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  1. Might be a little late and mentioned before but how about NOAA aircraft
  2. Awesome, nice to see a different paint scheme 🙂
  3. eraucubsfan


    I was just beginning to wonder the same thing, probably like most, I just ordered @KursadA new decal sheet.
  4. Don't ruin it for the rest of us LOL
  5. How about a new T-45 Goshawk sheet
  6. Small update... I finally got my seamless intakes installed. I ordered GT Resin Intakes from Sprue Bros, but received two right sides. Sprue as usual with their awesome customer service, put me in touch with @ghatherly and he sent me replacements. Unfortunately, somehow, I ended up getting 2 more right side intakes from him, but @ghatherly made it right and sent me another replacement set, this time with the left ones. I will say I will definitely buy more of his products, his customer service is excellent.
  7. I used https://www.usagundamstore.com/collections/sms-chameleon/products/chameleon-blue-purple-30ml.
  8. that would be a great figure for @norbert & Reedoak to do, it would make for a great scene.
  9. I ordered my A-4M from Sprue https://store.spruebrothers.com/product_p/has07233.htm
  10. I gave a bunch of not so great kits (of mine and fellow club members) to my dad's home which had a Veteran's Wing. They really appreciated them.
  11. I was looking for something too. If you have facebook, you can use the marketplace feature to find things. I like the Ikea ones though. Check Overstock.com, they have some decent stuff too. Speaking of GSD's here is mine, Penelope
  12. I have the RM kit but I may opt for the Kinetic Kit. I have pre-ordered Flying Leathernecks upcoming EA-6B sheet. I figured the 007 Prowler will go with my 007 Hornet. I'll hold onto my RM kit, maybe @Brian P: Fightertown Decals will reprint his Dark Knights and Dragons sheet someday....
  13. @KursadA While you are doing all the test/eval aircraft what are the chances of a F-8 sheet?
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