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  1. Finished today is my Airfix Defiant NF1 in 1/72. This is the old kit moulded from 1964 and re-released with reprinted decals. I built it out of the box and added steel antenna's on the underside and the radio wiring on each side of the fuselage and underside. With the euphemism of "it is what it is". Added wing lights too. Enjoyable fun little build.
  2. Finally complete is my 1/35 Elefant Sd.Kfz.184 by Italeri. This depicts a late war vehicle of 653rd Heavy Panzerjäger Battalion in Germany. As many know, the Italeri kit is from the 70's and has some age related issues to be fixed, but perhaps the biggest difference was the addition of a metal barrel for the 88mm gun and metal tow plates. There are a few other add-ons to finish it all up, namely a home made flag, the addition of the Tamiya zimmerit, and the trees and broken logs on the front glacis plate. I very much enjoyed this build as it seemed to get better as it went on! (not alway
  3. Thank you, and corrected the designation.. (i knew that!) Cheers Adam
  4. Thanks re Tsukada. Another person told me today that they were active producers of kits as clones of other manufacturers. Adam
  5. Thanks Jeff. No issues. Cockpit is bare but the overall fit is very good, as was the weapons array. The decals were usable but just not what I wanted. I would build it again with no worries. Cheers - Adam
  6. Finally completed today is my 1/72 A-1H Skyraider in South Vietnamese markings from Tan Son Nhut, ca 11/1970. This is a kit by a brand I have never seen before called "Tsukada models" (kit # WP01) japanese origin. Anyway, the decals are Cutting Edge and overall it went together well. The kit decals were Ok, but not as good as the Cutting Edge. Any errors are mine. I always was curious about RVNAF machines, and wanted to find out more about Skyraiders - so I achieved two things at once (and also buy another A-1H for a future build). It was fun to do the SEA scheme and find out about th
  7. Hi all. Does anyone know if there is a current Scale Aviation Modeler International Index available any more? I recall a few years back that there was a gentleman who was keeping up with it, but that was the last I heard. I'd like to get a copy please if anyone has a (more) current version. Thank you. Adam
  8. Looks like I have a forum member sending me some scans. Thank you - what a great world we modelers can live in. Regards/Thanks to all readers : ) Adam
  9. Hi all. Does anyone have copies of the July & August 2014 editions of Model Aircraft Monthly? I've tried all the usual places with no luck for a hard copy, so I wanted to ask if anyone could scan the article called "Air Power Down Under" Part 1 (July?) and Part II (August). PDF or .jpeg is fine. Would very much appreciate the favour. I'll post if I get a positive response so as to update everyone. Thank you. Adam ca920@sbcglobal.net
  10. Just finished is my 1/72 P-40N ex. Hasegawa, built OOB except for seat belts and the antenna wire. As many know, this is quite an old kit, but I think it built up quite well. I especially enjoyed using my Grex TG on the paint job. Enjoy! - Adam
  11. scooter

    Fw-190 A-8/R-1

    Pics attached of my just completed Revell 1/72 FW-190 A-8/R-1. This is the old "Collectors Choice" ca. 1973. And what a kit it was! The kit came with three options, and I stuck with a hybrid of the R-1 (2x gunpacks) and U-8 to include the SC 250 bomb. I don't know a lot about the "Collectors Choice" series, but the box coincides with the very first releases of Matchbox and probably Frog with their multi-version and uprated new kit releases of the time. I enjoyed the build and followed the instructions as well as tried to salvage the decals too. Enjoy! - Adam
  12. Fantastic effort! Thanks for sharing and inspiring. Adam
  13. Maybe.. did some online searching..i thought the F-4 centerline was a little pointer at the rear end. Any other takers? or I'll go with that suggestion.. Adam
  14. Anyone have any ideas on this one? Adam
  15. Thank you everyone for the info. I have downloaded the items on Photobucket images. ...I wish someone with an Airwaves set would make a resin copy! Cheers Adam
  16. I had heard it was actually listed for a Q1/12 release, so that clears that up. So on the same note then, how accurate is the Fujimi 1/48 Wasp & Scout? Adam
  17. Thank you. Copy found! Good to go. ...now I just have to build it! Adam
  18. Hi all. I'm looking to get a copy of the article from the Scale Aviation Modeler Jan.79 edition, on the Westland Wasp conversion. Any feedback or effort very much appreciated. I assume its an Airfix 1/72 Westland Scout conversion or maybe a 1/48 Fujimi Scout to Wasp.. (not sure when they released the Fujimi Wasp). Thanks in advance. Adam
  19. Thanks - working literally on that build as I type this.. Will post updates. Adam
  20. Congratulations! Wonderful looking build. Adam
  21. Just finished today is my 1/72 Whippet Mk A tank, A347 "Firefly", of B Company, 6th Battalion Tank Corps in France early 1918. The kit decals were used from the EMHAR kit which depicts “Firefly” with a minor few inaccuracies. I built the speedy (8mph) tank out of the box, with the addition of the communications wire reel added to the front. Armament was four 0.303 in Hotchkiss Mk 1 machine guns, one covering each direction. As there were only three crewmen, the gunner had to jump around a lot, though often assisted by the commander. Always wanted to make one of these and gain an
  22. Hello - Not sure if I am behind the times on this, but has anyone heard of the early 1960's design called the Chevrolet "TUFI"? (Truck Utility Floatable Independent) I was reading about this recently, and it was interesting to say the least. Basically, an amphibious humvee type vehicle that never moved past the prototype stage. ...then I thought.. is there a model kit of this out there somewhere? (resin/cottage obviously) Any ideas/info on this? Adam
  23. ....and thats what friends are for. Man, that is one very sweet build. Congratulations! Adam
  24. Hi Gary - I have a sealed as new 1/72 Fujimi A-4KU in perfect condition. $22.00 plus postage in the US. Payment via Paypal. ca920@sbcglobal.net Adam
  25. Thank you. Nothing with those guys unfortunately. The aviapress site still mentions the $40.37. The hunt is on for a substitute - surely someone has one that is half that price, or these was a wheel which is similar. Anyway, all of the help is very useful. Adam
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