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  1. Great news, Elmo!! I haven't been to the forums for a long time, but it's always great receiving an email about an update of your build. Alex
  2. Fantastic Elmo, absolutely fantastic...as usual! I haven't been online here for a while, but every time I receive a notification that you posted an update, I'm immediately on the PC. It'd been a pleasure to follow from the beginning! Alex
  3. Fantastic work Elmo!!!! Your work leaves me speechless each time...WOW!!!
  4. Hi Brent, I might have a canopy for you. Please send me a PM so I won't forget to take a look when I'm home. Alex
  5. Hi Lucio, I might have what you're looking for. Send me a PM as I'm currently not at home and will most probably forget it Alex
  6. I might have what you're looking for. Which part numbers are they? I think I know what you mean, but just to be sure.
  7. Happy New Year Elmo! As usual...not a huge progress, but a great looking one!!! Stay safe! Alex
  8. This is another stunning update Elmo!!!
  9. Yeah, I thought about that, too 😁
  10. It says that it will be a re-release of the G/GS version. Back in 2002 it had both sets of blades
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