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  1. I post better pictures tomorrow. Finished.
  2. A lot of nit-noid stuff this week. Navigation lights were painted on, and I had to touch some other areas, and add a forgotten decal. Sparrows are done and drying as I type. The patches for the display stand arrived, though one of them is suspect. This is a used patch (evilbay find) that is worn enough to convince me it is original. This is another evilbay find, I am not convinced this is a used patch. 171FIS became the 171 AS and had a blue background. I am reaching out to a former member to see if this is legit. My base arrived from the UK too, so I shoul
  3. Minor items left. Painting stripes on the missiles, Navigation lights, pitot tube and some touch up painting.
  4. Natural immunity is just as good as the shot. I've survived COVID three times (OG, Delta,Omicron) each iteration is less of an impact. My issue is the forcing of the Pfizer shot on folks when other treatments may also work. CDC now says they are looking at Ivermectin as an acceptable treatment. The shot may be safe, may not. We are looking at the largest vaccine trial in history, meanwhile death rates (since we started mass Covid vaccinations) are doubled for some reason.
  5. I've made flat windows with Krystal Clear, don't know if you can sand it into the correct shape. Maybe multiple layers to get the curvature?
  6. Centerline tank and nose gear are on. Letting it set for a few days to ensure the nose gear glue has dried/cured. Will be working on the gear doors and started painting the missiles.
  7. Just realized I didn't post photos of my F-16ADF completed last September, so I took some photos and here she is. -AMT/ERTL 1/48 F-16, very old model. Ironically, I bought this one because the box art showed a full combat load, in reality only the wing-tip AIM-9's were provided. -Decals from an Italeri F-16ADF kit (one I am currently building) -Weapons from Hasegawa weapons kits C and E -IFF antennae (upper) came from KASL. -Lower IFF antennae was a resin copy of the Italeri part. -Hydraulic humps on the tail were a resin cast of the Italeri parts.
  8. I was on Guam, AFN was our only source of current news. Was crushed when we heard a crew was lost.
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