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  1. Yep there was no adaptor just a dedicated pylon.
  2. If your only offering 10 bucks you cant think to highly of it! Lol..😉
  3. Nice looking schemes. However colour instructions and profiles would do you a lot of favours in trying to sell them. No amount of black and white does great colour schemes any favours.
  4. I think its simply because they need to justify themselves that what they own now is fine and anything new cant possibly be better. So canning a new kit comes very easy it simply makes people feel good. Now i have a boat load of Hasegawa 48th 104’s and i bought a similar boatload of Daco correction and weapon sets and will be happy with those as i despised what Hasegawa did to the wing of the 104. The wing looked terrible so if i didnt own a pile of correction sets that fix its biggest issue id be buying piles of Kinetic 104’s. Ill buy at least a couple to have a look as Kinetic are doing some great kits.
  5. What an awesome sheet.. multiple multiples!
  6. These will be awesome..maybe some 72nd love to?
  7. Monogram and Academy kits are very different. Monogram looks like an F-14..Academy looks like well im not sure but its front end is a mess and a half making Trumpeters worst effort look like a silk purse.
  8. Why would you want a G with hundreds of amazing nose art options when you can have another flat grey low vis marked monotonal gunship?
  9. dehowie


    To do an Argie A-4B a few small mods are needed. If you can track down either of the Hobbycraft kit or expensive Hasegawa they come with the parts needed. You need some radio antennas the main one being the ADF antenna on the top of the fuselage. Its teardrop shapped and quite large Hasegawa supply it in resin HC in styrene. There are several good builds online of the Argie Scooters. Good luck!
  10. Sorry didnt mean to come across like that maybe its the frustration in seeing a company who established a solid reputation for good engineering and research pouring it all down the drain. Its rare in the hobby you get a company who looked solid with good research and a nice base to launch from. The hyperbole was from many AmK fans who ignored plain issues and pretended they didnt exist. Amk was put on a pillar top as the best manufacturer today. Say one thing negative even negative in a constructive manner and you where labelled a heretic. A realistic assesment which several guys tried to give where shouted down as being anti AMK. This is far from the case. Almost every negative post was people highlighting deficiencies that for an F-14 needed to be improved if it was to be the kit everyone wanted and hoped for. We are not talking perfection here but a solid critique highlighting deficiencies in the Mig-31. Panel lines, soft missing cockpit detail where the two primary issues on for what was only the second kit from Amk a great start. Perfect..no...good yes...could be improved to compete with the best definitely. i have 6 Mig-31’s to build hardly that of someone with something against Amk other than wanting them to better themself which they needed to do. Instead of jumping on the back slapping bandwagon several people said clearly Amk needed to improve to compete or be the best. We where all shouted down as haters even though we had probably bought more Amk kits than any of the bandwagon boys. This left Amk thinking wow everyone loves us there is nothing we could do wrong. Realistically even if it was shape perfect they still needed a big step up in panel line quality and general cockpit/seat detail “if” they where to improve and compete with Tamiya. This entire design by internet commitee is a horses as@e. You pick 4-5 absolute experts and listen to them...only them. Keep it quiet and get it out. To much hype, to much net driven rubbish caused what happening here..if you listen to all those guys saying your the best, your perfect, your Mig-31 is the best kit ever then the result is whats happened here. Thats whats fristrating you could see this happening over a year ago...and the band played on and yes the Amk ship hit the F-14 iceberg at full speed. Hopefully they can plug the leaks and next time listen...
  11. The issue for them is they wont sell many at all. The serious F-14aphile wont touch it...the casual guy wont ever becable to buy it with Amk’s poor distribution network. They have succesfully isolated two key markets to only sell F-14’s to the Amk devotees who realistically would not even care if it looked like the Concorde. Even then most failed to put there money where there mouth is. Seriously how many will you buy with its massive panel lines, distorted aft end and various other issues when we have the beautiful Tamiya kit? I mean seriously how many will you buy? I will buy one to go with my 7 Tamiya F-14D’s...and only because i like Amk and have a big pile of Mig-31’s. I am not sure they even deserve 1 sale but i will anyway.
  12. Its pretty decent. realistically no kit in any scale by any manufacturer has ever gotten the canopy/fuselage spine correct with a true omega shape so distinctive on the Thud.. Sad but true but the Trumpetboss 72 and 48th kits are closer than any others...except 144 Platz which are almost there.
  13. I think its more that they are nicely detailed and not split that makes the brass legs a solid option..along with the metal burner cans..
  14. Panel lines look terrible. Im exceptionally disapointed with this. I mean its not just average its worse than the Mig-31. We all said to be even close to Tamiya it would need to be better with much finer panel lines than the 32..it looks far worse. Ill grab one...if it had been close i would grab 5-6...sorry AMK ill be getting 5-6 Great Wall kits to go with my 6 Tamiya F-14’s. Disapointed to say the least as from an engineering view it looks solid but those panel lines are huge...wtf...
  15. What an awesome little B-1. Got a pair in Osaka wil def grab another. As mentioned resin or etch burners is going to add a lot but the rest is fantastic. Very nice indeed..
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