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  1. Thanks, and great timing as I have to go there tomorrow.
  2. RHAW(?) looks. Tail end: Front RHAW(?) Sensors: One final batch tomorrow. Sorry it's taking so long, but I am squeezing this in between chores.
  3. FLIR Housing: Side view. Front: IIRC the FLIR Ball was the same as the SOLL II C-130's and the MC-130P. I can look around for some photo's of the ball if you need it.
  4. I go once a year to visit a friend inn Dayton, always plan on 2 days (minimum). Part of that is my return to modelling, as I tend to research/photograph certain exhibits.
  5. I'll post as three groups. The first is the flare and chaff dispensers.
  6. Which plane are you building. I have a book detailing all the VN kills by plane.
  7. I went to school to in Cahokia and we went to Lambert to watch the Guard.
  8. @bluedot25 Was at Pima County Air and Space Museum today. We (son and I) took a ruler and measured some of the features. I can post them in a couple of days if you want.
  9. Da SWO

    WC-130A Rainmaker

    Kitlinx https://www.kitlinx.com/cgi/display.cgi?item_num=PMAL7004
  10. Thanks, I am refurbishing the seat, will develop my airbrush skills by painting the seat.
  11. Similar to the 43BMW on Guam, our "rays" were symbolic of the ARC LIGHT memorial, really couldn't see it well. DCM allowed the Crew Chief's to add a Dragon interwoven with the rays. Half of the planes were painted before the Wing Commander noticed.
  12. In the trivia category, the pilots flying the night missions also wore black flight suits. AC-130/F-4 interdiction team.
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