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  1. Red is on, and I believe that TS-24 is a close match.
  2. I don't know how much help this will be, but I find using a hair dryer helps. It accomplishes 2 things, first it dries up all the water and the second is that it blows off the pieces of salt that didn't adhere well. You might have to repeat the steps a couple of times to get the "coverage" that you want, but it seems to pay off in the long run. I usually use the hair dryer on the lowest setting and alternate between heat and cool setting.
  3. I've always enjoyed college football better, although haven't really got into this year yet. It's hard to watch your NFL team when you don't live in the city that they are normally broadcast, for me it's DA BEARS, but hard to watch when they aren't televised in my area.
  4. Shayne Meder AKA flygirlpainter is an awesome follow on Facebook and Instagram.
  5. How about some sheets for the F8F As always NATC, PAX River birds Gotta Rep my home state: NAS Glenview birds Of course no sheet would be complete without the Blues and Beetle Bomb (yes I know these are available from another maker) And Lastly Gulfhawk (I know the pic is the restored version not the original) I'm sure there are a lot of other squadrons and A/C that need attention too...
  6. Thanks guys, I cannot say enough good things about the kit so far... I have the the -700 kit and building with gear retracted and it its like a dream to build. I will definitely be getting more of their airliner kits..
  7. Here is the first pass of TS-24. It changes color a lot, might be a touch too purple, but its pretty darn close. Its sprayed over a Tamiya white primer base coat. Sorry about the quality of the photos, they are taken with my phone.
  8. Thanks, that will be a neat load out, I like the "dissimilar"bomb load.
  9. Thanks Dan, guess had my dates messed up. So in '66 and until they transitioned to the Phantoms, what would be a common weapons load?
  10. This is a great topic. I build for fun and stress relief. I don't build for competition and like @phantom said above 90% of people who see my models, wont know that it's inaccurate because of a few wrong parts. I think my biggest problem is Modeler ADD or MADD, I'll see a model or aircraft IRL and be like "hey I want to build one of those", I'll go buy the kit and decals if necessary, then tomorrow it's on to something else. Perfect example yesterday, I watched a USNTPS T-38 taxiout and the back seater had his arms hanging out like Reedoaks recent pilot. In my mind, hmm i can get a Wolfpa
  11. Guys- I have the Hasegawa F-8E and decals for the VMFA-333 Shamrocks scheme. I read that these aircraft were on alert at GITMO and I was curious what would be a good weapons load out for them? Thanks in advance Brent
  12. I'm going old school, T-28, T-6(SNJ), T-34 (A/B) and Stearman
  13. I think the 2 Seat version of some aircraft looks pretty cool. Call me crazy but I like the look of the TF-104, TA-7, TF-8A, N/AW A-10. I always thought the F/A-18B/D, F/A-18F and the two seat versions of the F-15 and F-16 are better looking too.
  14. AOA has 1/72 Skyraider decals (although they are VNAF) AOA decals 1/72
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