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  1. An H?? Why not a J? Seems more logical to me. Maybe the J coming later....?
  2. Ok...?? You guys could have been a little nicer.... It's only an airplane you know.... But thanks to Mstor! At least somebody loves me on this blog...LOL....
  3. LOL....It's Ok. I thought it was awesome...despite the clickbait. And for ya'lls info....I'm an AF veteran. Worked on BUFFS and KC-135's. I'm a bomber freak. So pardon my enthusiasm. Been in aviation a long time. Been in modeling all my life. Just wanted to share some cool stuff with you guys....clickbait and all... If I ever meet you guys...I'll buy you a beer....or whatever....
  4. Geez....you guys need to seriously lighten up. LOL.... Here....can I get you guys a beer or glass of wine...?? Its a badass warplane!
  5. LOL...you guys are unbelievable. Yeah....the website was crap...but ya gotta admit that pic was awesome. Never seen a pic like that of B-2 armament. Live a little. It was good fodder for thought and it was a warplane for crying out loud. What's not to like?
  6. Ok...I'm building the B-2A right now and ran across this thing today during research. Made me slobber. The B-2 is freakin unbelievable....the real one.... https://nationalinterest.org/blog/buzz/b-2-bomber-has-more-firepower-aircraft-carrier-85246
  7. I'm all over the C-130 if its a new tool
  8. I've always preferred firecrackers and/or bottle rockets....lolol....
  9. Great ideas guys! Thanks so much. Keep them coming if you think of any more.
  10. Guys, It just occurred to me that I need to show a picture of what I mean. It's not the standard C-130 black demarcation area for the radome. It's the Blue Angel yellow area unique to Fat Albert. I need to know how to mask off and paint these complex curved areas. See pic. I'm building the 72nd scale Blue Angels C-130 Fat Albert. I've got everything ready but I need some tips & tricks on how to mask off and paint the nose area. It's the area of the nose that's yellow with complex curves. Anybody know how to do this? I'm not really good (yet) with painting complex curves.
  11. Hey guys...Looking for the Begemot 1/72 B-2A Decal Sheet. Number 72-017. Everywhere is sold out it seems. Anybody help? I live in Atlanta. Thanks, Paul
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