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  1. Thank you all for chiming in. I got MER from Hasegawa Weapon Set A, so I need to build the little base to attach the sway bars. (Pic.1) There are 3 notches on the inner pylons of Skyhawk. I realized that the position I build the bases for the sway bars fit the rear two notches (Pic.2) of the inner pylon, rather than the front two notches (Pic.3). But based on the reference photos posted, it seems I should move the position to fit the two front notches of the pylon. Any suggestion? Curious how others deal with the missing sway bar base when using MER from Hasegawa Weapo
  2. I know there are two sway bars that fit in the first/front two notches on the inner pylon. However, no location pins on the MER. Any photos of how to mount MER on inner pylons of a A-4 Skyhawk? Either on your model or real jet?
  3. Da SWO, PMed my address two days ago. Let me know if it did not get to your inbox. Thanks
  4. I am so grateful for all the support from you guys. My first 1/48 Cold War build will be empty without your help. I must make it right! Thank you all. And I will close this post.
  5. Anyone has spare 1/48 Hasegawa weapon sets A, C, D and E for sale? Or individual bombs, missiles and racks to spare? Mk.81/82 x 12 Mk.20 x 6 AGM-45 x 2 AGM-78 x 2 Rocket pods x 2 TER x 2 MER x 2 Don’t need all of them, so any combinations are considered. Thanks for helping out. Deo
  6. Harrier and Starfighter arrived quickly. Thank you Andrew!
  7. Have a #4568 with extra inner pylon, two-Bob decal and Eduard PE. What do you have for trade in 1/48?
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