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  1. I find Alcad white primer to have great coverage and really bites into the plastic. I also use black primer and build layers of white over that, seems to help you see the thin layers gradually build up and give full coverage
  2. Hardware store lacquer thinner cleans it up like a champ
  3. Saw this on Scalemates. if it's anything like their F/A-18 and F-16 in 1/32, should be a nice addition
  4. http://www.twobobs.net/contents/media/l_32-070f_20190316080501.jpg Bro that’s not Batman on a horse it’s Deadpool. And the silly cowboy is Woody from Toy Story. Cmon man!
  5. http://www.detailandscale.com/scale_model_decal_sheet_review_Furball_Aero_Design_32_Legacy_Bug_Bandits.html Furball aero design did the scheme and you can find the instructions on a number of websites. Google is your friend
  6. Circa mid 80s what would a realistic USAFE A-10 go to war weapons load look like?
  7. Is Lucky Model shipping to the US? I’m still waiting on something I ordered in April.
  8. Is Kitty Hawks business model to aggravate skilled modellers with poor fit, questionable engineering and kits that take the joy out of building?
  9. Why do you think the higher ups are such turds about stuff like nose art and bomb marks?
  10. MRP seems a little too dark. Model Master really gets it right to my eye.
  11. I can’t believe you killed Ironman
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