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  1. Tried a Google search for the airfoil section of the Shooting Star, nothing. Now, everyone who is anyone knows that the folks here are the real experts, so there is your task for today. Thanks!
  2. Aaaand that's what it's all about, FUN! Thanks!
  3. I have zero idea why I did this. I've got nothing.
  4. No story with this one. The model is the 1/200th scale by Dragon, with some decals from the 1/200th KC-10A by Hasegawa. Rather than trying to fit the Hasegawa decals around the curved flight deck area, I hand painted the light blue and dark blue, and the fuselage stripe. White is Tamiya Fine White primer, the blues and the underside grey are Revell Aqua. Bit of a learning experience using that paint, but I like it so far. Lockheed KC-141 Starfueler
  5. If Operation Green had been carried out… https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Green_(Ireland) Operation Green, the Nazi invasion of Ireland in 1941, was a tactical and strategic failure, despite British intelligence initially believing that the plan was simply a bit of carefully crafted misinformation. General of the Artillery Leonhard Kaupisch had been placed in charge of the operation, and decided upon two things; his retirement, and a desire to go out with an impressive military victory to secure his place in the history books. His ego was his undoing. A poorly p
  6. Got called out of town yesterday before I had a chance to post, so I'm a day lay and a few hundrred bucks short, after paying for a motel, and getting a busted windshield on the drive. Meh, life sucks. The Supermarine Mauersegler In the course of doing research on the Farley Fruitbat, a promising lead exposed me to an interesting find that indicates the possible existence of a hitherto unknown aspect of the Cold War: a strong Deutsche Marine that had equipped with at least one aircraft carrier. Inquiries at the British MoD were met
  7. Neither do I. This came through on my tumblr feed. Better porn ... um... articles on there.
  8. That could also apply to every other issue in this thread. QUIT HARSHING MY BUZZ! 😁
  9. The Farley Frigatebird "Well, Perkins, what does the irrepressible Mr. Farley have for us this time?" "An autogyro, Sir." "Really? I thought they were rather an antiquated idea. Do you think we should pursue it?" "Yes, Sir, it does have unique capabilities that could be of use in a number of areas. As a naval spotter it could take off from a small pad on a ship and land back on it. It would give them an ability to immediately check on possible threats instead of calling for patrol aircraft that might take a while getting there." Lord Beaverbrook, Minister of Aircraf
  10. Fairey Tosser The Fairey Delta 2 was one of the more impressive British experimental aircraft of the post-war period, and it’s basic design is credited with being the genesis of the very successful Dassault Mirage III series of aircraft. It was used to investigate various aspects of high-speed flight with a delta wing design, and both airframes went through a number of modifications during their lifetimes. One little known aspect was a test of the ‘toss-bombing’ style of weapons delivery, a format also used with the American B-47 a
  11. The most unbelieveable scene in Top Gun was when they were inverted above the 'MiG-28.' Anyone with any knowledge of those aircraft would know that their aircraft were so close that parts of them would probably be trying to occupy the same space at the same time. I recently saw a picture someone threw together of just how it would have looked, wish I had saved it.
  12. Video, or it didn't happen.
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