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  1. Just a basic wash for the panel lines. Thanks!!
  2. Maybe a little off topic but what is the best wash for panel lines on jets? Specifically for my AMT B-52H. Thanks! Paul
  3. An H?? Why not a J? Seems more logical to me. Maybe the J coming later....?
  4. Ok...?? You guys could have been a little nicer.... It's only an airplane you know.... But thanks to Mstor! At least somebody loves me on this blog...LOL....
  5. LOL....It's Ok. I thought it was awesome...despite the clickbait. And for ya'lls info....I'm an AF veteran. Worked on BUFFS and KC-135's. I'm a bomber freak. So pardon my enthusiasm. Been in aviation a long time. Been in modeling all my life. Just wanted to share some cool stuff with you guys....clickbait and all... If I ever meet you guys...I'll buy you a beer....or whatever....
  6. Geez....you guys need to seriously lighten up. LOL.... Here....can I get you guys a beer or glass of wine...?? Its a badass warplane!
  7. LOL...you guys are unbelievable. Yeah....the website was crap...but ya gotta admit that pic was awesome. Never seen a pic like that of B-2 armament. Live a little. It was good fodder for thought and it was a warplane for crying out loud. What's not to like?
  8. Ok...I'm building the B-2A right now and ran across this thing today during research. Made me slobber. The B-2 is freakin unbelievable....the real one.... https://nationalinterest.org/blog/buzz/b-2-bomber-has-more-firepower-aircraft-carrier-85246
  9. I'm all over the C-130 if its a new tool
  10. I've always preferred firecrackers and/or bottle rockets....lolol....
  11. Great ideas guys! Thanks so much. Keep them coming if you think of any more.
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