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  1. I have DC-9-30 decals if that can get you started? Very old, but probably usable.
  2. Two steps forward, one step backwards. I was short of tape and purchased a role of Kamoi Tape, bad move as it's too thin and paint bled through on a number of areas, have to repaint the outer ventral fins, and the left side of the intake. 😞 You can see the splatter on the trailing edge. Lesson learned, stick with Tamiya tape.
  3. I switched to Tamiya, no drama so far.
  4. Sometimes things work out. I ordered this decal sheet (Bare Metal Foils) from a company in France. Waited, and waited, and waited; nothing. So I went on flebay and found this Experts Choice sheet: Fleabay buyer delivers quickly, and the one from France arrived afterwards. Looks like I'll be selling a decal set in a few weeks. The Bare Metal Foil set has the tail number I am doing on a single decal, so quicker and cleaner assembly. Just waiting on paint to cure so I can put the last coat on, clear coat it and start de
  5. Thanks, You still interested in the kit decals? I should have all I need by the end of the week.
  6. I have to verify the tail number on the full-color plane (looks like 81 to me), as those are the markings I plan on using with 542 as a backup if I mess the decals up.
  7. Our birds had the 3 color camo, so today I am painting the medium gray.
  8. Scan then print on decal paper, or just run them through a copier onto decal paper.
  9. YouTube video that shows the aggressor camo off pretty well. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vKRLxYSCAfs
  10. Finally started painting. I missed a small are on the front of the intake, went back and touched it up. Then found a dog hair in the touched up area. Will fix after it dries.
  11. LOL, I thought I'd be posting photos of a painted airplane today. I needed a lot more putty then I originally thought. I just need to fill most of the holes in the wing bottom in, final (i hope) sanding; then tape, paint, repeat a couple more times.
  12. I don't believe so. The one article I read said they reduced the stealth capabilities of the aggressor jets. I assumed that was done via the paint scheme.
  13. They added some more photo's. Again photo's start on page 3. https://www.f-16.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=22&t=55497&view=unread#unread
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