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  1. I've always like the Adversary/Aggressor aircraft but to date have not been able to complete one. I recently got my hands on a Hasegawa legacy Hornet and thought I'd give it another go. I will be building this bird from Fightertown's Desert Bogeys sheet The "007" number was to hard to resist. I other than the decals, this will be mostly OOB. Construction started with the cockpit. MFD decals are from the Afterburner Super Hornet Upgrade Sheet. I figured they where close enough to use on a legacy. Cockpit tub was painted and knobs picked out with red and gray Pilot and ejection seat. I almost always have pilots. He's from the kit, with a head from the spares box for the more modern helmet. The red stars are from the decal sheet. I noticed the seams that I need to clean up when I looked at these pics. Hard to see but harness was added from an old Photo-etched sheet I found. That's all for now...
  2. Thanks guys @Brian P: Fightertown Decals how different are the markings, to my untrained eye they look fairly similar
  3. I am looking to build a VFC-13 F/A-18A from Fightertown Decals Desert Bogeys sheet, specifically Bogey 07 from 1995. My question is, in the instructions and in this photo F-18 VFC-13 Photo , it appears to be 2 colors of the brown/tan camo. However, I've found some pictures where it appears to be three colors like this (photos all appear to around the same time frame as above) Any information would be greatly appreciated Brent
  4. Have a single seat 1/48 Hasegawa Legacy Hornet, looking to trade 1 for 1 for a 2 seat legacy Hornet. My kit is open box but sealed parts other than decals, which are in a zip lock baggy. Kit is the VFA-115 boxing. Email me at live2fly612@yahoo.com Thanks Brent
  5. Those and the Star Wars stuff has taken over the Hobby Town in Richmond.
  6. Thank you. As for the landing gear, I didn't have any issues with the mains. The tail wheel doors didn't very good though. Thanks Capt.
  7. Here is my latest creation. It is the 1/48 Revell PV-1 kit with the Hobby Boss 1:700 DKM U-Boat Type VIIB Kit. The PV-1 is out of the box, expect the addition of the crew and the photoetched Prop Blurs. It's a great kit and easy to assemble. I couldn't resist the green Octopus markings and went the the kit decals. All the water and explosions are done with Woodland Scenics stuff. Sorry for the quality of the photos, taken with my phone camera Best pic I could take of the bottom
  8. Just read that Lt Col Richard "Dick" Cole the last remain Doolittle Raider has passed away. RIP Sir
  9. I just heard Tamigawa is going to release a RFWP-51090 Spitstang
  10. Not sure if this was posted before, but look like the VISTA got a new paint scheme. Maybe some one will do decals... https://theaviationgeekclub.com/new-paint-scheme-for-usaf-test-pilot-schools-f-16-vista/
  11. Thanks for the information GW. I did decided to close the bomb bay, saved me from having to paint and detail it anyways.
  12. Nice start to IMHO one of the best looking aircraft ever
  13. I second this. New NF-104 sheets too! Also the F-18s and F-16s even the VISTA and XLs would be cool too. ( i know a lot of those have been done in the past).
  14. This might help https://ww2aircraft.net/forum/threads/camouflage-colours-for-b-25c-from-12th-bomb-group-the-earthquakers.48391/
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