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A Chinese mutant ninja turtle in Sudanese colours

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Hi Guys,

I reckon no one here is from Sudan. So, here goes...

May I drag an uncompleted mutant MiG from last year's MiG GB into the fray?


I picked up the vacuform kit (Made in Mexico) in South London about almost 20 years ago. The donor kits (for parts) were even more ancient KP and Heller kits I found in a Singapore LHS last year.

For the sexier bits...


The decals were actually meant for F-5E/F. It is the cheapest sheet currently on the market with the tiny Sudanese roundel (third line from bottom left). I need the correct roman and arabic numbers.

The resin cockpit set is from Pavla and meant for the KP kit. The Pavel MiG-19 IP seemed a reasonable approximation of the A-5C IP in this scale. I'll probably need to adapt it for the vacuform Q-5 fuselage.

I also bought the PE set from Extratech (meant for the much superior Bilek kit) as well as an old fashioned whitemetal MB Mk10 seat from Aeroclub.

So, I thought I had more than enough ingredient to build a Sudanese A-5C...

I was wrong!



This was exactly how far I got to last year before other things in life intervened.


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Hi there,

I remember this from the MiG GB, I am a huge fan of the Sudanese A-5s, they have a very interesting camouflage scheme. I hope you are able to find the pics necessary for the camo.

I wish you all the best with this project and will be very interested to see how it goes together.

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