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  1. Very Big A s s?
  2. Thanks! My next entry will not look great, the decals didn't seem to want to apply even with a very liberal dose of Micro Sol.
  3. Landing would really be the fun part.
  4. Think I can remember when you would have said 'peeps'. You just ain't hip no more.
  5. I've heard that his backstory actually started in the infamous Star Wars Christmas Special. But if you think I'm going to sit through that just to confirm or deny, I have a bridge to sell you. Maybe two.
  6. Something that we may need to investigate... : Rongorongo -Hieroglyphs written with shark teeth from Easter Island, remain indecipherable Might just be recipes. pornography, bus schedules, or prescriptions, but any data is helpful.
  7. I know that some people work hard and long to hone their craft. Musicians work their fingers to the bone, painters study and experiment until they get it right, photographers will freeze for hours to get just the right shot. And some people just have a natural talent. They can pick up an instrument and play it by ear, make a few simple brush strokes and create something beautiful, or see the photo through the lens before they even click the shutter. And some of us ain't got NUTHIN"! I've been trying to make some dive flaps for a 'What if?' dive-bomber version of the Harvard. I'm using the old Airfix one, and figured I would use the old Airfix Dauntless flaps as a template. The Dauntless flaps are slightly wider in chord and span, but I figured to just use most of one row and then move down for the other two. Didn't work too well. Drilled out the sunken holes in the Dauntless flaps, taped my cut-off Harvard flaps onto them, and went to work. Did the first row, then just eyeballed the other two. BLECH! Even with a proper template like that it didn't look good, holes were all over the place. Oh, one row was fine, but the two others were horrid. Okay, try again. Nope. Alright, use the Dauntless flaps as a template for all three lines. Still came out higgledy-piggledy. $%&*#!!! Let's have another go, shall we? Use thinner sheet plastic, easier to work with, and start lining up and taping in place. Do the first line, remove the plastic, and use a ruler to draw two more lines, parallel to the first, and vertical lines to create a cross-hatch, and use that as a reference. Use a pin to create a guide hole at each +, that should work. Better, but it still looks like the proverbial dog's breakfast. So far I've blamed the tools, the kits, the cat (Well, she is evil), the neighbour's front lawn, two random cars driving by, a tailor in Andorra, various house plants, the bat boy for the Detroit Tigers, and my boss (He's worse than the cat). Is it me?
  8. Yep, that's my standard reply to questions like this. Tamiya Fine White Primer, can't beat it.
  9. He's stuck on the subway.
  10. Sure, they look imposing now, but the Japanese will just keep making them smaller and smaller. These seven moai figures are the world's only sanctioned replicas of the Easter Island originals.