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  1. Finally got the base finished
  2. Thanks Gregg I agree, I like the look of the 65 as well. Have a 70 waiting in the wings. This one one is for my son. Big SW fan but wanted something different than the regular RED 5. Green 8 meant everything was painted but allowed total artistic license. Very few kit decals used, and few taken from an F-18.
  3. Hi Vern Thanks for the nice comment. Unfortunately I will be incorporating pieces of the stand on my base. Lloyd
  4. Will be making a base for it to attached the name plate I made, hence the unpainted stand.
  5. Thought I would post some pics of recently finished Green 8
  6. I have used Mr Color over Vallejo black primer without any issues
  7. Thanks guys, I appreciate the feedback
  8. Who do you guys typically use for picture hosting? Thanks Lloyd
  9. I just used it over black primer. Mixed in a bit gray to do a Bandai X-wing. Thinned 50/50 with Tamiya thinner. Light coats, and it worked well. I would post a picture but currently don't have a means to host it. Cheers Lloyd
  10. Found one at VoodooFX. Randy advised me to hold off as he is developing a lighting new kit that will be released soon
  11. Hi guys Just got the reworked MPC Falcon and was wondering if there is a lighting kit available. Thanks Lloyd
  12. Thanks Ben, I hadn't thought of that
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