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    I must say the last few years have kind of left me not wanting to do one of the most satisfying hobbies I've ever come across for 1 thing or another. I recently have had some things in my life change, some good some bad, but I take it as life lessons. You learn from your mistakes, keep trudging on and soon enough things will look brighter, guess what????????? It's true!!!!! I now have a great paying job, with benefits, I have a beautiful lady at my side and now we have started talking about having a family. Thank you guys for always welcoming me back into the fold, your my second family and I wouldn't trade a single one of you for a million bucks, ok well maybe a $1,000,001.....hehe kidding!

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  1. WOW, Benner its always been a pleasure watching your builds come to life. Cant wait to see her all finished up!
  2. Looking forward to this build as the Crusader is one of my favorite 2nd gen fighters. Cant wait for more updates, keep em coming!
  3. Those are very good pics of the HARM. Marcel, do you have a list of reference pages to find info online, or do you just "search engine" it?
  4. Well having the AGM-88's even a light gray would be the 1st time Ive ever heard of them being that color. Thats a lot of HARMs that are painted the wrong color!
  5. Woody fantastic job blending those grills and vents. I am not big on 1/72 scale, but do you happen to know if they makes those for the Testors 1/48 scale Blackbird? Either way, your making this thing look more beautiful every update, keep it up!
  6. Still working on a few panel lines and rivets before closing up fuselage as a dryfit has suggested that the airframe may be a little too "squishy" since theres not a lot of internal bracing and would really hate to ruin a seam that Ive gotten rid of.
  7. Very interesting. Cant wait to see this come together.
  8. Very nice looking. How much will be seen when she is closed up?
  9. That is very sharp looking. A question I have. Will the clear rod be permanently affixed or will you be able to roll the plane one way or the other? Sorry one other question, how heavy is your wood base? I would just be afraid that the bird that far off the center would make it tip!
  10. Very nice. I on the other hand am very fond of the modern and cold war era Russian and Soviet aircraft. Will look in on this build with much enthusiasm......keep up the great work!
  11. WOW, what a really unique looking plane. The old cold war soviet bombers were always very cool looking, but not many to chose from in the modeling world. Where can I get my hands on one of these?
  12. WOW, very sharp, clean, and crisp panel lines! Fantastic work.
  13. Very nice paint job. Love your process!
  14. WOW, its always a treat to see youve posted more in progress updates. Cant wait for the next one, keep it up!
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