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  1. Making shape assessments off wide angle photos is a disaster looking somewhere to happen. Ive got two A-6’s on the shelf and i see now major shape issues at all. Aint no droopy nose Intruders to be seen anywhere in sight. The reason its never been discussed is as JeffreyK said because its fine. An issue would of been spotted ages ago the A-6 was scrutinised heavily on release, heavily.
  2. Hows that wait going for a 48th SU-25 from Tamiya? They operate exactly according to that philosophy. Be pretty boring hobby getting one great 48th kit every 4 years per manufacturer dont you think? Dont like it dont buy it...simple.
  3. Ill be grabbing a few Quinta sets. One thing is for sure is some weathering, a wash etc will lift Quinta from just a 3D addon set to incredible. There is always room for the cockpit artist to improve upon a great set and elevate their work above the shake and bake crew. Just because they do a great job doesnt mean it cant be improved on..
  4. Got my first two and after a look through ordered another. What a cracking kit finally the Flanker gas gotten the love. Ok tell GWH we want the single seater now! i need like 7 of them! great work!
  5. If you think Modelcollect need a “lot of work” its still going to be less work than the other two options...
  6. If you want decent H engines there are 3 choices. Buffmaster, Lonestar and Modelcollect. The resin ones from Lonestar are pretty good but both require some accurate cutting and cleanup. Buffmaster are similar but slightly rougher surface texture. Modelcollect are same sized and look very decent.
  7. Lol..where theres a will theres a way..lol..
  8. To add to what Dave said there are Early Earlies, Late Earlies, Early Lates and Late Lates... Does that help?
  9. Finally found time to pull these off a hard drive in storage. They may help with getting some more info on that very pronounced break in curve between the radome and fuse. I aws surprised just how much the fuselage is curving in and its onle really visible from almost directly below. This is on a retired G in Darwin. HTH
  10. Yea both muzzles are in the kit. Parts M33/34 are the late parts. Single piece for the early muzzle split for the late.
  11. If you want to do one in flight go directly with the HB kit. Far easier to no try to fit the slats back into the wing. Likewise numerous users of scooters hard wired the slats closed ie Blue Angels for controllability in formation and low level. Its nice having a scooter with a slat retracted wing its far far easier than fixing a Hasegawa wing to do that. It also goes together way better than the Hasegawa kit..
  12. Love to see a Jayhawk Conversion in 35th such great looking choppers. Def be in for a couple..
  13. What Darren said and dont look to closely at the panel lines they vary in quality and pattern even where they should be identical. At least they cut corners on scribing where you generally cant see them easily. Fit is fiddly. Looks great when finished just dont sit it next to your Tamiya kit.
  14. Looks fantastic! Get them out so we can buy them. Then get the single seater out! Great work..
  15. Incredible attention to detail a big thanks from all Flanker lovers!
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