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  1. I tell my AV students...."If you want to learn about airplanes...you build models..." They still don't really get it yet...but we're workin on them. This thread is great. I've learned things I wouldn't have been able to learn any other way. I'm not an E pilot. I'll pass it on to them now. Thanks guys!
  2. pminer

    Revell 1/32 F/A-18E Super Hornet

    Looked at the construction booklet. That is one complicated mofo!! Holy cow....more than Hasagawa or Tamiya combined!! Looks verrrrry interesting however....
  3. Hmmm.....I'm thinking initial ice formations...? Seems like dirt would impact lift and would be cleaned off before flight...especially on top of the wing. Ice may be a better explanation... Or maybe a funky looking frost formation in the area of the fuel tanks.....
  4. pminer

    BUFF-H antenna

    Hey guys...I'd like a really good aftermarket antenna set (lumps & bumps also) for my BUFF-H's. Opinions welcome: 1) Is there such a thing in the aftermarket for the 1/72 BUFF-H? 2) If so....what have you used? IE...what's your favorite? 3) If so....what is the best? Thanks ahead of time! Paul
  5. pminer

    A-10 Thunderbolt II in 1/48 scale: What Brand?

    Been with the Revellogram for years. VERY satisfied with it....although there are some fit issues. But it definitely offers the Best Bang for the Buck. You can pick one up dirt cheap at almost any model show. I don't have the HB offering but hear it's really nice too. If I didn't have so many dang Projects in the stash I'd definitely have the HB offering too. My 2 cents worth.... Paul
  6. pminer

    Best Matt (or flat) coating for my BUFF-H

    Thanks guys! This is the thing. I've used Testors Dullcoat for years. But...it's too flat. I want more of a matt coat that isn't too flat. And...something that plays well with Future. It looks like Micro Flat is the best pick.
  7. pminer

    Best Matt (or flat) coating for my BUFF-H

    Thanks! Does it play well with Future? Or maybe....what doesn't it play well with if anything..?
  8. Guys...My BUFF-H is decaled and sealed with Future. I'm ready for the flat coat now. I know about Tester's flat. Its pretty good. But I know there's other...maybe better flat coats out there. What is best....and/or your favorite flat coat? Thanks Paul
  9. pminer

    Wolfpak Dec 2018 Release

    Mark....how to order? Are they released for sale yet? Thanks!
  10. pminer

    Modelcollect B-52H

    Yes....THANK YOU!!
  11. pminer

    Modelcollect B-52H

    Come on man....give these guys a break. They've been fantastic.....
  12. pminer

    Modelcollect B-52H

    OUTSTANDING!! Thank you MC!
  13. pminer

    Modelcollect B-52H

    Looking better & better!!
  14. pminer

    Modelcollect B-52H

    Great!...but is it right?
  15. pminer

    Modelcollect B-52H

    Dittos on the corrections!! I'll definitely buy. Thank you MC!!!