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  1. I understand Hobby Lobby is close to doing a revamp of their modeling sections and clearing out older product to make way for new stuff. Will that include the Revell USA Blackbird? Unknown. But, they did get in a reboxing of the Monogram 1/48 F-84F with an excellent Cartograf printed decal sheet for the USAF Thunderbirds. While HL no longer does the 40% off coupon, they do seem to run a 40% off "boxed model kits" sale about once every other week. Will that continue once they get more new stock in, I have no idea. I'm finishing up a project for a car model contest this weekend
  2. The Academy kit is... Okay. But it is a recessed panel line copy of the Hasegawa kit and as such, has some shape issues. Frankly though, what 1/72 doesn't have shape issues. Model Collect is doing a 1/72 A-12 as they announced it quite a while ago and I have seen the box artwork. But I have no idea when we will see it. I'll be adding another build update to my WIP thread soon. My gear bays are done and I have been concentrating on the cockpit this weekend. If all goes well, I hope to have the center fuselage together by tomorrow and on to assembly of the body pieces thi
  3. Well, I like things that go really fast and get crappy gas mileage (even if the 71 had better mpg the faster it flew). 😁
  4. Okay, I have just posted a new update on my build over in the work in progress forum. While working on it, I made an interesting discovery. It looks like Revell has designed this kit in such a way that an SR-71B variant is planned for the future. In the upper fuselage part, there is a plug where the RSO sits. It is very easy to spot on the inside of the part and the plugged area is just long enough to incorporate the elevated rear cockpit of the B model. The bottoms of the engine nacelles have thick flashed over guide holes that correspond to locator holes for the ventr
  5. Work continues to progress, albeit slowly. Not due to any fault in the kit, just my speed is all as I want to get this done right. In any event I have the engine nacelles built and primered. Before adding the exhausts to the nacelles, I gave them a shot of black primer outside in case they were visible inside the open bypass doors. I also did the same with the insides of the bypass door rings to make sure no bare plastic would be visible inside the back end either. Before installation I did shoot the outside with black primer to make sure my fi
  6. I masked and painted. But next time I will likely just mask and paint the lengthwise strips, then the crosswise strips on a second pass because it was tedious to do. I also had to do a bit of toothpick scraping to get black off some areas I didn't want it.
  7. Given that every flight was to gather experiment data, there is a reason for that. All things considered though, most of the X-Planes have been covered in kit form from the smaller run companies such as Special Hobby and the like. If only Dragon would repop the ones they did in 1/144, including kit versions of models they ONLY offered as pre-builds, such as the X-1A, X-1E and a couple of the X-15 variants.
  8. Posting another one I did very early in 2021 as one of my Covid lockdown builds. This is the 2006 Revell issue of the Monogram 1/72 X-15A-2, done up as the aircraft appeared for its last flight when Pete Knight set a speed record with it. The aircraft was covered with an ablative heat shield coating. It was pink in color, tended to come off in slivers and had an annoying habit of getting saturated with LOX, which could have "explosive" results. So the coating was covered in a flat white binder layer. The plane itself was a rebuild of X-15 ship #2, which was rebuilt following a bad crash on Mud
  9. I'm like Ambassador Kosh... "I have ALWAYS been here/" 😉
  10. This is my most recent build. I finished it up last month. This is the Revell 1/32 Bell X-1. The kit I used is mostly the old 1980s Revell kit molded in bright orange plastic. But, I messed up the wings when I was building it, so I replaced those with a set from the Revell of Germany kit that just got issued. I was also able to benefit from the new decal sheet RoG did for the re-release as it contains more accurate markings for 6062 than what the original sheet had. The build is pretty much out of the box with nose weight added to keep it from being a tail sitter. I put the pilot f
  11. Yup, that's my baby all right. Glad you had a chance to check it out in person. I'll probably bring it to KC for the upcoming show in March. Not a perfect build by any stretch, but a fun one. Thanks for the great response guys. I plan to do a lot more testbeds and prototype airframes in the not too distant future.
  12. Revell of Germany has repopped the Bell X-1 in 1/32. I recently completed a build using (mostly) the original Revell kit but with some RoG parts to replace ones that I screwed up. And I had the benefit of using the Revell of Germany decals which have the proper silver trimmed Glamorous Glennis titles for the jet in 1947. Color used was Tamiya TS-98 Pure Orange.
  13. No worries. About the only one who is likely to get the shaft on this is Rick Sternbach since he went ahead and did an aftermarket decal sheet for the upcoming kit and had a production run done. They just weren't released yet pending the kit coming out. Hopefully there are enough customers with Semroc and Apogee 1/70 Saturn Vs out there to make purchases should the Dragon kit be well and truly toast. I think it will eventually come out, but it could be awhile with things on the international fronts getting a bit "interesting".
  14. To my knowledge, this kit hasn't even been issued in the Asian market at all. It does appear that Platz is offering some of the previously issued Dragon kits, but I don't anticipate they will issue a kit this large given they tend to stick with small scale subjects.
  15. Your next LM after this should be the proposed AAP Apollo Telescope Mount intended for the original wet lab configuration Skylab. Beautiful work as always.
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