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  1. They're burrowing owls, Athene cunicularia. Despite the phrase 'wise old owl', the entire group are not that bright. Falconers using owls learn a lot of patience. These ones actually do live in old groundhog burrows, or any type of burrow. Easier than building a nest, but the low clearance means that they probably bang their heads a lot. They are known to inhabit golf courses, and balls that land close to them are immediately grabbed and taken underground, because they think it's an egg that needs protecting. Did I mention that they're not that bright? I presume they need to find a new home wh
  2. So true. When I was a kid in the 60's, I was taught that the dinosaurs died out 65 million years ago. Now I hear that it was 66 million. Damn, no wonder I feel old.
  3. Well, there's me, but I'm not normal. http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_X3lNYc1hcaE/TGsIJJpY3NI/AAAAAAAAAxU/_eQ28v8s8_U/s1600/232980-jar_jar_binks_large.jpeg
  4. We had a Ripple Rock in Canada, but we took care of that. Bring it, Vinnie, we're ready.
  5. I think it's the Williams Brothers Martin B-10. We've never seen Mo Vinnie and Dan Winfield in the same room. And I'm sure that mon-key is in cahoots with them.
  6. Moe Vinnie is. Fossilised, in fact.
  7. Abandon hope all ye who enter here...
  8. An interesting viewpoint from the members of ARC. The mystery why this thread was started may never be solved.
  9. Have they been nesting in your ears again?
  10. I believe that there is a Geneva Convention rule covering that. Might not be possible, let alone legal.
  11. As the thread title says, I'm looking for the correct grey to use on a KC-10 with the white over grey scheme. Thanks!
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