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Well here goes. I'm going to try and do this old Thunderbird some justice. I'll pretty much be building OOB, but will be using Sword decals. I'm not the best with white gloss, but will tackle anyway.

This is a simple kit to put together, maybe 30 pieces. I have the plane glued up except the landing gear installed. Masked off, and ready for paint. Took maybe an hour to do this.


Next, all the decals are cut out, ready to apply when the paint is done. I believe there are as many decals, than there are parts to the actual kit. The decals from the Sword sheet look to be a little larger than what is actually needed on the airplane. Looks like alot of trimming is to come.


Will update again when paint is dry, and I start applying decals. Wish me luck with them! :salute:

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Slow progress on the decals. They are a nightmare! If you have a set of these Sword Thunderbird decals, my advice to you is throw them in the trash. They are breaking up everywhere. I had bought 2 sets from members here at ARC. They are very nice looking on the sheets, but shatter into a million pieces when applying them to the model.

The pictures don't really show this, but believe me it happened. I've had to do alot of paint touch-up on the red and blue. On to the pics.



Alot more headache ahead with the decals. Will post as I move forward.

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I'll take a guess and say your using the Fujimi kit???

I think that one is more like 1/50Th scale, aside from your decals cracking did they fit OK?


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