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  1. eraucubsfan

    Good Trader eraucubsfan

    Thanks dutch. Anyone looking for a great trader Dutch is the man!
  2. eraucubsfan

    Carrier Moto-tug driver colors....

    i just picked a light blue color. I don't know if there is a right answer. They probably faded and got stained pretty bad. Probably no two the same. Probably the same with the chocks. I did mine yellow and just stained them really bad.
  3. eraucubsfan

    F-18 Landing Gear Retraction Sequence

    Thanks Bill- Just remember as you can see from my build, depending on where in the sequence you make the gear, the gear doors hide a good chunk of it.
  4. eraucubsfan

    F-18 Landing Gear Retraction Sequence

    I did a Growler with the landing gear mid-retraction, it's not 100% accurate, but to me it looks the part.
  5. eraucubsfan

    F-18 Landing Gear Retraction Sequence

    Does this one help?
  6. eraucubsfan

    Pax River TPS T-38A Finished

    You did them great justice, need to build one of these too! How are the decals?
  7. eraucubsfan

    D-Day Group Build

    I would be interested in doing another C-47. Here is mine from a few years ago. Unfortunately this model did not survive a move recently.
  8. eraucubsfan

    Have you seen my TPS report?

    Great work Collin, just don't get a case of the Mondays.
  9. eraucubsfan

    Have a G, but need an F

    Make sure you use the piece for the nose for the cannon, the G does not have a gun, while the F does.
  10. eraucubsfan

    NAS Oceana 2018 Airshow

    My two cents: I went to Oceana this year too. To me the Military airshows are not geared towards the "aviation fan" anymore. They are geared towards the everyday person. The only reason I went to the show was to see the Snow Birds. I did enjoy the military demos, but all the other stuff I've seen before. I mean honestly, how many times do I have to watch that jet truck go up and down the runway.... Also, why do I want to wait 2 hour in traffic to get in and 2 hours to get out, then have to take out a small loan for sub par food that only makes you have to use the dirty port-o-johns? I know it has its own issues, but to me Oshkosh will always be the mecca for airshows (at least here in the states). Like a lot of things in life, The Simpsons said it best: "airshow?... What kind of country-fried rube is still impressed by that?"
  11. eraucubsfan

    Hasegawa F-35B 1/72 - new tool?

    Technically the B is VTOL but operationally is considered STOVL - Short Takeoff and Vertical Landing like the Harrier
  12. eraucubsfan

    AMK 1/48 F-14!!!

  13. eraucubsfan

    Death of a build: Tamiya Delta Tomcat (VX-23)

    YAY a Pax Bird! Great work Collin!
  14. eraucubsfan

    F-35B Thrust Vectoring

    Asked some friends who used to work on F-35 ITF: No they can't. Only folks that can do that is engineers for testing on the ground. The inner doors are used as LIDS if necessary.
  15. eraucubsfan

    second intruder/crusader type pilot by Reedoak

    Not to change subjects, but have you or would you consider doing Blue Angel Pilots? There are no good ones out there that I am aware of that are accurate. Whether they are in the cockpit or maybe signing autographs it would be awesome!