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  1. Modellcollect have one coming...
  2. Rather than worry about resin copies of yiur radome Gabor how about you use your powers to convince GWH we need a fabulous SU-27...😍
  3. More money headed to Mr Zacto!
  4. dehowie

    Mods, please delete

    Hypersonic models did some they are very good indeed. https://www.hypersonicmodels.com/product/martin-baker-mk-gru5-ejection-seats
  5. dehowie

    AMK 1/48 F-14!!!

    i can only hope for AMK’s sake these are somehow old photos. That F-14 test shot is simply awful from the wing back..i hope for them they just go buy a Tamiya one and copy its rear end shape as this think looks terrible.
  6. dehowie

    AMK 1/48 F-14!!!

    Hi Brian I can only recommend it as much as possible..well other than the beer, whiskey and food! I only found out about the show as i was in the Volks store Osaka and a local pro modeller was packing up his magnificent Tamiya 32nd F-14D conversion to take. He spoke great English and letvus know about the show. Must of been some kind of Tomcat model off to see so many at one show was a big surprise. I love the tools you can get up there you can spend ages meandering around looking at the quirky zillions of things they come up with. AMK kits have fallen in price in Japan as well the Kfir is selling for high 50’s USD which is nice to see.
  7. dehowie

    AMK 1/48 F-14!!!

    And while the F-14 gate goes on the absolutely beautiful Tamiya F-14D is selling for under 65 bucks in Japan..and selling by the truckload..Joshin in Osaka went from 24 to 5 in two hours..lol..horse bolted..another 3 to the collection..the never weighing popularity of the F-14 was evident st the Osaka hobby show a week and a bit ago..18 1/48th F-14’s in a regional show..2Hasegawa the rest Tamiya.. if you ever visit Japan make sure you time it to go to a big show the tools on display to buy are worth it alone..
  8. dehowie

    MiG-25BM set for the ICM kit

    It is a great set. Picked up two and very satisfied with them. A bird in hand....
  9. Great news! Looking forward to getting them in the mail!
  10. dehowie

    Zoukei-Mura F-4D, corrected fuselage?

    G’day Jeffrey, the Hasegawa and Academy fuselages where proven conclusively incorrect in the ZM firestorm of photos and comparisons which went up 12-14 months ago. There was a particulary good topic going at HS with numerous comparison images they clearly showed fsr bigger issues on Academy and Has. Both have incorrect shoulder curves that start in the wrong place, flare incorrectly and are far worse than both reality and the ZM kit. The shape of both are incorrect in numerous aspects and the one thing proven was that ZM was the closest of the three in photos. I find it a bit hard to believe your great eye cannot see the blatantly incorrect curves of either of those two kits. So which MD drawings are you using in your correction set and how are they showing the correct shoulder curve etc above the engines at the various stations? Any error is so subtle that to me standing beside an F-4S at the Palm Springs museum with the plastic half in hand was invisible to my eye. Now if you feel you can identify an error and then expand that to the point you feel it needs correction as you said that is up to you. PS i can be as retentive as the best when it comes to shapes and can spot subtle problems quite easily. Hence why i have bought plenty of your resin. To me the international rule of convenience and the law of diminishing returns apply quite well to all these F-4 kits. How about someone does a proper fuselage correction for the Monogram or HB F-105 kits which need fixing to get the look correct of the aircraft rather than at best a subtle change of shape?
  11. dehowie

    12th TFW F-4C Vietnam era

    What time frame be aware lots of 12th F-4’s where dorkless at some time if early on...
  12. dehowie

    Zoukei-Mura F-4D, corrected fuselage?

    You mean a correction to the most accurate rear fuselage ever done in plastic of an F-4? Two years later nobody has ever shown thats its actually wrong ie conclusively from a post that pointed out an error off a test shot subsequently corrected. We have bedn shown test shots, opinions and discussion but no hard evidence what so ever. Plenty of opinions photos etc but no measurements conclusively showing anythng other than it is definitely the most accurate F-4 ever released in any scale. All we have proven is the Hasegawa and Academy kits are wrong in the rear fuse by quite some margin however it hasnt stopped anyone admiring them for 25 years and around 8 years respectively. When you can stand beside the real thing with a kit fuselage in hand and compare the two and scratch your head going where is the error it aint worth fixing something that aint broke.
  13. PS on the Revell kits “corrected” nose...just buy the CWS nose it looks much better. Revell did little to the original ICM nose...
  14. dehowie

    Mig-31 Foxhound

    To the OP building either will get you a great looking Mig-31. To me and i have 4 Amk Migs and 2 HB ones the design/engineering is better on AMK but the scribing on HB is considerably better. Detail on both very from very good to average. Id overall get an AMK kit before the HB one however its far from as stellar and amazing as the AMK fan club would cheer blindly about. Enjoy your Migs!
  15. dehowie

    Severing Ties...

    Much prefer the Kinetic kit think its a wise choice from my seat. Big fan of Kinetics newer kits. CF-188’s are top subjects enjoy!