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  1. Any aftermarket sets available?
  2. Is there a website I can research individual F-14 histories? I am looking for a list of F-14A's that were modified to F-14D standard. Specicially BuNo 160403
  3. 1. See PM. 2. 193 SOW has a fakebok page, you can contact their PA (and an affiliated association IIRC).
  4. Last update. Everything is on except the pitot tube,
  5. Thought I'd be done by now. Was trying to multi-task and I knocked her off the jig, then knocked her off the jig a second time while doing repairs. 😞 Fixed most of the broken stuff, and need to touch some paint up, fix a hole in the wing. AIM-7's mounted to the pylons, and on the plane now. Sidewinders are decaled up, and drying before getting gloss/flat coats. AIM 120's are on the pylons, but won't get mounted until the sidewinders go on. Goal is to be done by Saturday (now that my weekend plans were killed by COVID.
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