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  1. The Rat

    Starfighter experts needed

    Lots of information, thanks everyone. The 'what if?' I'm doing is looking pretty shabby, my first attempt at using metal foil. I'm probably going to take it all off and go with silver paint.
  2. The Rat

    Must be a rough town

    Georgetown, Ontario. Had to deliver something to a factory this afternoon. Don't want to know why they thought this sign was necessary.
  3. The Rat

    A Warning to Moai Vincent

    Moe Vinnie looks cold.
  4. The Rat

    Humbrol Maskol warning

    Found out that Maskol and Tamiya Fine White Primer do not play well together. This is what I found in a few places after peeling some Maskol off the other day:
  5. You don't kill spiders with canes. Everyone knows you use tactical nuclear weapons.
  6. The Rat

    A Warning to Moai Vincent

    Look on the bright side; the next facebook fiasco might take care of the problem. Or maybe Moe Vinnie is the next facebook fiasco.
  7. The Rat

    A Warning to Moai Vincent

    Then I shall ask again: Does the CoV have anyone near the antipodal point?
  8. The Rat

    A Warning to Moai Vincent

    Does the CoV have anyone near the antipodal point? Moai feet.bmp
  9. The Rat

    A Warning to Moai Vincent

    He was too stoned to read it. BWAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh man, I crack me up.
  10. The Rat

    Pregnancy test

    Then there was the guy who went to the doctor because of hemorrhoids. Got a prescription for some medicated suppositories. When he went back for his next visit the doctor asked him if they had worked. "No" he replied, "They tasted awful and for all the good they did me I might as well have shoved them up my butt".
  11. The Rat

    More washroom fun

  12. The Rat

    Great name for a town

    Tapeworm: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quaqtaq
  13. The Rat

    A Warning to Moai Vincent

    I think the good folks at Ingersoll Rand could help:
  14. The Rat

    And another sign

    In Barrie, Ontario. For those intimately familiar with the town, yes, in order to get this angle I did need to go in to the parking lot of the strip joint next door.
  15. I'm going to tempt him with banana brew, maybe we can use him against Moe Vinnie.