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  1. In my opinion it is just a build up of condensed water, but i can't help but thing the shipping cost would have been lower if they'd emptied the tank first!!! Mike
  2. Yeah Spike, I thought the headbox looked a bit big , unfortunatly I'm having trouble finding detailed photos of the NVG headboxes, If you have some or links too, they would be greatly appritiated. The book "Panavia Tornado. The Tornado IDS/ECR (Luftwaffe) in the 21st Century" is a fantastic book, it really goes into the most incredible detail, the only downside is that as the title suggests it concentrates on the German Tornado. So any idiosyncratic differences of the GR tornado are missed. Cheers Mike
  3. Small update. I've made a start on the flaps that will go into the Flap bays seen above, each flap is made up from 11 parts!!! This is how far I've got!! I can see this is going to be a slow process, each "rib" is made out of 2 pieces, I've decided to solder the joins for more strength, I've then soldered the 2 ribs onto the lower part of the flap. There are another 2 "inner ribs" that locate in the slots seen in the upper part of the flap, the front edge then needs to be curved down in between the 2 outer ribs, but this is where I'm scratching my head a bit. I need to get something I
  4. Some lovely work you've got there. I'm going to be watching with interest. Well Done Mike
  5. I can't comment on any other than the Tornado landing gear, but the casting is OK, what you basically get is a direct copy of the kit parts, which i would have thought was a bit naughty, but hay ho. At least it gives us a stronger undercarriage. Mike
  6. Sorry there hasn't been much in the way of update on this build, between work, the garden and holidays, i haven't had much time for modelling, so here is my progress over the last 6 months condensed into one post, take a deep breath..... I've made some progress with the ejector seat (I keep telling myself that the second one will just fall together) The one thing I could really do with is a decent picture of the ejector seat headbox, as the one that FP gives you looks a bit big. I'm finding that my eyesight isn't what it used to be, despite not needing glasses I find it very difficult
  7. Great start, I'll be watching this one. Mike
  8. Good to see you making a start on a new project, Your previous builds are the stuff of legend. Previously I've been playing catch-up with your In-progress builds, so it's good to get in at the beginning and watch this one evolve. Good luck. Mike.
  9. I like that a lot, nicely done. Mike
  10. Very Nice, I've always had a soft spot for the Scooby. Mike
  11. Nice start,I'll be watching with interest. Mike
  12. Hi, There is a really good Magazine here in the UK called "Truck Model World", they also have a website with a forum, althought I havn't been on it. Linky Hope this helps Mike
  13. Hi Welcome to the lesson on how not to build the Revell Tornado. I've taken the plunge and started my first build thread, don't expect regular updates, because I don't have nearly enough time to devote to modelling as I'd like to :( But, I will endeavour to see this through to the end, this may result in a finished model or a pile of plastic lying at the bottom of the wall it's just been launched at. :D Any hoo, as the title suggest's here's what I'll be using, Closer look at the Flightpath set, Where I'm at to date It'll be converted to a GR4, and if I can find current pictures
  14. Thanks for all the replies so far. I think I'm leaning toward getting the Trumpeter F-14D model, The reason I asked in the first place is the missus gave me some money for our anniversary to buy a "Model"(she got a sparkly girly thing in case you are wondering), and I fancied getting a 1/32nd Tomcat, maybe I just need to wait until I'm sure which one to go for before spend the cash Geedubelyer, what you've done with Tamiya version is nothing short of outstanding Thanks again for the replies Mike
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