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  1. WTB 1/72 Fujimi Mig -21PF, interested in both the early and later versions Gary gmole@cox.net
  2. I have a A-4f/TA-4J, missing one of the stabs, the straight refueling probe as well as one of the single seat canopy
  3. Looking for 1/72 F-86 canopy, I can pay Gary gmole@cox.net
  4. All 1/72 scale Trumepter J-11B (missing 4 PL-8 missiles) $12 Cooperativa SU-9 $6 KP SU-7 (worn box, sealed sprues) $6 Hasegawa Mig-25 $5 Gary gmole@cox.net
  5. Now if only someone would release a F/J-7 in 1/72, Ugh
  6. In your opinion, was is the best brush on masking agent?
  7. FS 1/72 KP SU-7 and Cooperativa SU-9 $8 each or both for $20 shipped in the US Gary gmole@cox.net
  8. Frog BAC Lightning-complete but missing Saudi Decals $7 Heller Mirage IIIE R BA 5 Complete $7 Trumpeter J-11B Complete but missing PL-8 missiles $13 Gary gmole@cox.net
  9. WTB 1/72 Amodel SU-15 TM, anybody have one they are willing to sell? Gary gmole@cox.net
  10. All are 1/72 Warrior Models Nanchang Q-5 Vacuform $30 Heller Mirage III E/R 5 BA $7 Hasegawa Mig-25 $7 Italeri F-5A $12 PENDING Gary gmole@cox.net
  11. FS Warrior Models Nanchang Q-5 vacuformed kit, Kit is complete and comes with China and Pakistan Decals. $45 Shipped in the US Gary gmole@cox.net
  12. FS 1/72 Trumpeter J-11B. Kit is complete except for the 4 PL-8 missles. $22 shipped in the US. Intl add $10 Gary gmole@cox.net
  13. 1/72 PJ Productions Mirage III E/S Resin. The kit is complete but missing the decals. $40 shipped in the US, INTL add $10.00 Gary gmole@cox.net
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