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I´m planning to build an OP-2E, a version of the P-2 Neptune that was used by the Navy to drop ground surveillance sensors over the Ho-Chi-Minh-trail.

I already made decals for a specific bu.-no. ("131525") some years ago and it seems I have chosen a rather simple aircarft then: I have pictures of that aircraft with tip tanks on, with the big bulge belly radar and the MAD-tail. Typical OP-2s flew without tanks, without MAD-tail and bulge radar and with a nose-chin radar instead.

So, any ideas if any of those items (tip tanks, chin radar) were removable or optionally mountable? I would like to model my bird in the typical configuration. Or I need to change the tail-number.....


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All the builds I'd going are going well (except for loosing the tailrotor of my 72nd scale D model Huey).. but I do have a question.

What humbrol color is the best match for 1960's flight suits and coveralls? I'm asking this because I found a slightly started 32nd scale, this one.

Thanks for the help.


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