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Interesting postcard from Squadron

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Hi all, just wanted to share an odd piece of news.

I've had a 1/144 Minicraft KC-135A on backorder at Squadron for probably over a year now. They've actually contacted me several times verifying if I still want the kit, and to update my credit card info so they can send it as soon as it arrives.

Today I got a postcard telling me the backorder has been cancelled due to manufacturing problems, and they have no idea when they will be getting more KC-A models.

Sometime the way they do business is just mind boggling.

Safe Summer


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Is there a reason that in production, widely available kits are never restocked by Squadron?

Yeah, it is called Squadron being in money troubles and they can't seem to pay their bills to manufacturers until somebody gives them enough of a cash infusion to do so.

I seriously doubt the KC-135A kit has a manufacturing problem. More likely Minicraft just doesn't want to deal with them anymore.

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