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  1. Lose sight, lose the fight.. Murph nailed it..but then he should!🤪
  2. To unload generally means to apply slight forward stick to reduce the amount of lift needed reducing drag. This allows the aircraft to accelerate more rapidly than in normal straight and level flight. To properly unload a zero G push occurs zeroing the requirement for lift decreasing drag significantly.
  3. The KA models B-1 burners are fabulous. Got mine via HLJ...outstanding set that lifts the entire rear end. recommended.
  4. To each there own but for $45 a kit with beautiful detail, great decals for 6-8 options, a set of masks and color etch to me is the bargain of the century. If detail missing from the interior of the radiator puts you off go buy the Tamiya or Hasegawa kits.
  5. Seriously if you think the Eduard Mustang is disappointing good luck ever being happy with any injected kit to ever be released in the future. As for Eduard... To the OP.. They started off doing PE. Thus expanded in the mud 90’s to low pressure limited run injection kits. This expanded into not so limited run stuff. Injection pressures went up quality improved sales increased. They pioneered colour PE. id guess around early 2000’s they spent a huge Amount investing in CAD and high quality injection machines. This allowed a large jump in quality allowing them to take on Tamiya, Hasegawa etc. They also released high quality good fitting resin for their kits. Brilliant idea which cornered a large portion of the market. Release a high quality kit at a great price with masks and etch AND make high quality resin for those wanting to go the extra yard. They have continued to refine their process until they have reached the level they are today. Not without controversy etc ie the 109G disaster which no doubt cost them a small fortune. Still they contribute a massive amount to the hobby on many levels and stand behind their products which upsets a large number of people. They started doing repops of other companies kits i guess about 10 years ago where they added high quality decals, resin, color PE and masks plus other bits and pieces. Just read the Eduard mag they are VERY CLEAR about what kits are rebagged other manufacturers kits...very clear. A great manufacturer by any standard except those who hate them for reasons only known to themselves...
  6. LOL based off the F-14 im sure id rather just give my money to ICM..
  7. Trumpeter...disregard accuracy the Revell kit is a royal pain to get together... Life is to short for junk like that Revell kit. Hard to believe its from the Same company as the 88 etc..
  8. Jjst hope the team that put that debacle of a 32nd Hornet stay well and truly away from the beloved Blackbird. Hypersonics should be the ultimate rendition of the SR-71 but until its in the post on the way nothing is certain so we will wait and see if Revells A team is on this. Hopefully we finally get an accurate SR-71...please...
  9. Staggeringly good news as long as the team who did the 32nd F-18E dont touch it.
  10. Im not bitter what i am tired if is guts openly denying the existence if clear and plain issues with the kit? The kit is “perfect”..blah blah. Complete denial of reality. Im not selling my kits but it doesnt mean you cant have a cold rational opinion on exactly where it stands in relation to other 48th Tomcats. Something many modellers are completely unable to do. As i said im sure we will see and we have seen some great builds of the kit that doesnt mean its “perfect” by a long stretch.
  11. i think you add quite happily to the toxic environment by ignoring clear issues that people who gave spent good money on kits gave with multiple kits. Passing off their issues as tiny because this kits “perfect”...utter rubbish. You think sink lines that run the full length of intakes are a “tiny thing”? incomplete and variable depth panel lines are ok. I have four AMK F-14’s all with extensive and visible sink lines and marks. There are other production issues ie decal misregistration and inconsistent panel lines. So please dont dismiss clear and prominent visual issues that will be plainly visible with washes and matt coats as tiny things as they will stand out like dogs balls with a TPS scheme. Hyperscales review is quite disgraceful to omit every single production issue i have on 4 kits. I paid good money for my 4 kits, got shafted by not having weapon sets supplied and to to top it off i got a load of sink lines and underdone panel lines thrown in for free. If you think this kit is perfect and better than a Tamiya kit you dont even own which has basically perfect engineering, panel lines and dimensions all ill say us go buy the Tamiya kit and see how a model kit should be produced.
  12. Try building a Dagon PZ IVE if you want to see horrendous instructions.. Kinetics instructions are stellar by comparison..and they updated them which you can download the new versions.
  13. Let the flood gates open..hopefully its as nice as the Bone..
  14. Talking about Herks love to see a few Antarctic/arctic birds from the New York guys. Several had nose art and lots of flouro. There was one sheet done buts long long out of print.
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