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  1. That area is easier, but there are so many other sub-assemblies on the Hasegawa kit that have more seams on them than what the Imai/Bandai kit has. I am about 85% through finishing one and the seam work has been a bit of a buzz kill. Plus, Hasegawa designed their kits with the landing gear down and it requires a bit of parts modification to build them gear up.
  2. Beatiful! Did you do anything special to represent the unique HUD these Kiwi Skyhawks carried in the cockpit? That is one of the few stopping points I ran into with my research gathering to do one of these.
  3. I plan to get some better images shot, likely after I apply some very might pastel chalk weathering. But for now this bird is clearcoated and essentially done. The fighters from Macross were heavily influenced by the F-14 Tomcat, so for the VF-4 that appeared in "Flashback: 2012" I decided to use some of that Tomcat influence to do up the model in different squadron markings. This is built from the 1/72 Wave kit, which is very nicely designed, albeit a bit expensive. I felt VF-31 markings would be the best since it would be nice seeing an "animated" aircraft subject belonging to a squadron tha
  4. Thanks amigo, I appreciate that. Technically I never stopped building. I have just had a hard time finishing and don't always document my builds online as I try to spend my time getting things done. But I hope to change that a little in the near future with upcoming projects.
  5. One bit I can pass along is I have had very good success thinning Model Master acrylic with Tamiya X-20A thinner. It sprays fine out of my Iwata Neo although I admit I haven't tried extreme low pressure settings yet. Things are starting to get a bit scarce as far as TPS colors go, but I can still find Light Ghost gray acryl on Hobby Lobby racks. Pre-thinned AV 70.615 Light Ghost Gray (which also is marketed as a primer) also seems to match Model Master very dang close, enough that you can blend depending on how much of a beat to heck weathered look you want. With US Navy TPS scheme
  6. Working on a relatively simple kit this past week. Got some decent painting done on it too. This is the VF-4 Lightning 3 from the anime series Macross. But rather than doing it up in the same markings everyone else does (i.e. Skull leader), I am doing it up from a squadron that utilizes an animated character as its mascot, VF-31. Plus I like the black radome used on their jets. The main colors I am using on the jet are a modern navy style TPS ghost gray scheme. AV colors light ghost gray was applied first as a primer, then I applied a rather thinned down mixture of Tamiya rubber bl
  7. Small box release of the original tool long box kit. The pylon alignment is going to be a chore because AMT cut the slots incorrectly. So if you square them up to the slots the engines will splay outwards. So you have to angle them in a bit. On mine I built it as a studio scale USS Constellation replica (droopy pylon and all).
  8. Okay, an ADF is pretty doable. Nice progress!
  9. You have probably gone past the point of no return. Don't forget that you need the bigger stabs for all C models. But, if you cut the old ones off clean, you could probably swap them with another kit and keep the short stabs to do an early F-16A.
  10. Beautiful job. I believe I have one of these in my own stash. This build provides nice inspiration for it.
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