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  1. Between starting this in 2010 and getting married and having a baby...i have finally managed to complete this aircraft... i cannot remember what aftermarket i used, but should be ejection seats, folding wings, fuel tanks and decals... will probably be the last in a while.... hope you enjoy it as much as i did... sorry for the lousy photos was taken using a camera phone, which i could take better photos some day.
  2. Thanks guys! Base is scratched built using ice cream sticks and photo frame.
  3. Hi everyone, Been away for a bit so here is my completed 1/48 Hellcat.....never really did WWII planes and this is the first real attempt but anyway here is one that i finally decided to build. OOB built with scratch base and antennas. Figures and tractor from Tamiya... Thanks for looking... .
  4. nice painting ... surprised u didnt fill those big seams on the frame
  5. all are very well done..the phantom is exceptional!
  6. 1/48 F-15 E Operation Iraqi Freedom (Revell + Academy Mix) 1/48 F-16C 144th FW Carlifornia Air National Guard (Tamiya) 1/48 MIG 21MF Polish Air Force Swordfish (Academy) 1/48 A-4SU RSAF Super Skyhawk (Hasegwaw) 1/48 Su-27UB Russian Air Force (Academy)
  7. FInished a few models in 2010...but been on a long break for a while now... 1/48 F-16D Blk 52+ Hellanice Air Force F-16D (Hasegawa) 1/48 F/A-18E Super Hornet Tophatters 90th Anniversary Special (Hasegawa) 1/48 F-16C Artic Aggressor (Tamiya) 1/48 F-16C Flogger Aggressor (Tamiya) 1/48 F-16N Buno Adversary (Hasegawa) 1/48 F-15C 'Too Cool For School' Eagle (Hasegawa)
  8. Hi Qian, Thanks! She isnt armed to the teeth simply because i was lazy haha
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