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Tamiya 1/32 F-4E Kicked up a notch

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I cannot add any superlatives to those already added, other than to say truly inspirational!

The phantom being my all time favourite a/c having grown up watching 29 sqn "tombs" from RAF Coningsby and hawks, jaguars, etc. tearing up the valleys of Wales and the Pennines (England).

After a 20-year gap between any serious modelling projects (just modelling odds and ends, a family, career and move to the other side of the world in between) your work has now motivated me to start again and contribute some work. Just need to decide where to start!

All the best for for the June competition - I know where my vote would go.

Thank you for the fascinating posts and informative photos!

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:jaw-dropping: :jaw-dropping: Geeez Chuck.....I must say that there may.....just may be others who are as good at weathering as you are, but here and now I swear by all the modeling gods that be....THERE ARE NONE BETTER!!!

This one of the best Phantom builds here or anywhere else, all ya need to do now is wire it with F/O for night displays like that one guy from France or Belgium.

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I feel like I'm late to the party but WOW!!!.....so much to take in that I'll be returning to these photos again and again for inspiration!

Brilliant work Chuck, judges be damned! :coolio:/>

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Thanks Guys. After a whole year, I thought this thread was buried forever.

Well,this is a TRUE masterpiece Chuck!!!I like it and i love it!The Phantom is on my top five best fighters,ever! When you do a Tomcat?

Been there, done that- a couple of times. Sorry for the crappy pics...



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