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  1. If you are not too far along on this sheet, will you please do VX-4? It will look great with my other VX-4 aircraft The VX-5 scheme is nice too
  2. A few of the F-35s are headed to museums now too...
  3. I recently picked up the 1/48 GWH F-1C MSIP II kit and want to build it as the Grim Reapers bird with the special markings on the recent Two Bobs sheet. From what I can tell I need to upgrade the cockpit to the PAD or PASS configuration. I see only two options for the BAM models, and Quinta Studios. I'm thinking that maybe the best option is to get both. Also, the wheels need to be upgraded, the new versions. It appears that again BAM models or phase Hangar have them, which is the best? Any other things I should "upgrade"? I don't care much about t
  4. eraucubsfan


    Hey @KursadA any word on this sheet, mainly the 1/48th sheet?
  5. I thank everyone for the comments and suggestions, but with Sprue Brothers Sale this past weekend, I decided to P the T on the GWH kit.
  6. Not sure if it's been asked but how about decals for the A400M
  7. Sorry, you haven't had much luck, it appears to have been slow on there, guess maybe it's summer and all. Try the auctions, usually, you'll get close to what you're asking
  8. In other movie news, saw the new Jurassic Park last night, and was disappointed. Somehow the dinosaurs look more real in the original that is almost 30 years old than they do in the new movie. The story is dumb, Bryce Dallas Howard is horrible, I don't care who her father is. There are some nods to the first one (outside of Grant, Sattler) but it seems kind of forced and outta place. The star of the movie is the C-119, with some obvious CGI propellers It maybe I was hopeful and still riding the high from how great Top Gun was, but I was just disappointed in this movi
  9. It takes a couple of days, they are busy on the weekends with the auctions
  10. This may be a dumb question, but are the foreign F-35s painted in the Have Glass paint also? Or is that just the US versions?
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