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  1. Like i said watch Tomcat Tales and you will see why the F-14 was paired with aircraft with similar sensor capabilities as the lead platform. Its not a fanboy thing its a fact thing. If the F-14 wasnt the superior platform why would it be used to lead F-15E’s and Hornets? The advantage in resolution in targeting was so significant that the US military both air force and navy chose the F-14 to lead large sugnificant military strikes against sensitive targets. If that isnt the facts your wanting to hear then maybe the words of the guys who lead the strikes on how important the
  2. A mud mover that was the premier mud mover in the entire US military with a range far beyond any other air wing asset. You may want to watch the excellent documentary Tomcat Tales which goes greatly into the development of the Tomcat Lantirn capability and combat experience and the huge capability it gave the fleet. A capability so good it was paired with Hornets and Strike Eagles because its sensor capability was superior to what either of these air raft could bring to bear. Rather than a relegation it was a huge promotion in the capability it gave carrier air wings that they did
  3. I would not say black was the only colour used there are many and i mean many images of silver MER’s in use in Vietnam by 105’s on center lines. The MER attached to an adapter rail which attached to multiple points on the doors. There was one large central attachment point supporting most of the load with others for stabilisation. The doors occasionally needed reinforcement straps in some cases with large loads to avoid G issues causing fatigue problems. They are frequently not seen so i assume it was causing a longer term issue on older aircraft hence why the straps are not se
  4. Daco book, D&S digital colour and markings series has hundreds of stunning interesting photos, Bye Bye Baby Farewell Tomcat book has the best collection of anecdotal stories and utterly magnificent photos a true coffee table book.
  5. $87USD from China inc shipping straight off Ebay from a very reputable dealer. Given how terrible the tooling is on the Hasegawa RAM panels it looks like what appears to be a very nice F-22. Its Trumpeter origin so it will fit beautifully, have outstanding surface detail, has full length intakes, full weapons bays and all the control surfaces are seperate. Pass all you like but with logistics costs skyrocketing you better get used to the prices as they are not going away every manufacturer is affected. Brace for the price on the incoming 32nd F-35C…
  6. You want to see squashed go have a look at the old Monogram 72nd kit it looks like it was run over by a steam roller. Glad someone finally got the chine the right width. Grabbed a pile of Revell kits on the basis that a bird in hand and until the hypersonic kit is actually out this is the best Sr-71 ever done. Given revell stuff goes quickly and in many cases almost impossible to find get em while you can. When Hypersonic comes(if) along you can always sell them off..
  7. Very interesting to watch Flory’s review of the F. The instructions had literally tens of instructions to remove 0.5mm of plastic from literally every major internal component. Any wonder people are having issues.
  8. With a large number of 32nd Spads out in the wild and 2 A-1J’s this is a sheet that would go well in 32nd if any sheet would.
  9. Well if thats a photo of the completed kit its already looking not bad. They seem to have got the top curves on the two canopies correct which gives hope for a correctly shaped upper fuse which also means it should make the dimensions ie width of the chine correct making it only the second kit to get it close to right(Italeri got pretty close). Hopefully Revell had the A team deployed for this one and redeployed the guys who did the F-18E to Northern Alaska on polar bear patrol. Visually its not looking bad fingers remain crossed and hopes high.
  10. Hasegawa $40 Tamiya $150. Mmmm. Based on that we will just like 32nd never see a late F-4E in 48th. Its taken 5 years to get a late F-14A. P-38J/L anyone? 2 seater F-16’s anyone? A bird in hand…
  11. That kit looks more like its been crushed for an extended time. Ud be requesting a refund as well. None if my 6 look even remotely like that gladly. It looks like its been left in the sun but still the entire upper fuselage comes packaged against heavy card to avoid warping so the only way it can end up like that is under load. Shipping issue.
  12. Just weighed ine 1.446 KG…muktiply x 2.2 for pounds. Yea Ebay is a mess. For a long time we couldnt order Quinta stuff as it was UK Ebay. Someone else also chimed in took 2”5 weeks from China to Australia. The seller is very good used them for many Trumpeter and Hobbyboss orders.
  13. Just got my 4 from China via Ebay Dawngrocerystore a dealer ive used many times. Kit is simply fantastic. The Flanker i have been waiting 25 years for is finally here. Big thanks to GWH and all the great guys who put this project together so well. Culmination of some great research. Time to order a few more.
  14. Who cares if it only comes with a dirty wing? Who on the planet only buys one Tamiya F-14? If it keeps the price down on an already expensive kit and box size etc to keep postage under control its fine by me. I already have 13 clean wing kits i certainly dont need any more. At least i can sell those Amk F-14’s off now..
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