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I've just got home from SMW - it was an absolutely FANTASTIC weekend and I think our display was unbeliveable. We had a HUGE amount of interest all weekend.

Our original plan was 48' double depth (4') plus two missile silos from Alex Hunger. We ended up with (deep breath) something like 54' TRIPLE depth (6') and we STILL had stuff in boxes we couldn't put out for lack of space!

All in all we had around 350 models on display, ranging from Mike Robson's Bede BD-5 (smallest) to Bob Gamble's C-5A (largest) and from Phil Butler's F-47's (earliest) to Ted Bayliss's C-130J (latest).

Pictures will be up on the 2007 SMW page on the website as soon as I can get around to it!

Thanks to everyone who helped out - I think we did the USAF proud!

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The C-17 is the Combat vacform, the E-4 is the Transport Wings vacform and the C-5 is scratchbuilt (glass fibre fuselage and wooden wings). All built by Bob Gamble, a quite remarkable modeller ! (Apart from several other vacform and injection kits he also had on display a few other scratchbuilt models: KC-767 in Mildenhall markings, a C-22 and C-133).

I say Chris - you were quick getting those pictures up on the website !



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