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  1. oh man, this is a beauty. flawless paintwork. gotta love it !
  2. This is my F/A-18E Super Hornet by revell. Bought it for a low amount of money. It's not a bad kit. I just had some trouble with the decals , especially on the vertical stabilizers. They're nearly invisible, don't know why. I followed the federal standard colour schemes for the hornet. Anyway, the weathering was the hotspot for me. No panelline preshading anymore. Instead of this, black basing and a extensive use of oilwashes. Just trial and error and see what's in the end. So, at the end, i'm not 100% pleased with the result becaus of the decals. And now , time for bashing.
  3. This is finished, more in the display case.
  4. Hi modellers ! Anotherone is leaving the bench. This Revell's Rafale C. In my opinion, one of the beautiest modern jets. I like french jets. Built out of the box with exception of the intake covers. A really good kit for a low price. I decided to keep the weathering very simple , cause the french airforce keeps them pretty clean. The model is painted with gunze and ak metal colours. Have fun !
  5. After a long abstinece from the bench, i want to show you my latest finished model. Build to get back to refresh the skills after a looong break because of serious health issues and watching the kids grow up 😍 But now, everthing is fine and i'm back on the bench. This is the Hasegawa F-15D, built straight out of the box except the ACMI-Pod, some antennas and the Aires resin nozzles. Painted with paints by mr. paint and mr. hobby. Hope you like it.
  6. final washing is applied and it's coming close to the end.
  7. Washing is on, i wanted to keep it very simple. Original images showing the french air force rafales relativley clean. So i just pronounced the panellines and some light dirt on the surface. All done by thinned mig panel line wash.
  8. thank you, yeah everythings good. cancer is a bit** one word: yes 😀
  9. Wheels attached, main colour painted, some detail painting like position lights etc... now clear coat, decaling and some oil paint weathering.
  10. 2000 L fuel tanks finished Intakes were covered with foil.. there is no first burner stage, you can see right through. The main assembly goes straight forward. Then applied mr.surfacer and marble coat.
  11. After long absence due to heavy sickness, i'm back on the bench. I started to build revell's Rafale C. Started with the bomb racks and the gbu's. then the mica ir-seeking missiles Cockpit and seat finished
  12. The pilots look awesome !! Fantastic work man !
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