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  1. Does anyone make troop seats (side and center aisle) for a 1/72nd C-130? Likewise any after market crew seats?
  2. Excellent book. I have one copy in the keep sake book shelf, and another copy that is worn and dog eared from many airline flights.
  3. Excellent guy to work with.
  4. Was reading (WSJ?) an article that said Boeing hopes for the first test flight next week. I hope it happens, they need to get this fixed.
  5. Thanks, these are older (i.e. thick) decals, so Ill go with two gloss coats, followed by a dull coat.
  6. I was taught to put a gloss coat base for my decals, then another to seal the decals in, with a semi-gloss or dull coat over that. Is that necessary, or can I skip the 2nd gloss coat and go straight to semi-gloss or dull coat?
  7. Need someone trained on the plane to safe the guns.
  8. Hope you recover quickly. I am planning on going, even if I have to do a post-show quarantine.
  9. Does the kit come with extra pylons/launch rails? or are you making your own?
  10. This may force me to change my Strike Eagle build, Boogyman seems like a natural on my shelf.
  11. From the Omaha Herald. https://www.omaha.com/news/military/air-force-plans-may-start-on-218-million-conversion-of-new-nuke-sniffer-planes-for/article_c4141861-6c1e-535b-866b-ad6bbb1fa175.html?fbclid=IwAR0Q02zhFaPVYYWwNQ7lSn1rn2D4EjiO4ABVjIbr1LgP7YVYe5jKtu_xgI8#1 Upgrading the old WC's to a R standard is long overdue. The original WC-135E's were sent to the boneyard during Gen McPeek's reign of terror, only to be quickly pulled out (and initially flown by contractors). IIRC, the OC-135 was converted from a WC-135E.
  12. WY ANG crew flying a Georgia bird
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