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  1. .6 miles and you cant get a kill with your first shot? Should have gone to guns.
  2. Other than their Super Hornets, is there any post war subject they haven't been surpassed at?
  3. I know, but it's like F-105 bad in terms of losses.
  4. What's the all time su-22 air to air loss record. It's got to be pretty brutal.
  5. Does anyone have experience with these? I have the Trumpeter 1/32 kit and saw these on ebay but don't know if they will give a good result.
  6. The Academy F-15C MSIP has cartograph decals and really nice weapons sprues.
  7. I would love to see all the ANG units in states with NFL teams do a team themed jet. Broncos, Raiders and Patriots would be cool.
  8. I think in particular the light ghost gray is a good match. To my eye most manufacturers tend to be too dark. I've become a huge fan of the Mr Paint brand but their ghost grays appear too dark to me.
  9. Meh.
  10. Yes, but normally there is an area where the darker gray is visible between the wing and tail surface where the serial number and NAVY text is. also the upper surface of the wings look to be an identical shade to the area below the cockpit. I think its a CAG bird thing.
  11. Are some F/A-18s painted in just a single color overall? My eye only sees one shade of gray on this VFA-137 plane. It looks like the entire air frame is FS36375. Is that specific to the CAG scheme maybe?
  12. After building the Tamiya F-14 I realized how the designed they designed the gear doors integral to the wheel bays was genius. Overall I wish manufacturers took more care was made in the design phase in addressing ease of attaching parts like canopies, landing gear and ordinance.
  13. Does the Eduard mask for the AMK kit work on the Hobbyboss kit, or should I wait for them to release one specifically designed for hobbyboss?
  14. Denver is the best! It has Blucifer and the weird apocalyptic mural.
  15. Is this kit still happening?