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  1. dehowie

    AMK 1/48 F-14!!!

    No mate a limited few would far prefer an single course which even with the most minute of issues woukd make your kit basically worthless. Even if AMK nail the engineering and it fits well none of said guru’s have adequately explained how they will, Clean up sprue joins on two window sections with either i connection point maybe two for a perfectly clear edge that a single puece canopy provides. Further tell us how to glue the clear part to the frame leaving no residue which will be painfully obvious with only the most minor gluing complication. I am actually looking forward to seeing how AMK do it as it might be a huge step forward in kit production technique that does make single piece canopies a thing of the past. But i like the insurance of both...
  2. dehowie

    AMK 1/48 F-14!!!

    Well a single piece canopy is the best news I have heard for this kit. Very wise decision and at least now there is a backup and a far easier option to a multipart one. Well done AMK...
  3. The new H from Modelcollect fixes pretty much all the errors on the G and looks like its going to finally be a decent Buff out of box. Check out the MC topic going...it has the corrections.
  4. dehowie

    AMK 1/48 F-14!!!

    How about some images of the critical canopy frame clear part fit. If that is pooched or even marginally out it will sink the kit irrespective of any other part in the kit. That overly complex concept of splitting the canopy into multiple parts is to me critical if that is off by a poofteenth the kit is dead in the water. Panel lines on the access haches still look heavy but it could be light or the test shot. Also hope those spoilers fit well. I hope for AMK’s sake it fits well...
  5. dehowie

    GWH SU-35 build

    Well done on the seat Gabor very nce work! Glad to know its the right size!
  6. dehowie

    AMK 1/48 F-14!!!

    The only danger zone Tamiya will find themselves in is what Casino to go party with the profits of the F-14 A and D. Veey shortly Tamiya D’s will be sitting on every shelf of every hobby shop in the 4 points of the globe. I still have no idea how AMK kits will end up in my stash as there distribution network is non existant. Think id prefer Tamiyas issues to AMK’s! Deluxe suite, 4 bottles of Crystal and 15 dancers to get the F-14D party started!
  7. dehowie

    1/48 ZM F-4D is stock at Sprue Brothers

    Why bother hacking into a kit whch already has the best cross section rear fuselage to start with? I just dont get it. In the effort vs reward scale it barely regsters. Heap of effort for barely zero change. Thats a great looking F-4D build yet that kit has a far worse rear fuse cross section than the ZM kit yet would anyone care if they got such a great looking result? Did we care all those years knowing the Hasegawa nose has a problem? First nobody would ever know about the Hasegawa,Academy or ZM kits being off if they are as nobody has ever presented anything anywhere that shows exactly what is wrong. Just a pile of spurious photos and opinions based off wide angle images full of distortion and no exact description. And all of this started from a post about a pre build test shot after kit release which was modified extensively afterwards to match the lidar scannng when the error was found. It seems the better kits get the larger the volume of criticism of minute errors nobody can even see.
  8. dehowie

    Black Dog F-35A weapons bay

    Looks like a F-35C Lightningwolfschmitt to me...not my build but if you think thats so terrible that it doesnt look like an F-35C id say in the modelling world there are about 5 kits that meet your standards for you to build. For the OP the Blackdog stuff i have fits pretty well...nothing ventured...
  9. dehowie

    Cyber Modeler kit release schedule

    Kittyhawk F-5 1/32 Best in scale and very nice kit. SU-34 Best in scale and very nice kit. OH-6 Best in scale and very nice kit. T-28...another great kit. Should we just say all Mongram kits are complete rubbish because of the F-111 and ignore everythng else they released as some would like with KH, Trumpeter, HB etc... Or maybe judge each release on its merits rather than talking complete rubbish..
  10. dehowie

    Two 1/48 Su-34: And the winner is...

    Thanks very much. Yea it seems like the variety of both colours and aircraft mod status makes getting good photos super important. Thanks
  11. dehowie

    Two 1/48 Su-34: And the winner is...

    Great info here thanks to everyone for sharing. The 34 seems like it is rapidly still undergoing both small and larger mdifications while still flying busily. No doubt this makes it a pretty difficult target not just for manufacturers but us as well if you want one spot on. Would one of our 34 gurus be able to highlight what is needed to be done for a Syrian ops 34? Fences, fairngs,exhausts etc etc... PS has anyne tried the fit of the SAC SU-34 landing gear for the HB kit on the KH one?
  12. dehowie

    Modelcollect B-52H

    Great looking B-52D. Interested to see what changes they have done to the G in the last few months since the wng fix. Hope the nose has been rejigged...
  13. dehowie

    Kitty Hawk RF-101A/C

    Have you seen the panel lines on the AMK first edition? No coke bottle fuselage, agricultural finesse.. Having built two Mirages which are THE best Mirage kit on the block in any scale and half way through a Kinetic Kfir Aggressor my AMK one sits awaiting time to be sold off. Kinetic Kfir build at Britnodeller not mine. https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234960441-iai-kfir-c7-kinetic-148-finished/ Not a fan of commentary canning manufacturers doing great work and Kinetics Harriers, Hornets and Mirage family are great kits and the only people i know of dissing them are shake and bakers. Whats to complain about this another Kinetic build oob?https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/hyperscale/mirage-iiie-1-48-kinetic-t49898.html PS sorry for derailing the topic...
  14. dehowie

    Kitty Hawk RF-101A/C

    Im not sure what planet you live on but Kinetic is a bottom feeder? i guess you havnt seen the Mirage Family, Harriers, Hornets etc. The reason AMK retooled the Kfir was nobody bought the thing when the far more accurate Kinetic kit is available. Dont mention either that the conversion set done by one of Monograms master modellers even missed the intakes on his RF-101 conversion. That was a conversion specifically for the Single seater 101. The references where widely available then as they are now but i dont hear to many people calling Koster enterprises...bottom feeders especially the guys who did beautiful RF-101 conversions in 48th with that set.