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  1. One of the sharpest schemes the A-10 has worn.
  2. Texas Air Guard did that. Looked really nice too.
  3. Italeri or will this work on all 130 kits. JATO/RATO mounts a separate order ? or part of the bottle kit?
  4. 2 T-38 crashed in 48 hours. RIP brothers.
  5. We had a short power outage, my MiL 5 miles away was without power for 30 hours, so we shipped her to LaVernia to be with my SiL. I have a small generator that is my hurricane power, and now it's a winter generator. San Antonio was under a modified boil water warning. I really feel for the folks in Georgetown and Austin. Good luck @KursadA
  6. Slow is smooth, smooth is fast. I try not to rush, and will walk away if I get frustrated. My current projects are on weather hold because I can't get to my LHS or Hobby Lobby. I also try to get all the aftermarket pieces before construction starts. Some good advice being posted here.
  7. Part of the problem is an unwillingness to improve what we have. 2-4 versions of a jet and it's off the Jets R Us for the newest toy.
  8. Agree. Generally hated the Hill scheme on the FIS birds, but always thought Hawaii still made it look nice.
  9. SOLD and thank you very much for the WC. Do you have a tail number, or would you like a list of tail numbers? (366 is my favorite)
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