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  1. Wow great job so far. This looks like a fun project that you could dump a lot of detail into. Great resources pics as well from Ray. As far as the picture with the two tone gray and primer, I know when I worked CH-47D's the sound proofing always covered up the roof of the cargo/cabin area but when we pulled the sound proofing down to do inspections it was always yellow primed from front to the back. Brock
  2. Wow Ray! Playing catch up here and it looks awesome! Brock
  3. After taking a long break from building models due to my second son being born and being really busy at Fort Rucker I'm back to glueing sprue. I thought I would make my first post back on the forum a training video from back in the day. We have all seen the classic photos of the very colorful UH-1's in training colors and now we can seen them in action on this old traing film, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rHfWPSBKYOc Brock
  4. Just tried to send you a PM and your inbox is full as well.
  5. Hey guys sorry about the inbox. I got swamped with PM's about buying the models. I have updated the list as to which ones were sold in the order in which I recieved the PM's and replys to the post. Brock
  6. Here is what I have left. All prices include shipping. Academy 1/48 Spitfire mk.14......$15 Tamiya 1/48 P-51B Mustang.....SPF Hasegawa 1/48 P-40N with aftermarket decals......SPF Tamiya 1/48 F-16C Thunderbirds block 32/52.....SPF Roden 1/48 OV-1A/JOV-1A Mohawk.....$15 Hasegawa 1/72 P-3C Orion.....SPF Testors 1/72 AC-130A.....$30 Hobby Boss 1/72 UH-34D....$15 Dragon 1/32 P-51D.....SPF Revell 1/32 AH-64A with Verlinden update set......SPF Revell 1/32 RF-4C Alabama ANG still sealed in wrapper......SPF All prices include shipping. Brock
  7. Ok here is a package deal. I have these items I want to sell as a package with SHIPPING INCLUDED!!!!! 1- Dragon 1/35th UH-1D. Some parts painted black. This was going to be a medevac bird. 2- UH-1H/V Aircraft Survivability Equipment resin sets by Fireball Modelworks 1- UH-1V medevac resin set by Fireball Modelworks. The hoist was modified to fit in the Dragon 1/35th UH-1D kit above. 1- Decal set of Maj. Bruce Crandall's UH-1D "Ancient Serpent 6" that he flew in Vietnam. Decals made by Fireball Modelworks. 2- Revell 1/32 UH-1D kits. One kit is for parts and not complete and the other kit i
  8. YES I know this is not under buy sell and trade. I figured I would post this here for the helo guys. I am selling the stash and this is the last helos I have. I am willing to make great deals. Shipping is included with these prices. Monogram 1/48 UH-1 Huey Hog.....$15 Revell 1/32 OH-6A.....SPF Hobby Boss 1/72 USMC UH-34D.....$20 Academy 1/35 OH-58D......$15 Skunkmodels 1/48th HH-60J Coast Guard.....SPF Dragon 1/35th OH-6A....SPF Italeri 1/48 CH-47D.....SPF Revell 1/32 AH-1G.....SPF Academy 1/48 CH-53E.....$45 MRC 1/35 UH-60L with eduard color IP....SPF Verlinden 1/32 AH-6
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