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  1. This build rocks on so many levels, great job! So this might be kind of a weird question, but would you mind if I made a painting based off this build? Its been a while since I painted an aviation subject and this build really inspired me to get back to it. PM me if you have any questions.
  2. I saw that, but for some reason, I'm skeptical about something that I've only seen for sell on eBay.
  3. Is it just me or do these seats look a lot like Boba Fett?
  4. Awesome work! How can I get a copy of this?
  5. I can’t wait for the fyre festival style documentaries to come out about the AMK Tomcat.
  6. Awesome work! I really dig that the green and blue!
  7. There are no words to describe the quality of your work. Fantastic job!
  8. Thanks dudes! I really appreciate all the comments. JackMan - I weathered it in several layers over several sessions. The first thing I did was black base the gull grey. Then I used raw umber, burnt sienna, and mars black oil paints mixed in different combinations and thinned down and to a pretty watery consistency then built up layers by stippling with a stiff natural hair brush and blended out with a soft sponge with a little bit more thinner on it. Then once the oil paint fully cured after a few days I spot painted with acrylics. Be sure to let your oils fully dry before applying the acrylic since they dry at different speeds and can ruin your finish. Then I repeated the process until I had something that looked good to my eye. The key is to be subtle and work slowly. Navy jets don't get dirty in a day so it makes sense to me that the same should happen with a model. It's something that takes practice. Also references are just as an important tool as your paints. They set the guidelines for what you want to accomplish. It also helps that was I an art major with a focus on painting. -Xavi
  9. https://www.collingsfoundation.org/vmf-flight-experiences-flight-training-programs/ For a few grand more, I'd rather spend some time in the phantom that goes with the seat!
  10. AWESOME! Everything about this build rocks!
  11. Hey Nerds! This is my second Tamiya Tomcat and I can't stress how much I love this freaking kit. The decals are from none other than Furball Aero Designs VF-111 sheet. This was also my first use of Mission Model Paints and I highly recommend these paints if you use acrylics. Other aftermarket used was Verlinden ejection seats and Eduard Brassin wheels. -Xavi
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