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  1. dehowie

    ? F-104G in 1/48

    Hasegawa with Daco set...superb combo.
  2. dehowie

    Most Pleasurable Kits

    1.Tamiya F-14 2. Tamiya F-14 3. Tamiya F-14
  3. dehowie

    SU-34 nose replacements by QuickBoost

    After you have sprayed it with primer you would not be able to split it from any other good quality product. Quality isnt an issue...
  4. dehowie

    SU-34 nose replacements by QuickBoost

    Cold war studios nose is nice as is the tail mod and grills. Looking at the difference though i think ill just keep it as a master and reshape the kit nose. Difference is pretty subtle should be easy to fix..
  5. dehowie

    Fightertown Decals and the Tamiya Tomcat...

    Be great to see an update sheet for sheets i already own. If people didnt buy them first time around maybe they might learn a lesson that you get them while you can. You will also be able to update far more aircraft in far less space on the sheets hence far cheaper. Not as good for you though from cash flow but it may be less work? Guys who really like the F-14 already have the sheets as there are some awesome schemes on them. I very much doubt guys who already own sheets will be the same sheets for minor adjustments paying all over again for the same thing for something they “could” do by hand.
  6. dehowie

    Kitty Hawk RF-101A/C

    To be fair i dont think ANY manufacturer who has done the 101 has picked up and molded the single seater intakes correctly. Even the CH 101 recce conversion had late intakes which hasnt held anyone back from knocking out some great looking RF birds.
  7. dehowie

    Modelcollect B-52H

    The nose is interesting..they got the side profile looking not bad but the plan view has a continuous curve that makes it look like a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. in reality the nose curves in to the radome join line in a pinch then goes almost straight to a last minute point from above. No idea where they got that from. If they dont fix it i have a long list of donor kits to provde replacements till a resin one arrives.
  8. dehowie

    AMK 1/48 F-14!!!

    How is a slide molded fuselage going to kill an aftermarket cockpit? It might kill it because it makes it impossible to fit but it will not surpass it in quality. A look at the Eduard F-14 set vs the Mig-31 cockpit is like chalk and cheese. Im just trying to figure out how we are supposed to get a resin cockpit into a single piece front fuselage without ruining either. Like the ridiculous canopy breakdown showing off tooling technology does little to help modellers. The Mig-31’s cockpit was one of its weakest points i really cant see them surpassing Eduard or Aires in quality...for quite some time.
  9. dehowie

    AMK 1/48 F-14!!!

    Yep...looking at the Shizuoka photos i thought they may have retooled for a step toward finer more petite panel lines...maybe its the light making them look like so heavy. Try getting a resin cockpit in there with a nose gear bay attached or in place. It will be like putting a ship in a bottle.. Nice tech...much prefer traditional to make the cockpit nosegear bay insertion easier, much easier...
  10. dehowie

    Kitty Hawk RF-101A/C

    Finally an RF-101C... Sold...there is some great Vietnam nose art....
  11. dehowie

    Modelcollect B-52H

    They look like they orginally got the droop rght then somehow flipped it to upsweep...bizarre. The nose def needs some work, reverse the wings and it will be a starter..maybe..lol
  12. The Hobbyboss wings fit Tamiya as well.. Panel lines are a good match to in terms of depth and width. AMK look like they have retooled the mold as the photos of the test shot from Shizuoka with far finer panel lines as well. Smart move..
  13. dehowie

    Modelcollect B-52H

    Well on the bright side the wings look awesome for an in flight model...they actually got the upsweep curve perfect. Very elegant. No idea what they did to the nose it looks very wrong... Change of plan all B-52’s will be modelled in flight now...
  14. dehowie

    Building Hasegawa Tomcats in the age of Tamiya

    Having built one from a collection of over 30 and now all sold I would not take 30 Hasegawa kits for one Tamiya Cat. Modelling is “supposed”(lol) to be relaxing and enjoyable and thats exactly what the Tamiya F-14 is. Cant say the same for the Hasegawa F-14. I have seen some great builds over the years and it looks the part but why put yourself through it now when the Tamiya kit is like a simple joy to build and a testament to what Tamiya stands for. They put fun back into aurcraft that are traditionally very difficult to build and allow you to get into the painting which on F-14’s is to me where enjoyment really lies..
  15. dehowie

    Building which Blocks from Tamiya's F-14A's

    Berts new F-14 books are simply fabulous. Outstanding use of electronic medium..