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Off I go with my Kinetic EA-6B! Most folks know what the box looks like, so I didn’t take a picture. No aftermarket whatsoever for this yet, so no layout shot with all of the resin and decals in a nice array. I may add resin seats, but I’d also like to add a crew, and if I do I’ll just strap them into the kit seats. No idea on the markings. I’m looking for lo-viz markings with some style. Ideas, anyone?

Starting with the inner wings, I noticed that the top surface of the wing is not keyed to the fuselage side for a positive fit, so I took steps to align and strengthen that joint. I am planning to join the inner wings to the fuselage halves before the halves went together, so I cut a hole in the wingroot of each fuselage half. This will enable me to get the wing attached but not the top edge, align the top surface of the wing properly, glue it, and then lock it in place from inside with some super glue and sheet plastic. Overkill? Maybe. Okay, yes.


And here’s the mating of the inner wings with the fuselage. You can see the inside surfaces of the wing. No, I'm not gonna find photos of the EA-6B wing spar and build a replica.


Incidentally, I found a great set of Prowler wingfold detail shots on Hyperscale, in the context of a review of the Cutting Edge wingfold detail set. In case you want 'em, here's the URL: http://www.kitreview.com/reviews/prowlerwi...dreviewrk_1.htm

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