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  1. This Red Hawks Eagle sure has a lot of red on it Ken. :lol: Another good looking Eagle from you.
  2. Wow, I really like this model! I also never even knew it could carry HARM missiles. Clean and nice panel lines lines gets a big
  3. Incredibly good and detailed build! Big
  4. Seeing more and more of these Black Eagles and I like it!
  5. Nice Stinger. I bet they could probably use something like this today to supplement the Spookys.
  6. Good job on these unique looking fighters especially the panel lines. I like the in flight one the best.
  7. The distant pics makes this model look small. :lol: Like the camo on it.
  8. Looks like this Corsair killed a lot of camels! :lol:
  9. Nice markings on this build.
  10. Very sharp looking Strike Eagle build!
  11. Impressive seeing those bombs on this big Slam Eagle.
  12. It looks good to me. :)
  13. Big to this clean blue nose Mustang.
  14. Along with the Polish Vipers, the Chilean Viper colors and scheme is my other all time favorite Vipers. Big
  15. Well done!