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  1. As @habu2 said, an understanding spouse is #1 2. Would be some kind of background noise, I usually watch the Simpsons 3. Clear mind 4. A drink 5. Motivation 6. Have Fun and relax
  2. Joe, ill send you a message on FB
  3. Thanks, Joe, Unfortunately I do not, but I do have the Eduard HARMS which from what I read have ethe LAU-118s in them.
  4. Probably not that much work lol, I didn't know if there was anything out there to help detail more than fix the mistakes.
  5. Hey Guys- I picked up the 1/35 Trumpeter HH-65 for a really good price. I have already ordered the Caracal decals, and a 3D printed rescue basket. Is there anything else that I can or should get for the kit?
  6. What is a good source for the LAU-118? I believe they are in the Eduard HARMs?
  7. Is there a difference between LAU-34 and AERO-5B launchers? I got the Flight Line Resin Shrikes with LAU-34 Launcher.
  8. Hey Collin, I found these on Cyber Modeler. I picked up the decals for 6752 from HAD and just happen to stumble across these pics.
  9. All- I am bad at identifying weapons, but thinking about doing this loadout on my Corsair. Looks like Shrike or HARM, Mk82 thermo protected, fuel tank and AIM-9 (?) Thanks any help would be greatly appreciated
  10. I'm not sure about the C, it would have to be a completely re-tooled kit again mostly. Also, the fact AFAIK, there are no export versions, making its appeal limited I believe. Just my opinion, but it seems like Hasegawa mostly does aircraft that have or will serve with JASDF.
  11. Hey Guys - I decided to get going on my Hornet build. This will be Blue Angel #7 using the Meng kit and using Furball Decals. I will be using the Eduard Seats and wheels, Flying Leathernecks Wingtip launchers as aftermarket (so far) The issue (not really an issue as most aircraft don't have it anymore) with the Meng kit is that they do not include the non-ACS rear panel. I decided to use the Hasegawa kit version. It looks like it will fit with no issues. I started with the rear cockpit coaming and scratch-built the camera that is installed.
  12. Thanks, C2J I received the Bearcat Ginter book today, and there is a picture in the book that would confirm the same thing. It appears it all was painted orange lol.
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