa decals, Furball has a sheet with Sundowners on it https://www.furballaero-design.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=48-060
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