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  1. You can't make this stuff up. We need a movie, really. Firefighters and clowns fight in a brothel, leading to the Toronto Police being disbanded for incompetence
  2. A bit like yours. I've taken a sabbatical from work, business is down about 40% anyway so they can get by without me. Spending a lot more time in the hobby room, but nowhere close to clearing the bench! Getting frustrated now that the weather is getting better, I would love to be out birding and canoeing, but a lot of access is blocked, for good reason. Good news for you on the pandemic front, let's hope we can get this blasted into oblivion!
  3. Easter for 'your' people? You're going to Hell for that claim. Save me a seat.
  4. The Ice Maintenence Workers Union, which represents NHL Zamboni drivers, is planning to fight back against plans that would see those drivers replaced by players from the Toronto Maple Leafs roster. NHL commissioner Gary Bettman has proposed that the Zamboni drivers replace the players, but that is not sitting well with them. "It's all about respect," said driver Sam Williamson, "How will I be able to go home and look my family in the face? My son's friends at school idolize him because of my job, now I'll have to worry about him getting bullied." As of yet no strike has been planned, but union sources indicate that job action could include using washroom urinal outflow in the maintenance process. "We feel it's appropriate, given the piss-poor way the Leafs have been playing lately", said the source, who doesn't want to be named. https://www.ctvnews.ca/canada/zamboni-driver-pulled-onto-ice-as-emergency-goalie-helps-hurricanes-beat-leafs-6-3-1.4823766
  5. Aaaand you just kinda lost track of time. 10 years worth!
  6. Whatever it is, you've been getting too many glue fumes judging by your greeting: Happy New Year to all ARC'ers. I have very positive feelings about 2010.
  7. I'm looking for roundels for the wartime Aeronavale, and I've seen some with the anchor on the roundels and some without. I'm wondering when they were added, or whether some had them and some didn't. This isn't critical, it just affects how much equine excrement might be needed for the back story.
  8. "Had the Navy not been beholden to Westinghouse..." Westinghouse. Killed more pilots than Erich Hartmann.
  9. All 1/72nd: CF-100, with options for all marks Avro C-102 Jetliner Supermarine Scimitar Hindustan Marut DHC Dash-7
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