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Revell 1/32 Tornado with Flightpath Detail set

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Welcome to the lesson on how not to build the Revell Tornado.

I've taken the plunge and started my first build thread, don't expect regular updates, because I don't have nearly enough time to devote to modelling as I'd like to :( But, I will endeavour to see this through to the end, this may result in a finished model or a pile of plastic lying at the bottom of the wall it's just been launched at. :D

Any hoo, as the title suggest's here's what I'll be using,


Closer look at the Flightpath set,


Where I'm at to date


It'll be converted to a GR4, and if I can find current pictures of a GR4 cockpit, will be bang up to date.

Scratch building anything not included in the Flightpath set, at least until my talent runs out.

As for the finished markings, I've not decided, But as I live not too far away from Lossiemouth, It will be one of the local Squadrons. 15sqn would be nice but I'd have to make the markings myself, or the easier route 617sqn, using the kit decals but incorperating any changes needed to make a Grey jet.

Any encourgement and pointers gratefully recieved

Thanks for looking


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Sorry there hasn't been much in the way of update on this build, between work, the garden and holidays, i haven't had much time for modelling, so here is my progress over the last 6 months condensed into one post, take a deep breath.....

I've made some progress with the ejector seat (I keep telling myself that the second one will just fall together)


The one thing I could really do with is a decent picture of the ejector seat headbox, as the one that FP gives you looks a bit big.


I'm finding that my eyesight isn't what it used to be, despite not needing glasses I find it very difficult to focus on the small parts, quite how I managed the last time I used a FP set about 10-15 years ago I don't know!

I also forgot that I have some other goodies for this project.




I also have a boarding ladder somewhere too, but I can't find it

Here's a couple of pic's of the Cockpit thus far,




It's just a work in progress, I've fitted it in to the Fuselage halves to see how it looks, with a view to gauging how much additional detail i can incorparate.

However, I've had enough of the cockpit for the moment, and have decided to have a bash at the Flightpath Flaps and Slats set, my logic is that this has the most potential for me to make a hash of and waste any work that went before it.

I've started with the Flap bays,this pic is one of the main flap bays seperated from the fret and cleaned up


For anyone familiar with Flightpath etched sets, you'll probably be aware of the "push-through rivet detail.

During, you can see the "tool" I used in the backround, a short piece of stainless steel TIG welding rod sharpened to point.


And the result, lovely raised rivets.


This is where i am as of now.


I've folded the flap bay and also folded the flap guides, I've then sat the guides in position to see how it looks, I don't know if there are any of you who have used this set and can comment, but i think the top surface needs to bend down a bit more to match the slope of the guides.

Anyway I think thats it for now, see you all in another 11 months.



Apologies for the Photo's, I'm afraid they're only off my phone.

Thanks for again for looking

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How's the quality of the Scale Aircraft Conversion landing gear? I'm choosing between this on and the G-Factor model for my F14 in 1/48

I can't comment on any other than the Tornado landing gear, but the casting is OK, what you basically get is a direct copy of the kit parts, which i would have thought was a bit naughty, but hay ho.

At least it gives us a stronger undercarriage.


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Small update.

I've made a start on the flaps that will go into the Flap bays seen above, each flap is made up from 11 parts!!!


This is how far I've got!! I can see this is going to be a slow process, each "rib" is made out of 2 pieces, I've decided to solder the joins for more strength, I've then soldered the 2 ribs onto the lower part of the flap.


There are another 2 "inner ribs" that locate in the slots seen in the upper part of the flap, the front edge then needs to be curved down in between the 2 outer ribs, but this is where I'm scratching my head a bit.

I need to get something I can get uniform curves into the upper flap to follow the contuors of the ribs, I've ordered a "Brass assist roller set" so once that arrives I'll give it a try, hopefully it will do the job.

Thanks for looking, and again sorry for the poor photos and the glacial pace.


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I have some photo's of the flaps deployed as well as the GR4 pit,If you send me your E-Mail address,I can send them over to you.

I'm also an Ex RAF Tornado Armourer so if you need any pointers just ask.The headbox on the GR4 is completely different to the GR4 & the FP one in your photo's looks like the old GR1 version & too big.

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I have some photo's of the flaps deployed as well as the GR4 pit,If you send me your E-Mail address,I can send them over to you.

I'm also an Ex RAF Tornado Armourer so if you need any pointers just ask.The headbox on the GR4 is completely different to the GR4 & the FP one in your photo's looks like the old GR1 version & too big.

Yeah Spike, I thought the headbox looked a bit big :deadhorse1: , unfortunatly I'm having trouble finding detailed photos of the NVG headboxes, If you have some or links too, they would be greatly appritiated.

The book "Panavia Tornado. The Tornado IDS/ECR (Luftwaffe) in the 21st Century" is a fantastic book, it really goes into the most incredible detail, the only downside is that as the title suggests it concentrates on the German Tornado. So any idiosyncratic differences of the GR tornado are missed.



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Few areas that Revell got wrong;

1-Weapon Pylons;

Don't fit the sway braces to the wing & belly pylons,the RAF jets use a MACE "Minimum Area Crutchless Ejector" arrangement where the sway braces are part of the HDERU inside the pylon,so just fill in the notches moulded onto the pylon.

The are also fairings on the front & rear weapon points on the belly pylons.

2-Rear Fusalage;

Revell have ommited the APU exhaust on the right side between the wing & tailplane

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