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Well Guys,

After 6 years, I have finally begun working on building a replica of the aircraft that I fly on... :D

I actually took these photos a few months ago, and just downloaded them from my camera. Originally, this project was going to be a simple version without opening doors or interior details.


After seeing Gerald from Hawkeye's Squawkbox utilize thread and a Flex-i-file frame to open up doors, I thought I would give it a try. The recessed panel lines were scribed through with a scribing tool. The corners required a little extra help with an X-acto knife.




The process went pretty smoothly with the exception of the rear clam shell doors. They had raised panel lines, and were a little more complicated. I made a small mistake with one side, but it should be easily correctable with a little Evergreen stock and some sanding... Keep in mind that the the doors are all loosely held in place with bits of tape just to see what they will look like. I am looking for a way to replicate the door hinges without having to buy the complete Renaissance EC-145 PE kit. I have some friends who have been working on the graphics for the standard "Air Methods" paint scheme. Accurate factory colors can be purchased from Scale Finishes. Will post more updates as progress is made... Thanks for looking!


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You're more brave than I am when it comes to cutting things open. Way to go!

Regarding the LifeNet decals. I have the med cross finished, just need to do the red stripe which will take some laying out and playing with to get close. Worst case, Tim Bradely can knock it out easily. He has way more experiance than I do and he does some kicken work.

I look forward to following your build.



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