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  1. @Gator52, You are welcome. Chalks and tie downs: I have a few more on a different camera, trying to get those downloaded.
  2. Does anyone make 1:72 engines for the KC-135 series aircraft? I was given an Italeri KC-135A to make for a friend, and her Wing actually had E's then R's.
  3. @Gator52 I'll load the engine covers first. Cover is tied to the rear of the wing. Flaps are lowered and the cover rope attached here. The snaps on the cover went from the 6 O'clock position towards the wingtip...... .... then around to the rear Will post more in a bit.
  4. Hurricane Hunters sister squadron (Flying Jennies) has slick J's.
  5. Journalists don't usually have access to classified data. There isn't a single ship or aircraft in service that didn't receive "journalistic" criticism.
  6. It's the forum, not pb. Last upgrade changed how photo's post. Does PB have a share icon? or function?
  7. Army naming convention. My guess is a downsized 130 fleet in the future. MH-139 won't have a huge training requirement, so putting the training squadron in the AF Reserve makes a little sense, though Maxwell is an interesting location.
  8. Thanks everyone. @DutchYes, I went with the Airfix kit.
  9. 98% finished, clear coat on a few spots and mounting on the display base. This is a present for a retired AF MSgt.
  10. I finished my USS Florida a few months ago. This was my first model after 10 plus years. Testors kit I found at a garage sale. The kit is a SSBN, but I wanted to make it a SSGN. I bought DDS/SDV's, stand and nameplate via Shapeways, and a G-factor brass prop (after breaking the kit part) off of eBay. I also used 1/72nd 7 shot rocket launchers ends to make cruise missile canisters (one fired, and one with missiles still in it. The kit was on the shelf of doom, and I picked it thinking it would be an easy build, LOL. Warped parts, and the missile hatches didn't want to fit in
  11. I got this one off of Amazon. I'll give it 4-stars when I do rate it. It's laser etched, and my son had to cut the pieces out as the burn wasn't deep enough. Otherwise I am very happy with it. https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B086ZY4BHS/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o02_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  12. I'll guess they are a direction finding receiver of some type. Allowing the crew to "home" in on a distress beacon, radio.
  13. Wash the jeans. Try an enzyme cleaner for the carpet.
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