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  1. The best part is the Chinese then stole all the design info, got rid of the VTOL capability and got themselves a 5th generation fighter on the cheap.
  2. MRP makes a Lemon Gray that is pretty similar in color.
  3. How much did you pay? I wish Eduard would sell the decals for their reboxes, because I’d rather just buy the Trumpeter MiG-23 for a lot less and then get the decals and a few aftermarket sets from Eduard.
  4. Dennis EBay will calculate the shipping for you. When a bidder buys your model you will print a shipping label that is generated by eBay and all you have to do is tape the label to the package and you are good to go. Ebay will also release the funds from the sale to your PayPal account after a few days. it’s very safe and secure for you and saves you from calculating shipping because eBay knows where the buyer is located.
  5. Or I can try to understand why manufacturers who put all sorts of care into getting details correct, neglect adding a detail that is present in all cases: a seatbelt?
  6. Can someone enlighten me in how the main gear on the Su-27 operates? How does the landing gear engage with the bulge on the outside of the wheel well?
  7. Why no molded seat belt detail?
  8. Cool, but a subject that doesn’t do much for me. I built the Kinetic kit, thought it was nice enough, but with only one scheme to choose from probably not going to buy another. Too bad it’s not a Su-25, I would have loaded up on them
  9. Because it’s going to be stupid. The most credible and compelling adversary for the US Navy is China, but no American movie studio has the guts to dare offend China.
  10. eBay and PayPal is the easiest way to accomplish what you are trying to do.
  11. Just buy the Tamiya bro. Life’s too short to waste on inferior kits.
  12. Su-33 and M-346 are both really good. Their F/A-18 series are pretty nice as well.
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