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  1. They are not gone, just hidden till voting is complete.
  2. We recently held a Tomcat Group Build here on ARC. As part of the Group Build, the entrants were allowed to submit a photo of their completed build for a competition. There are no rules for the competition, other than it has to be a Tomcat and built during the Group Build with provided WIP. There are 12 Entrants, please vote for which one you like best. You can be your own judge and use your own criteria. Voting ends OCT 31 at Midnight. Remember there are no points for Second Place... First Place gets a Top Gun Trophy and some swag
  3. We have finished the is group build. I still plan on holding the completion so if you completed a build Make sure your pic is posted in the competition section. I have had someone offer up some goodies for prizes along with the trophy. more to come
  4. Thanks guys, sorry I wasn’t more involved towards the end, life got busy and I moved. Glad everyone had fun
  5. Here are a some pics from the show from Saturday. Unfortunately due to smoke from wildfires and weather Saturday's Warbird show was not as "grand" as it could have been. The rest of the show was great, the night airshow was awesome as always, followed by some of the best fireworks you'll ever see. AFSOCs demo at twlight was neat to see, along with Rhino Demo team doing afterburner passes. These are all taken with my phone
  6. Furball has some nice sheets out too
  7. Hey @KursadA I know you are super busy but any chance we get a reprint of this sheet or the CD72035 Part 1 sheet?
  8. Probably not the best, but I think there are ones in the Trumpeter 1/32 Avenger kits
  9. This maybe the coolest heritage flight yet Also it maybe a good sign that the first warbird is a Sea Fury...
  10. Have a few items for sale or trade Send me a PM or email at live2fly612 at yahoo Prices do not include shipping. 1/48 Tamiya Skyray 20.00 Box Open Parts Sealed 1/48 Hobbybosss Bearcat 20.00 Sealed 1/48 Revell A-1E Skyraider 20.00 Box Open Parts Sealed 1/48 Revell Black Widow 15.00 Box Open Parts Loose Trade wants 1/48 Hobby Boss TA-7C 1/48 Tamiya F-14A I open to others possibly
  11. I heard you almost have to book a year in advance for hotels. I will be camping 🙂 Just saw a post where FIFI will be in the area giving rides, chance there will be both B-29s flying
  12. Anyone have better pics of the ATM-7s on the belly?
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