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  1. We had some last minute withdrawals, probably lost 20 to 25 percent.
  2. Has to be one of the best weathering jobs I've seen.
  3. Learning a lot just reading this thread. You going to Omaha with these?
  4. Awesome builds, Love the Wild Weasels.
  5. Happy 2022, with a wish for everyone to be able to enjoy building.
  6. Life interfered with my modelling. Forced move, and new glasses plus a ton of medical appointments. I finished the cockpit. Low quality cell-phone photo.
  7. Happy to see this one start up again. Threads like this are why a forum is better then FB.
  8. I use both, enjoy this site more then fakebook. Search feature here is better than fb, and I trust folks here more then those on fb. FWIW: my FB feed is models, and dogs. I flushed everyone who isn't family because evrything is political (the no politics rule here is welcome). I haven't posted much lately as I am moving and that seems to take most of my life away.
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