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Found 3 results

  1. Hi there. Here's my very first 1/32 jet. Obviously for me, it had to be a Hornet. I chose the markings (or actually an approximation of) VMFA(aw)-224 as it appeared during 2005 deployment to Al Asad in support of OIF. Built it out of the Night Attack boxing, which I hoped would include some decals I could use for the scheme. I knew I would have to do some masking or such for some markings - the unit designation and such, but hoped I could at least have the Bengal crest as decals. In the end, I had to design and print all the decals, save for some stencils near the tailhook and slime lights. That was another first for me. Finding any reference turned out to be a bit of a pain, since the Bengals operated a tiger striped jet since at least 2002. And it isn't the same one 😉 Actually, Academy decal sheet had the correct BuNo, but it was repainted sometime before the 2005 deployment. I've read somewhere it had its center barrel replaced. Based on few photos I had, of which there were only 3 from Al Asad I traced the stripes onto my model. The rest - most signifcant - topside, was guesstimated based on the Academy paint callout and some pics. So much for accuracy. I used strictly model master and pactra paints. The only aftermarket I used were Legend seats, SAC landing gear and D-mold intakes, coupled with a pair of gbu-12's from Eduard. The seats were a must since in the box there are SJU-5/6's not the SJU-17's. SAC gear I had to use, since I broke the strengthening rod in the mlg. Intakes just looked nice, big plus for the perfect fit on the two part resin intakes. Gbu's were used, since that's what the jet carried usually. The Litening pod was from a 1/32 Sufa I hoped to build as a Polish AF F-16D. I've sold it since though. Not enough shelf space and such, though this has changed since then. All in all, a lovelly kit. Enjoyed every minute of it. If I were to do it again I would jump right in. Just would paint the darn thing dark gray, and then mask the stripes. Here's a short WIP: Sorry for not so stellar pics, it's the best I could do with a phone. And it shoots way better photos than my camera. It doesn't help that, as a 1/72 scale guy I just don't have the proper backdrop. I was really looking forward to that cockpit. In the end I'm not 100% happy with it. Frankly, I thought, that since I mostly do 1/72's It'd be a breeze to paint up that huge pit. Ah well. I was wrong.
  2. Hey guys, I'm looking for the Academy 1/72 scale F/A-18D Hornet, kit #12422. Has anyone out there got a kit or two for sale at a reasonable price? Must be complete (minus weapons) and unstarted. Don't need to be sealed. I will pay for shipping to Sweden, and prefer PayPal as payment option. TIA!
  3. I am missing the canopies and decals to the following kits: DML F/A-18D #4536 DML F-117A #9904 If you have any of these items please let me know. I am fine with aftermarket decals or decals from another kit too. Thanks, Lee
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