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Santos Dumont Demoiselle

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We received the etched frets today for the Cayley Glider, Fokker Spin and SD Demoiselle.

The first design for the Demoiselle fuselage did not fold as well as it might, but this second version has worked well - 10 minutes to fold and assemble the fuselage. It is a tiny model - wingspan is around 3 inches/76mm.

Anyway here are a few photos:

The etched brass fret:


The etchmate with fuselage being folded - the magnifying glass is a great help!


The assembled fuselage:


Two views of the fuselage with wing attached (please excuse my shadow on bottom of the photos!).



More as it progresses.


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UPDATED 24 Jan 2011

It looks a lot better with the empennage added - I photographed it on the laptop keyboard to show the size of it!

So here are two photos of it, I only have to wait for the CAD parts now!




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We had an email yesterday telling us thath the masters for the cast metal parts are with a courier and we should have them this afternoon (Thursday, 10 Feb 2011). I design the parts using CATIA, then send 'stl' or 'igs' files to a rapid prototyping house, where they are made using stereo lithography.

So with a bit of luck we will have the next three Historic Wings kits out in the next week or two (Cayley glider, Fokker Spin and S D Demoiselle.

We are already planning future kits and the next three should be the Bleriot XI 'Le manche', Curtiss-Ely, and one of Otto Lilienthall's gliders.

If anyone has any suggestions for future subjects please send us an email - the address is on our web site.


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