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Refueling Truck R-11 to R-9

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Has anyone attempted to build or built the SkunkWorks R-11 Refueling truck, or attempted to convert it to an R-9?

It looks interesting, and I was wondering if anyone has tried it, or if you could throw some sort of Mack Cab on the front of the R-11 and make it an R-9. Like from a dump truck or something.


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On 1/22/2018 at 3:58 AM, phasephantomphixer said:

Well first, Thanks for informing me this kit exists! I must get it. Sure wish it was scaled up to 1/32, then the Revell Snap Mack kit could be easily used.

For 1/48, there are Mack's, but a Die Cast, so rough on detail, and a good Dremel would be needed to get the sparks flying.

Follow up that I found the Skunkmodelworks kit and got a 1/48 Mack die cast.The Menards flatbed which will need to be mounted with slight modification for

offset cab, but will be quite the additional vehicle to F-4E/G builds.

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