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October Wolfpak Releases

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Heres whats on the October release from Wolfpak Decals. As usual the cost is $17.00 per sheet. One sheet is devoted to aircraft and a missile of SAC and the other once again is a compilation sheet with a variety of subjects.

Sheet 72-064 The first subject is a B-58A from the 43rd BW with special markings for the 1969 SAC Bomb and Nave Competition. Note that they even painted white walls on the tires. The second subject although not in 1/72 scale (approximately 1/81) is a SM-62 Snark missile from the 702nd SMW at Presque Island Maine. The next subjects are a venerable C-45G and a T-38. The C-45 from 817h Air Div. At PeaseAFB and the Talon from 9th SRW at Beale. Two B-47Es round out the sheet with one from the 305th BW at Bunker Hill (later Grisson) AFB with the wing tanks outer surface painted in day-glo orange and the second bomber with the earlier paint scheme that used more anti-flash white paint from 303rd BW, Hells Angels at Davis-Monthan AFB.

Sheet 72-065 The sheet starts off with a AH-1W of HMLA 467. A RB-47H from the 55th SRW wing is the next subject. The photo I worked from was credited as being taken at Thule AFB, Greenland. The third subject is a F-4J from VX-4 in a experimental scheme from the early 70s. It is followed by an A4D-1 from VA-34 in 1957. You can either use the old Airfix A4D-1 kit or modify the recent A-4B kit from the same manufacturer. The next two subjects are AH-1Gs from the Vietnam War one being a Blue Max machine and the other the often photographed Pandoras Box. To close out this sheet there is a F-84G once again in SAC markings.

The sheets will be available in the next few weeks.


Wolfpak Decals



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Two questions - any chance you may do the SM-61 in 1/48 scale? And shouldn't the "U.S. ARMY" on the wings of the F-5A be yellow rather than white? The standard for Army aircraft during that period seems to be white "ARMY" on the fuselage but yellow "U.S. ARMY" on the wings. Which should also apply, by the way, to the Fiat G-91 and (maybe the) A-4 used in the same trials.

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No, I won't be doing the Snark in 1/48th. The the color photos I have from the period show white lettering on the wings. Feel free to post any color photos of these aircraft you may have. Thanks for asking. If you have a copy of the Army technical manual for painting aircraft during the early 60's please contact me off-line. Would appreciate a copy of it.

Best Regards,


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Great decals!

You have a couple of lovely 144th sheets what we really need are some 144th decals for Revell B-52G's for Secret Squirrel and H's plus others plus decals for the gorgeos B-36 thats around.

Great work

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