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  1. I'll second the Selfridge F-4's (though I thought they flew C models)
  2. The San Antonio store is shutting dow. Shelves are mostly empty, and the clerks there think they have 1-2 weeks left.
  3. Maybe I can take my son to a matinee showing. One of the advantages to homeschooling.
  4. If you don't mind. What unit was she with?
  5. Egocentric adults. Shame about the loss of the pilot and plane. We have an OV-1 at the San Marcos, TX airport.
  6. I don't believe so, NA tail code if my memory serves me.
  7. Let me check. Is next week soon enough as I am on the road again.
  8. Arthritis and age have limited my modelling to 1/48 and large 1/72 aircraft (C-130 is in the works), with occasional 1/35 vehicle (SOFGMV is getting finished)
  9. I think hawaii is the only Guard unit with their own planes, VA shares with 1st FW at Langley.
  10. Airbus has had more then 1 plane go in after the computer over rode the pilots inputs.
  11. I'll double check, but I believe the PAVE LOWs (MH-53) had folding rotors.
  12. I would like to see some Special Missions C-130's. EC/DC/WC/JC, etc. Not a lot of airframes in the mix, so multiple types on a single sheet might be doable.
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