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  1. Another Lima Lima, only using Navy markings. It will be somewhat inaccurate but close enough.
  2. Agree with @Joe Hegedus Airfix is the easiest. Also they can be found at Hobby Lobby, and with coupon makes them relatively inexpensive. Here is the Airfix kit, with main gear mid-retraction.
  3. Fightertown has you covered for decals if you can find them Link
  4. These two will eventually see some Caracal Decals...
  5. Thank you everyone who is participating so far, I know there is a lot going on in the world today, so thank you for taking the time to "Feel The Need for Speed" I promise I will get started on my Tomcat(s) soon, I need to clear off some projects first. If you are new to the group build, and if you want put the banner for the build in your signature block and help promote it that would be awesome 🙂
  6. Welcome to the Cat House!! Good start so far!!
  7. Nice work Geoff, and thanks for participating !!
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