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  1. Here are two prints of 552 that I have. https://imgur.com/FNuNbKP https://imgur.com/Pa582wj Da SWO The scans are not very good. The original print is better and the second print isn't as dark.Tried adjusting it on my computer but no joy. Cheap Brother's printer? Will see if I can do better. Grant
  2. https://imgur.com/a/mJXS3oT Some scans from the 1C-130(R)S-1 RC-130S dash 1. That's all that I copied. Grant
  3. Da SWO, thank you, no problem. A rough sketch would serve just as well. Are you interested in borrowing my weather aircraft photos? I believe that I have the Aerophile issue with the WB-47E article. I do have the issue on the W/RB-57F. I have the Koku-Fan FAOW # 79 on the C-130 and the old Squadron C-130 in Action. Grant
  4. Da SWO Yes, I have a page but don't use it much and need to learn how to better use it. We can talk there. I have one Japanese friend there. A former student. JH is a met/are co-worker there.
  5. Dutch, Alas, yes. I know that some cutting and adding is in my future. First need to cut out the second cooling inlet and mebbe dream of matching the curve of the kit inlet. Thank you. My photos of a parked WC-135B show the flaps down, so have looked for inspiration from other builds. Also the crew door is open and the two piece ladder dropped. There also a raised wind shield that drops down for crew bailout. The inside of the kit crew door needs to be built up. The Hasegawa B-47 ladder looks good for a master. I guess I should scan some of the photos that I took that may be of use.
  6. I don't know if I can ask you, but I'm taking the TF33 engines and horizontal tail pieces from the AMT RC-135V and combining it with the KC-135A kit to make a WC-135B. Is it possible to ask if you can have any info on the ARWO position in the cockpit and what the drop position looked like. I have external photos of 667 when it came back from Offutt, but it may not have had the tube installed. It still had the empty racks for the AMQ-25 system that were long gone from the other WC-135Bs. I refrained from taking any internal pics. At that time there were several rows of pax seats facing backward
  7. I'm Grant Matsuoka met/are. Sorry for the delay. I hunted down the xerox prints. There are two of 553, Weather band on the tail. You can make out the three forward windows, so the ARE modification hadn't been done yet. Contact me at gmat6594@gmail.com. I guess that you would like to borrow the weather aircraft stuff. That's fine. I'll let you know what I've collected.
  8. Da SWO, True for the WC-130E but the plate for the U-1 foils was where the middle window would be. The 64 year WC-130Es flew for a short time without provisions for the U-1 sampling foil. I have a xerox of a picture of 552 or 554 with three forward windows and Weather band on the tail.
  9. https://www.cybermodeler.com/aircraft/c-130/hercules.shtml Scroll down to the roman nose YC-130. Note the two dark circles before the wing and one aft. Those are windows. Why? I have no idea. Three pairs of windows, one on each side.
  10. It’s been a long time but I believe the 56 year C-130As deleted the six upper fuselage windows. As on top of the fuselage. I remember sitting inside a transit C-130A and you could see it from the inside. The steps to the cockpit on the C-130A and their derivatives were slightly twisted not straight like the later models and you could see the black boxes behind the cockpit. The DC-130s had rhaw antennas during the Vietnam War period. USMC KC-130s during the same period had them too. The tell tale is the pip above the radome. In the 80s you could see a plate welded over the nose one on The USMC
  11. True, but you may want to model the sealed doors and the extra window. But not many realize how long the door or sealed door and were windows were around.
  12. The forward cargo door was present until the 61 year C-130E models.
  13. Worked on 963 when she was a WC-130H at Keesler with the 53rd WRS. MET/ARE
  14. One of the C-130E-IIs with the 7th ACCS had a shark mouth painted. It would have had the JC tail code. One of the 553rd RS EC-121Rs also had a shark mouth painted.
  15. I'm not sure if it is worth your time but I started gathering all of my C-130 print and have a few of C-130D cockpit photos including the angled steps that go into the cockpit. The A model cockpit was more messy compared with the B and later models. I also found a few photos showing how the engines were placed on the wing. Where the A model radome attached to the fuselage, from the B model on, there is a small patch to smooth the join on the top of the radome. Scroll down to see an A nose. http://www.bathead.com/USAFbbo.html Because the A, B and 61 year Es had the forward
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