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  1. 1,022 monkeys. I'm betting it's a code. It's 1111111110 in binary. Somebody get a codebreaker and a math whiz in here STAT!
  2. That's for scale, some of those trails are HUGE!
  3. Another frightening day, with stark evidence that the New World Order is stepping up their indiscriminate use of homeopathic chemtrails.
  4. Lost that bet.
  5. An entire month without a post? Harumph!
  6. Are the instructions illustrated?
  7. Very Big A s s?
  8. Thanks! My next entry will not look great, the decals didn't seem to want to apply even with a very liberal dose of Micro Sol.
  9. Landing would really be the fun part.
  10. Think I can remember when you would have said 'peeps'. You just ain't hip no more.
  11. I've heard that his backstory actually started in the infamous Star Wars Christmas Special. But if you think I'm going to sit through that just to confirm or deny, I have a bridge to sell you. Maybe two.
  12. Something that we may need to investigate... : Rongorongo -Hieroglyphs written with shark teeth from Easter Island, remain indecipherable Might just be recipes. pornography, bus schedules, or prescriptions, but any data is helpful.