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  1. I went ahead and pinned this thread since it contains a lot of useful information
  2. While "MMR" and "Big Jamoke" are gorgrous aircraft, they don't have the gun blisters attached from what I can tell.
  3. All- I have the Miniart P-47-30 basic on its way, but I really want to do the Tar Heel Hal scheme from the advanced kit. I was wondering if someone either wasn't going to use those markings and would sell them or would want to swap sheets from the kits. I already contacted Miniart and they wont sell just the decals to me 😞
  4. 48ers carries Cat4 stuff and I order from them all the time
  5. Not a huge fan of the F-16, but that scheme is cool. I cant wait to see it at Oshkosh!!!
  6. Its a nice kit, most of the instructions are for the various flight positions. Once you get everything painted, it goes together quickly and easy.
  7. Yes to the King Air & C-12s FAA (I think this is the old scheme)
  8. Yeah if you ever lived or been near NAS Jax you would not think they were obscure
  9. Any chance of the NOAA birds making one of the sheets?
  10. I think it kinda depends on the subject matter too. WWII aircraft tend to look cool with open gun bays, open cowlings etc. But jet aircraft, look better streamlined. I do like open canopies, and think that most aircraft look cool with folded wings
  11. How were the decals? I have a few of his sheets
  12. I think a lot of companies have to put out what sells to make money for the "lesser known" subjects. I think that's what I would do. Have the P-51s/Corsairs/ME-109s that you know will sell pay the bills for subjects that are a little less popular. It's hard to argue what is popular because everyone has different ideas of what planes are popular. You could argue that the Pitts Special and a lot of General Aviation aircraft are super popular but don't get much treatment in scale models. I do realize that there are kits of GA planes out there, but not nearly as many as military aircraft. I
  13. Thanks Dutch, but it appears those are the 1/72 sheet, I was looking for the 1/144. Looks like KursadA is may reprint for us 🙂
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