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  1. Side by side OOB build on Doogsmodels. https://doogsmodels.com/2018/03/15/su-35-battle-royale-part-1-antebellum/
  2. Any other pictures of this MiG-29?

  3. Su-57 (PAK-FA) in Syria

    https://www.npr.org/sections/thetwo-way/2018/02/14/585653555/dozens-of-russian-mercenaries-reportedly-killed-in-u-s-airstrikes-in-syria Rekt!
  4. I got mine last Saturday. Panel lines look fine IRL.
  5. Israeli F-16 shot down over Syria

    How far into Syria? Sufa can carry a variety of ordinance with some decent stand-off capability
  6. Israeli F-16 shot down over Syria

    Sounds like the Syrians shot off everything they had. Four batteries shooting all their missiles is going to be pretty hard to beat for anybody.
  7. Hopefully the canopy actually fits when closed unlike the kitty hawk kit which is way too small!
  8. Now that's a good looking scheme!
  9. Of all the things my tax dollars get spent on, kickass jets and cool paint jobs are fine by me. You must be one of those stick in the mud Academy grads!
  10. Isn't the brass embarrassed when all the other NATO member show up to the Tiger Meet looking like straight pimps with all the cool special markings and stripes? Why are we ok allowing the Greeks and Italians and Poles to show us up?
  11. How do the guard guys get away with all those cool tail schemes on their Vipers? Wisconsin, New Mexico and South Dakota in particular have had some really nice designs over the years.
  12. Pre-shading

    Ever since I was introduced to black basing, I use it almost exclusively. I find it allows for more control and I like the ability to greater depth and variation to my subject. https://doogsmodels.com/2014/07/03/technique-black-basing/
  13. The real question is why the F-15 is one of the most boring American jets in terms of special schemes. There are tons of cool F-16 schemes especially in the Guard, but for a jet that’s been in service for so long there is a real lack of interesting paint jobs. Oregon ANG is the only one that comes to mind and it’s a mess.
  14. Fitter loadouts?

    Working on the Su-17 and Su-22 kits from kitty hawk. What are some realistic loadouts for NATO era Polish Fitters as well as Cold War Era Soviet ones? I never trust the diagrams from the manufacturers. I’m also looking for references showing s-24 or s-25s being carried. thanks!