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  1. Thx guys! That's just a big sheet of white cardboard. Now taking pics of a finished 1/32 Flanker... that's a challenge Marcel
  2. Thx for following and supporting throughout this build! Marcel
  3. And here she is. Apologies for not showing the final steps, I just wanted to get 'er done at this point. Also, I'll be taking better pics once it gets warmer outside, I like to take outside-lighting photos but if I take the model outside right now all the etch pieces will jump off.
  4. The truck-sized gap in the comparison imo is the lack of photo showing what is trying to be recreated. But as others have said, it could be one tool of many to use if the actual subject of the model has such an appearance (certainly no jet I have ever studied & modelled has a pre-shading or black-basing weathering pattern). A fundamental shortcoming in the black-basing and pre-shading techniques, if used in isolation, is that the discoloring effect is always just a darker shade of the "main" color, which is of course not the case on real aircraft. Marcel
  5. GREAT sheet, will definitely order! Marcel
  6. Thx guys! Ha, I sure do! On the Growler kit, even things you just don't think could ever be a challenge, like the reclining angle of the seat matching the corresponding angle in the cockpit tub, turn out to be little adventures. Not on this Tamiya gem. I really like the Heater-Ferris scheme plus it's nice to do the ultimate Navy/Marines Phantom version, so the J build has turned into this build. I will be using almost all the work I did for the J on this S, apart from the corrected MERs. Here is a good overview of the Heater-Ferris scheme on VMFA-112. I will be doing "03" and not "04", there are minor differences on the camo boundaries between the two. And as noted above, I believe the color designations are slightly off on the above drawings (should be FS35109, FS35164, FS36307 & FS36375 from left to right in the top view), including the colors of the intake-side stars & bars and intake warnings (should be FS36307 and not FS36375 at least for "03"). In other Phantom news, I really like what Scale Aircraft Modelling did with their March cover: Since it's my Chico I'm very partial to the cover anyway, but the SAM guys very much make things come alive imo. :cheers:/>/> Marcel
  7. Here is the opening of my next project, a Heater-Ferris Phantom! Here is the exact aircraft I will be building... although I will load her up heavily with the LAU-10's and Mk.20's as already prepared in my now defunct F-4J build. There are some nice pics on the web showing VMFA-112 jets flying with live Mk-82's to the bomb range, so I think it's not too much of a stretch to really load this F-4 up. Key to the project will be the GT Resin conversion set, I will be covering the application of this in some detail. Before starting construction, I thought I'd start a little storm in a teacup by hypothesizing that much of the common knowledge of Heater-Ferris F-4S colors is somewhat wrong. Here is what I mean (original pic is from Wikipedia and has no apparent copyright): I have spent many, many hours looking at Heater-Ferris Phantom pics and at this stage am pretty sure of the above, that is that the "mirror image" of the standard F-4 Heater-Ferris scheme used slightly darker blue-grays (the lighter gray are consistent). Much more to follow. :cheers:/>/> Marcel PS I will finish the Growler just as soon as I get back home, stuck in the mountains with bad weather right now...
  8. https://fightersweep.com/4067/oregon-air-national-guard-IFBUCf-15s-to-deploy-to-finland/#prettyPhoto/0/ Pretty cool! Marcel
  9. Very cool project, the loadout is going to look really interesting. I'll be following this for sure. Marcel
  10. Really nicely done! Marcel
  11. Here are some quick closer views of the cockpit. Marcel
  12. John, she is coming along very nicely. Great to see some camo paint on her, love your choice of Tomcat topic. Couldn't agree more. Marcel
  13. Thx Chuck! Yes, cannot wait to move on to the next project now. The Growler will be the better model, because I added more detail to the cockpit on this build and the stance of the model is 100% spot on. I also just like the finish on the model, it looks absolutely real (probably not captured that well on photography). I have complained quite a bit about this Trumpeter kit (as we both do about TRumpeter kits <_< ), but three things that Trumpeter has done well are (1) Good shape accuracy (2) Nice panel lines and (3) Really sturdy landing gear that results in a perfect model stance when completed (a major weakness of the Academy kit). It's taken a huge amount of work to get this far, I'd like to do a F/A-18E at some point but cannot see myself doing another Trumpeter Super kit, I really hope the forthcoming Revell 1/32 F/A-18E will be to the standard that Revell used to make kits (and not like the horrible EF-2000). Anyhow, next up with be that Heater-Ferris F-4S Marcel
  14. Thx Chek! For the Typhoon intake mesh, my only advice is to use a brand new blade when cutting the Eduard mesh to fit the intake... and make sure the first cut is perfect, since you don't get a second chance. For the F-4S, I'll PM you. The reason for going for a VMFA-112 jet is that first of all I want to load it up with some serious AG loadout, VF-301 seems to pretty much never have carried AG while there are some nice pics out there of late-life VMFA-112 F-4S's heading to the range with live bombs. I also prefer the mirrored Heater-Ferris scheme that VMFA-112 had (same as VF-302), the darker of the blue/grey colors are relatively darker (FS35164 & FS35109) so that the scheme is in my opinion even nicer. I think I have the project pretty much under control at this point, just need to have the custom decals made. Marcel
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