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  1. Facebook Marketplace

    Really? Wow, I've gotta get in on this scam, big bucks!
  2. I post my pictures to facebook, and then copy the link and paste. Works fine.
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DzK46eXTYq0&feature=youtu.be
  4. Facebook Marketplace

    Regular occurrence at our place, found a quarter in the dryer yesterday.
  5. Facebook Marketplace

    If so, why would the seller only be charging $10?
  6. Facebook Marketplace

    The deals you can find on facebook marketplace are astounding.
  7. This was around the neck of a Wiser's whisky bottle. Now, a pervert would hang this someplace, uh, provocative, and post it. I'm not a pervert. But I'm not above putting the idea out there.
  8. Durham Regional Police

    Sometimes a web page will be truncated at an interesting place. I hope Durham Regional Police have a supply of diapers.
  9. Autocorrect madness

    I have absolutely no idea why my autocorrect would come up with this as an alternate for Timmins. Nor do I want to know.
  10. A Warning to Moai Vincent

    Yowch, 3rd degree burn. Can someone grab a barrel of Bactine for the mildewed one?
  11. Test

    1,022 monkeys. I'm betting it's a code. It's 1111111110 in binary. Somebody get a codebreaker and a math whiz in here STAT!
  12. It's mind control I tells ya!

    That's for scale, some of those trails are HUGE!
  13. Another frightening day, with stark evidence that the New World Order is stepping up their indiscriminate use of homeopathic chemtrails.
  14. A Warning to Moai Vincent

    Lost that bet.