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1:72 A-7E Corsair II by Hobbyboss

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This is the Hobbyboss A-7E Corsair II with decals from ADM, representing a bird from Desert Storm of the VA-72. I have to thank my buddy Thorsten Wieking for giving me the decals for free, thanks, Thorsten! I wanted to build a battle worn, "dirty" bird and the decals that came with the kit didn´t had any "grey" versions. Only older ones with the white belly.

The build was pretty straight as usual with this kit (it´s my third one, after a EA-7L and a A-7A), I only added a pilot from Revells modern pilots set, two MK-20 Rockeyes from Revells F-15E and two AGM-88 Harm from Revells F-16.




Pilot with chocolate chip camoflage on the helmet:



Fully loaded:





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Great job on the A-7E .

I have quite a few Hobbyboss A-7 kits in my stash , I haven't built any of them as yet . It does sound like they go together quite well

The markings on your build Hajo look awesome .

Well done .

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They are a real pleasure to build, that´s why I did three within a year. They have some detail issues, though, like missing pitot tubes. But they look good enough like the real one, so I´m happy.


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