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  1. Based off the videos online everything ive seen leaves the Meng kit trailing in quality by a large margin in every aspect. Panel lines, cockpit detail, burner cans, ejection seats to start. Where i am and where i shop the Meng kits will be either very close in price or more expensive than ZM so i dont even see the point in a comparison where the ZM kit is so clearly superior.If Meng was half the price there might be a discussion and maybe they will dump them for that in the US but they are not that here nor where i buy most of my kits. Modelling time is to short to waste on seco
  2. Test shots appeared at Tokyo Volks store this week. Through glass the RAM is extremely fine looking almost flat with what appeared a textural difference rather than an elevation difference. Very subtle. Pilot figure and cockpit look very good detail looks better than F-4/F-14, weapons bay is simply stunning. It looks nothing like the Meng or Italeri kits being far more restrained on the upper fuselage RAM detailing.
  3. Im with you. Based directly off Mengs most recent F-18 its still a generation and a half behind the sharpness and quality of detail in ZM Phantoms. Unless Meng pull a very big rabbit out of the hat to somehow match ZM’s beautiful sharp detail its going to be a poor second choice. Price wise its going to be equivalent or within 10-15% more or less than the ZM kit in most of the world except China however Meng in Japan will be far more based off Hornet prices in Japan some 40% more. Id say id comfortably pay 30-40% more for the ZM quality compared to a Meng equivalent M
  4. Well as Tamiya is releasing the Italeri F-35B in Japan in November in a Tamiya Italeri box there certainly wont be a B coming from them. The C requires an entire new fuselage etc for only one operator so i wouldnt be putting my house on that appearing anytime soon but it is Tamiya so never rule anything out.
  5. Just to readjust my view on the RAM on the Trump F-35C. Looking under better light now i have the kit rather than through plastic it does look a little to pronounced in line with what Dave said. One thing in the Trump kits favor is i think the plates look pronounced is the are molded extremely sharply with seemingly vertical edges. Using a magnifier the sharp edges are part of the reason they look a little to proud. Id suggest a very light sand to take the sharpness off the edges will give a very reasonable impression of RAM. The kit is very very well tooled and extremely sharp and i think its
  6. I would of thought given how many “extra” releases Tamiya hasn't gone ahead with people would of learnt that lesson. The list of aircraft Tamiya “could” of done with minor changes is far far longer than the kits they have released.
  7. Just picked up the Trump F-35C and very impressed with the very restrained surface detail. Upper RAM panels are very nicely done and to my eye the finest ive seen first hand in 48th or 32nd including the new Tamiya F-35. Surprised this kit hasnt received more attention as on initial looks after buying it appears very very nice.
  8. Fox Ones outstanding F-4G sheets pop up on Ebay from time to time. Outstanding sheets if you can get one.
  9. GWH Tomcats oh dear there goes the bank account, and then throw in a pile of Hogs.. Im trying to imagine how awesome these will be based off the stunning run of beautiful Flankers. 48th doesn't get any better right now than GWH.
  10. On the live stream from Modelart there was no plastic on display just the kit itself.
  11. Just picked one up in Japan for 11000¥. Ram panels etc are WAY better than Hasegawa’s and general overall quality is very good. Lovely surface textures and Ram panels are far finer and im sure many will be happy to leave them how they are. Interesting its so expensive in the US as even at home its 115AUD so about 75US. A nice build of it here.
  12. Osaka Volks, store. Re Slats the entire wing and slats are on a new sprue dedicated to the F-4G ie labelled F-4G and also labelled sprue H.
  13. Just grabbed three its lovely. Slatted wing looks very nice seperate leading edge slats trailing edge flaps. Lovely Ha4ms with great looking Lau118’s which might be very cool on a Ukrainian Mig-29 as well. Decals are printed by Airdoc and look very nice. Real cockpit looks to normal ZM standard ie outstanding. Stunning looking kit money well spent!
  14. Yea the flaw is so small it took literally a hundred pages scattered over 4 websites to point out where it is. I think the best way to see it is to buy a later release Zm kit and compare it to the original Then you will have the perfect guide to fix it which will take about 5 minutes with a rat tail file and some sand paper. Few discussions around a kit have over hyped a molehill into such an Everest size problem. As discussed ad nauseum Tamiya and certainty cannot be used in the same sentence. TA molded the F16 to easily be a two seater which EVERYONE expected to follow,
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