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  1. Lol..where theres a will theres a way..lol..
  2. To add to what Dave said there are Early Earlies, Late Earlies, Early Lates and Late Lates... Does that help?
  3. Finally found time to pull these off a hard drive in storage. They may help with getting some more info on that very pronounced break in curve between the radome and fuse. I aws surprised just how much the fuselage is curving in and its onle really visible from almost directly below. This is on a retired G in Darwin. HTH
  4. Yea both muzzles are in the kit. Parts M33/34 are the late parts. Single piece for the early muzzle split for the late.
  5. If you want to do one in flight go directly with the HB kit. Far easier to no try to fit the slats back into the wing. Likewise numerous users of scooters hard wired the slats closed ie Blue Angels for controllability in formation and low level. Its nice having a scooter with a slat retracted wing its far far easier than fixing a Hasegawa wing to do that. It also goes together way better than the Hasegawa kit..
  6. Love to see a Jayhawk Conversion in 35th such great looking choppers. Def be in for a couple..
  7. What Darren said and dont look to closely at the panel lines they vary in quality and pattern even where they should be identical. At least they cut corners on scribing where you generally cant see them easily. Fit is fiddly. Looks great when finished just dont sit it next to your Tamiya kit.
  8. Looks fantastic! Get them out so we can buy them. Then get the single seater out! Great work..
  9. Incredible attention to detail a big thanks from all Flanker lovers!
  10. You move anything through a mass of air fast enough and it will fly.
  11. your comparing a highly reflective surface with very visible curves with one that's totally Matt and expect to draw conclusions based off that? Mmmmm no...
  12. they made a mess of them? Are we talking about the same GWH 1/48th F-15 kits? Currently they are the best in scale with far more detail and far better fit than the next best kit the Hasegawa one. I have no idea where your getting your info from but it isnt correct. As for the info they are using id take Gabors research over any other Russian researcher end of story. Great Wall stuff is light years superior to KH in every respect..every. Now i have quite a few KH kits and they are improving and the SU34 is the pick but multi part wing and fuse construction rather t
  13. if you damage or screw a part you should of been more careful. Plus the GWH kit is already a far better start point based off the info published on there FB page, and they havnt fraudulently used one researchers name like Kittyhawk have in advertising. Ill take GWH every day of the week over a Kittyhawk version..and twice on Sunday
  14. Personally and i gave multiples if both Kinetic and Hasegawa. If your starting from fresh get Kinetic unless cost is prohibitive. Its the best 104 you can buy. Daco correction set is expensive and if your not planning multiple 104’s uts a bit of overkill. Both can do with a resin seat but to get Hasegawa to Kinetic you either need to fill the divets in the wing plus over diveted rear end. Your choice but Kinetic is a better start point. Hasegawa it cheaper but needs either replacement wings or elbow grease or replacement. Replacement will elevate project price p
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