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  1. Hi I might have what you're looking for. Send me a PM as I'm not home and will definitely forget it if you don't remind me 😉 Alex
  2. Very impressive work Lucio!! Can't await to see your Tomcat finished. How about an early VF-1 aircraft?
  3. Another awesome masterpiece!!!! Congratulations Chuck!!!
  4. Keep going Lucio...it really looks great!! Have you tried the beaver tail yet? I have always had a feeling that it looks weird. There is a hard kink between the top-aft fuselage part and the beaver tail part and that just doesn't look right. Alex
  5. NIIIIIIIIIICE!!!! Great build and your posts make it tougher and tougher for me to resist spending 80€ for the set 😉 Found one on the net, but 80€ plus the donor kit...plus a loooot of effort. And I don't know if I can make that beauty justice.
  6. Oh boy...as much as I love the Hasegawa kit, but the intakes are just a pain in the back. Keep it going Lucio! Great job so far!!!
  7. Awesome Dave!!!!! Thanks for sharing all the info!! I didn't want to rob the main blades from my Italeri kit, but now I will convert it to Griffon...just have to get me the Belcher Bits set now 😋
  8. Great project...would love to have an RF-8
  9. Great job Brian!!! The paint scheme is awesome, but the pilot makes it an eye-catcher
  10. I can see all pictures now. Fantastic job Elmo!!!
  11. Great to see you back Elmo!!! Unfortunately I can't see any of the pics. Don't know if anybody else can. Alex
  12. Good job again Lucio!!! I enjoy every update and I like the big pictures and your exact explanation of your steps.
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