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  1. they made a mess of them? Are we talking about the same GWH 1/48th F-15 kits? Currently they are the best in scale with far more detail and far better fit than the next best kit the Hasegawa one. I have no idea where your getting your info from but it isnt correct. As for the info they are using id take Gabors research over any other Russian researcher end of story. Great Wall stuff is light years superior to KH in every respect..every. Now i have quite a few KH kits and they are improving and the SU34 is the pick but multi part wing and fuse construction rather than single piece like Hobbyboss/Gwh does them no favours. I cant think of a single reason to choose a KH Flanker over a GWH one and i did pick the KH SU-34 in preference to HB...
  2. if you damage or screw a part you should of been more careful. Plus the GWH kit is already a far better start point based off the info published on there FB page, and they havnt fraudulently used one researchers name like Kittyhawk have in advertising. Ill take GWH every day of the week over a Kittyhawk version..and twice on Sunday
  3. Personally and i gave multiples if both Kinetic and Hasegawa. If your starting from fresh get Kinetic unless cost is prohibitive. Its the best 104 you can buy. Daco correction set is expensive and if your not planning multiple 104’s uts a bit of overkill. Both can do with a resin seat but to get Hasegawa to Kinetic you either need to fill the divets in the wing plus over diveted rear end. Your choice but Kinetic is a better start point. Hasegawa it cheaper but needs either replacement wings or elbow grease or replacement. Replacement will elevate project price probably to exceed Kinetics initial outlay...
  4. Everything needed for a VLR is also in the Royal class boxing including decals for the enchantress.. Great kit!
  5. I could happily live without 13 degrees of cockpit twist thats only viewable from one angle “if” they had got the surface detaIl/decent interior which is viewable from every angle. They have released some lovely kits recently like the Pe-2. Not at all impressed with this Hind simply because it could of been so much more.
  6. Its fantastic to see GWH going full steal ahead with the Flanker family! The SU-35 is a fabulous kit and cannot wait for the UB and single seater. Beautiful kits that 5 or 6 will find there way into my large Flanker family. Great stuff!
  7. So glad they didnt do the J. The sky is the limit with E/H renditions from Ski equipped air guard kits to gunships. Cant believe its taken so long to get a new tool Herk if Kinetic had done this instead of a unwieldy hugely expensive C17 that nobody can build due space they would of been up to the 5th C130 boxing by now and counting their cash. Great work Zvezda.
  8. Probably best value is to dress up some of the very nice oob cockpits we have now. Use the seats and detail parts on the base plastic. No fit issues, some great looking detail and far faster build.
  9. Simple A model madness! love it..great work!
  10. well if you believe that dine put your Monogram F-105 against a photo Or set of plans..lol. Mmm spine, horrendous, nose shape incorrect, canopy completely incorrect. So your example of a good kit is actually worse than the kit you claim to be worse..lol..how ironic. So mate what is wrong with the KH F-5? Shape wise its basically spot on. It has numerous parts to allow you to build numerous versions of the F-5 oob. The F-5 was more complex than a Bf 109 from variety of antennas, IP’s etc so your saying given its shape is fine that every kit should provide every option for every variant ever released to satisfy your “hard earned dollars”. And if it doesnt its rubbish? Dream on buddy your looking for a Unicorn ive found one for you but it aint in plastic..even WW cant get what you want in one box.
  11. Lose sight, lose the fight.. Murph nailed it..but then he should!🤪
  12. To unload generally means to apply slight forward stick to reduce the amount of lift needed reducing drag. This allows the aircraft to accelerate more rapidly than in normal straight and level flight. To properly unload a zero G push occurs zeroing the requirement for lift decreasing drag significantly.
  13. The KA models B-1 burners are fabulous. Got mine via HLJ...outstanding set that lifts the entire rear end. recommended.
  14. To each there own but for $45 a kit with beautiful detail, great decals for 6-8 options, a set of masks and color etch to me is the bargain of the century. If detail missing from the interior of the radiator puts you off go buy the Tamiya or Hasegawa kits.
  15. Seriously if you think the Eduard Mustang is disappointing good luck ever being happy with any injected kit to ever be released in the future. As for Eduard... To the OP.. They started off doing PE. Thus expanded in the mud 90’s to low pressure limited run injection kits. This expanded into not so limited run stuff. Injection pressures went up quality improved sales increased. They pioneered colour PE. id guess around early 2000’s they spent a huge Amount investing in CAD and high quality injection machines. This allowed a large jump in quality allowing them to take on Tamiya, Hasegawa etc. They also released high quality good fitting resin for their kits. Brilliant idea which cornered a large portion of the market. Release a high quality kit at a great price with masks and etch AND make high quality resin for those wanting to go the extra yard. They have continued to refine their process until they have reached the level they are today. Not without controversy etc ie the 109G disaster which no doubt cost them a small fortune. Still they contribute a massive amount to the hobby on many levels and stand behind their products which upsets a large number of people. They started doing repops of other companies kits i guess about 10 years ago where they added high quality decals, resin, color PE and masks plus other bits and pieces. Just read the Eduard mag they are VERY CLEAR about what kits are rebagged other manufacturers kits...very clear. A great manufacturer by any standard except those who hate them for reasons only known to themselves...
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