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  1. A quick look at this video will show the GWH kit has better surface detail than the Minibase kit. Not a fan of reviewers and the hype on “unmatched surface detail” etc. Just be realistic yes its fantastic but”revolutionary” ir “unmatched” is pure hype. Excellent comparison shows we are spoiled for superb Flankers
  2. If you havnt got an GWH SU-35 this will give you some idea what your missing out on. With all the hype on Minibase we are already spoiled with beautiful Flankers from GWH.
  3. After looking long and hard jumping in with another 3 Minibase kits ordered. If i get time im starting up the first one and really hoping the fit and build is as good as the rest if the kit. Having spent quite a bit of time looking closely its certainly a step up from the Kinetic kit and happy to say that very clearly now after my initial impressions. Great work from Minibase and looking forward to jumping in neck deep into this SU-33. It really does take a close eye and a few days to take it all in. Thats 4 ill have so hopefully we see more from Minibase. Well do
  4. A big dent in the bank acciunt coming for this release.. Cant wait to get them great work!
  5. Just got my first Minibase Flanker. Nice kit but maybe the hype train has built it up to way beyond expectations. Directly comparing it to my Kinetic kits to my eye the surface detail on the Kinetic kit is not only finer but far more restrained. Minbase has a swarm of small parts that im sure if you can get them off the sprues intact will add hugely to how busy the kit looks. Decals in the MB kit are a bit thick where the Crossdekta ones in Kinetic are superb. Landing gear etc looks fantastic. Overall lovely kit but one will be enough as comparing it to the Kineti
  6. As Richard has highlighted ANY discussion on colour is fraught with problems when viewed electronically and even in natural light at times. Is the image edited and colour corrected off a grey card. Is the screen your looking at colour calibrated? Is the screen brightness, saturation, black and white point and contrast calibrated? Seriously unless you really do have a calibrated monitor comparing what you see on your screen to chips even if well photographed us difficult at best. Then to compare a life size large object reflecting far more light than a tiny chip leading
  7. Great read thanks for sharing that awesome link.
  8. Yep inner spoilers in the half open position was normal being more open if high on the ball and more closed if low. And yes speedbrakes open as well.
  9. Lovely Flanker build Haneto the colours look fantastic. Thanks for showing off whats possible with the decals combined with plastic. Cant wait for the single seater!
  10. Academy fixed the nose back retooling it in 2010. Undersize tails are still in the kit. To my eye Academy is an easier build, beautiful decals etc. The oversize plates on the Hasegawa kit are a PITA to mess with. Pay your money and make your choice...
  11. Very impressive looking piece of kit engineering. Look forward to checking it out in the flesh.
  12. Making shape assessments off wide angle photos is a disaster looking somewhere to happen. Ive got two A-6’s on the shelf and i see now major shape issues at all. Aint no droopy nose Intruders to be seen anywhere in sight. The reason its never been discussed is as JeffreyK said because its fine. An issue would of been spotted ages ago the A-6 was scrutinised heavily on release, heavily.
  13. Hows that wait going for a 48th SU-25 from Tamiya? They operate exactly according to that philosophy. Be pretty boring hobby getting one great 48th kit every 4 years per manufacturer dont you think? Dont like it dont buy it...simple.
  14. Ill be grabbing a few Quinta sets. One thing is for sure is some weathering, a wash etc will lift Quinta from just a 3D addon set to incredible. There is always room for the cockpit artist to improve upon a great set and elevate their work above the shake and bake crew. Just because they do a great job doesnt mean it cant be improved on..
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