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  1. Julien (UK)

    1/35 AH-6J/MH-6J Little Bird Nightstalker figures

    Thx, I will have a look. I want these to be the same era as the figures in the other kit. Not sure what era that is I think its the 90s? Julien
  2. Hi, Does anyone make crew figures for these? I have one of the Kitty Hawk kits with figures, and one without. I would like to do both with figure so need the front crew members for the second kit. Thx Julien
  3. Julien (UK)

    Differences between the F-8E and F-8J Crusader ???

    Sad to hear of Tom's passing he was a great help to me on a couple of Crusader projects in the past and it was always good to correspond with him Julien
  4. Julien (UK)

    US navy walking fighter pilots by reedoak

    These look good. Julien
  5. Julien (UK)

    Civilian Skyhawk decals?

    Two Bobs do 48-243, BAe A-4Ns flying in Germany. http://www.twobobs.net/contents/en-us/d5_01.html
  6. Julien (UK)

    Midway Crusaders?

    Pretty hard to find these days, as is the cobra one, and with that you have to re-profile the nose yourself. Muroc models do a nice set which is available.
  7. Julien (UK)

    Fisher RF-8 Conversion

    Yes there was the maintrack and C&H conversions in 1.48, both challenging in there own way, and a War Eagle? Vac form. I have both the C&H and Maintrack conversions. Decals are very hard to find also in 1.48 if you dont want to use the ones in conversions. My Maintrack one has stalled for a while now as I dropped it and it fell apart! Yes that front part is sold resin!! I decided to get the Fisher conversion as I managed to get the kit for a complete steal, otherwise, kit + conversion + decals starts to get very expensive. Not to leave any scales out I also made one a few years ago in 1.72.
  8. Julien (UK)

    Fisher RF-8 Conversion

    This is the size I have; I have a note which lists the photo credit to Vought, not sure might be a USN picture? Julien
  9. Julien (UK)

    Fisher RF-8 Conversion

    Thx Steve, does not look like anyone has started one yet. As for being the first
  10. Julien (UK)

    Fisher RF-8 Conversion

    Has anyone started / finished one? Just got mine and its top quality, just dont want to stuff it up. JUlien
  11. Long shot looking for an Azimut 1/35 AMX-30D Armoured recovery version of the AMX-30. Jullien
  12. I think you do them a disservice there. They had the F-5 ready to go but were beaten to the punch by Kinetic releasing theirs. They took the descsion to offload the project and conetrate on other things. Having actually got the kit from Tiger hobbies it is not bad at all. I think this one is further ahead than just CAD renders, they have played it fairly close to their chests probably to avoid a repeat of the F-5 issue. I know they have a wish list of kits to produce, but then so do a lot of comapnies. Julien
  13. Julien (UK)

    Bad News Again!!

    Sorry to hear this, I had a few conversations with Chris and he seemed a genuine guy, product was always first class as well. Julien
  14. Julien (UK)

    MB Mk7 USAF

    Any of these any help?
  15. Julien (UK)

    F-8E to a C

    Cheers for re-posting those Pics. I must admit it was easier in 1/72 than it will be in 1/48. Julien