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  1. The kit that I would release would be pylons only. It will be up to the modeler to make any other corrections and or additions to the Revell-Monogram B-1B. The modifications to correct the kit have been well documented. I may include the camera pod if I can find a good photo of it. Camera pods or arrays were and are test specific. Only one B-1B carried these pylons for the integration of the AGM-129. After captive carry and jettison tests but before any live launches the program was terminated. I would be surprised if ModelCollect would include them in a kit.
  2. Jonah, The numeral 28 on the nose gear doors and "ED" tail codes. I can throw the markings on a Wolfpak sheet. Mark
  3. Ray, Yes, 1/72 scale. Mark
  4. Gents: B-1B No. 28 was used for integration testing of the AGM-129 ACM. Here are photos of the aircraft with the pylons in place. It was the only B-1B to carry cruise missiles externally. Does anyone have interest in a set of these? I'm looking at doing them for myself and would have more cast if there is interest. My guesstimate of the cost would be between $25 and $35 for a 6 pylon set for one aircraft. Mark S. Spectre Resins Wolfpak Decals
  5. Gentlemen, The decals are in, website updated and the buttons are hot! Here's a link to the page showing sheet 72-065 describing the sheets which I found in the bin and are on sale. http://millcreekconsultants.com/WP72-A-065.html Mark S.
  6. I recently purchased their cruise missile kit to find that they forgot about the engine inlets on the AGM-129. How can you miss that?
  7. Darren and Ben, Thanks for the information and clarifications. Dutch, Got to think about it. 1/144 hasn't been my strong suit. Flyboyf18, I will have plenty of these sheets at Chattanooga.
  8. Trojan thunder, As luck would have it I found a small quantity of sheet 72-065 in a bin. It has a RB-47H and SAC F-84G amongst other subjects. Will put it on sale at the same time I place these sheets on sale. Think they'll go fast so place your order for 72-065 as soon as it's available.
  9. Gentlemen, Here’s Wolfpak’s August, 2019 Release: Sheet 72-128, GIANT VOICE. This sheet starts out with options for 2 ADM-20 Quail decoys and one test drone. Next up from 1976 is a Bicentennial F-111A from the 474th TFW at Nellis AFB. The camouflaged version of the AGM-28B follows. From this past February the latest markings for the F-117. Could not find any information on the unit flying these jets or their mission. The all-white painted AGM-28B follows with options for those which carried the SAC shield and those which did not. As with the camouflaged one there are markings for two aircraft. I was fortunate in receiving the markings diagrams from the SAC version of the T.O. 1-1-4 for both the Quail and Hound Dog. The QF-100D on this sheet had a former life as Thunderbird ONE and is suitably marked. Note the curved orange panel on the nose reminiscent of the artwork on the Thunderbirds. It also carries “ONE” as the lead aircraft did and a small stylized Thunderbird insignia on the forward fuselage. Last but not least is the Giant Voice Bomb Comp winning B-47E of the 341st BW, Abiline AFB, now known as Dyess AFB from the summer of 1958. Sheet 72-129, ISN’T IT A DAISY, This sheet begins with “FLIR CAT” a F-14B from VF-103 when they were known as; “The Sluggers.” A well worn and dirty A-10C with a plethora of mission marks from the 354th FS follows. This unit participated in the Syrian operations. The CAG jet from VFA-113, Stingers is our next subject. Not many Pacific based jets have mission marks as this one. Next up is a New Jersey ANG F-105B. You may remember this unit for their later tiger artwork on their F-4E’s and KC-135R’s. To wrap up this sheet a JA37 Viggen from the Swedish Air Force in special “Petter Gul” markings. From 2003. These sheets will be on sale next week for $18.50 each. Mark S.
  10. I was wondering if you were going to reprint the Missile Marking sheets. I have a few already, but they are raipidly being used up.

    Thanks for your efforts.



  11. Gentlemen: The sheets are in, website updated and the buttons are hot! Thanks Jacub! Mark S.
  12. Here is what is in the write-up to date: Notes for modelers: The easy way to distinguish the D from the D+ in photos is to look at the tail boom. The D had whip antennas and the D+ had blade antennas; although it still retained the antenna wire from the fuselage to the horizontal tail. This aircraft was equipped with RWR antennas on the nose and underneath the tail booms, and the sponson mounted 7.62mm machine guns were mounted for combat operations. For self defense chaff/flare dispensers were mounted on the tail booms and an AN/ALQ-144 “disco-light” IR jammer could be fitted. The D model also had infrared suppressing exhaust stacks. As with the earlier OV-10A, the D model was unusual in not mounting the gunsight on the coaming, instead it was suspended from the inside of the windscreen bow.
  13. Jake, I could not find definitive information on the OV-10D+ nor a list of serial numbers. If you would share what you have I and I'm sure the rest of the community would appreciate it. Mark S.
  14. Spike, Just looked at the photos I worked from and the DCAG was on the left and CAG on the right. Guess there are exceptions to common practice. Mark S.
  15. Gentlemen, Here is the June 2019 release from Wolfpak Decals. Sheet 72-126, Sharur, The first subject is an OV-10A in the grey, green and black camouflage pattern from VMO-2. Next up is one of the two CAG F/A-18’s on the sheet a F/A-18E from VFA-27 in 2017 on the USS Ronald Reagan. In addition to the aircraft I have include markings for the JSOW, AGM-54C and C-1. These markings include the window for the sensor in the nose of the weapon. The OV-10D follows in the same camouflage pattern as the A model and is from VMO-1. From VFA-94 the Sh*t Hot World Famous Orange Tails” or as they have abbreviated; “SHWFOTS” we have a CAG F/A-18F. From 1992 a SH-2F from HSL-36 in TPS colors follows. Next up are a Russian SU-34 in the “eggplant” scheme and a TU-22M-3 both with mission marks from Syrian operations. Sheet 72-127, Roll Them Bones, We begin this sheet with a F-86D from the 95th FIS, Mr Bones, in 1955. This aircraft had the fuselage stripes used as an identifier of the squadron commander’s jet. The A-1H, from the 602nd SOS has the 56th’s SOW insignia on the tail and the command stripes follows. AN A-6A with the Pave Knife laser designator pod from VA-115 in 1974 follows. The Navy only modified a handful of A-6A’s to carry this pod until the A-6E TRAM became operational. Next up are options for one of three B-26K’s. One with nose art and two with stripes. One of the aircraft with the stripes has in addition the 56th SOW insignia on the tail. Note that it does not include the usual scroll with the unit identifier on it. During the Vietnam War era C-140A’s ere used in the combat zone for checking navigation aids. Our next subject is one of these jets in the SEA camouflage pattern. Last but not least is a UC-123B Ranch Hand spray aircraft as seen later in its career when it was used as a Candle Stick flare ship. Decals will be in a few weeks and will retail for $18.50. Mark S.
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