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  1. Looks like we snapped a blade off the prop while cutting a different piece off. I haven't had good luck repairing props in the past (ancient times, before crazy glue) Any tips for making a fix? Any after market s1:350 submarine screws?
  2. We had permanently assigned crews and aircraft in 1985-1987 when I was assigned to the 43rd SW, then re-designated 43rd BW. KursadA, what's the time frame of your decals sheet for the 43BW plane. Our Wing CC had a funky "arc light" emblem on the tail that the maintenance guys added a dragon too (86-87).
  3. Incredible. I hope you video, post the video of the launch.
  4. I've logged a jump from Placid Lassie and Tico bell.
  5. Nice. FWIW I believe they kept the SEA scheme until the unit deactivated (based at Scott when they went away).
  6. Perfect, thank you. DDS and SDV's are ordered.
  7. Working on the Testors USS Ohio and I wanted to put a DDS (or ASDS) on it. My google-fu is weak, does anyone know if this is available somewhere?
  8. Folks that owned the Houston Hobby Town USA also own the San Antonio store (which I am just back from). They closed the Houston store, and are (supposedly) moving all the stock to San Antonio (which was today's excuse for empty shelves)
  9. San Antonio Hobby Town USA shelves are usually pretty bare. They went from a great model selection to RC stuff and trains with a few models thrown in.
  10. Have you looked at the E-6B Mercury? Same dome IIRC and you should get good images by googling E-6 Mercury refueling.
  11. Yep, then flew and saved some hotdog pilot's butt before getting the guy transferred.
  12. https://www.avgeekery.com/avgeekery-exclusive-mig-killing-army-ov-1-mohawk-pilot-ken-lee/ FWIW I believe the Georgia Army National Guard flew the last OV-1 contingency missions over Haiti during Clinton's presidency.
  13. Thanks for the headsup. My wife enjoyed last nights episode (1st NCIS we watched in many years)
  14. Was at the Smithsonian Annex last weekend and was curious about their F-14D display. They had one Phoenix and one JDAM underneath. The plane displayed was one that shot a Libyan fighter down, but the display bird did not have the kil marking on it. Did the cary the Phoenix and JDAM together? or is this just a display of what it could carry? I thought kill marks stayed on the plane, am I wrong?
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