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  1. Vaildog

    1/48 M346 from Kinetic - release in end of August 2018

    What is the difference between the m346 and the Yakelov jet?
  2. Vaildog

    AMK 1/48 F-14!!!

    Or an Su-25
  3. Vaildog

    1/48 Tamiya F-14D

    Well since we have an Iranian Tomcat how about an Iraqi mirage f1?
  4. Vaildog


    Would mid 80s F-15s have had the LAU-128s?
  5. Vaildog

    F-106 going ballistic

    Was the F-106 any good at ACM?
  6. Vaildog


    When did the LAU-128 enter the USAF inventory. Would pre AIM-9X sidewinders be compatable with them? thanks
  7. Vaildog

    Romanian F-16s

    Thanks. I know there is a Kinetic MLU boxing but I’ve heard mixed reviews on the quality of their F-16s
  8. Vaildog

    Romanian F-16s

    Is the Kinetic f-16 MLU the best kit for the new Romanian F-16s, or would there be a better option for the Tamiya/Hasegawa stable?
  9. Vaildog

    Meng Satellite Guided Bombs is a rip-off

    I am. As you said Hasegawa gives you 6 each of the type.
  10. Vaildog

    Meng Satellite Guided Bombs is a rip-off

    You are right, but their missile sets come with 4 of each type. It would be nice to get at least that many. F-16s A-10s, F-15 and legacy hornets all routinely carry more than 2 of the type. Just a missed opportunity from Meng
  11. 18 bucks and only 2 GBU-54s? $72 to load out and F-18E is ridiculous.
  12. Vaildog

    US Navy GBU-32s and 31s

    Thanks, what’s the problem with the GBU-31 from the Navy’s perspective. It seems to be pretty common on the F-16
  13. I tried to order one from Scale Hobbyist but my payment got refunded as they were out of stock can’t find any from the usual stateside sources.
  14. Vaildog

    US Navy GBU-32s and 31s

    Seems like the Super Hornets are utilizing the GBU-32 quite a bit in Syria. I'm having trouble sourcing them now that Attack Squadron has gone out of the AM resin business. Any leads. Also is the GBU-31 a common munition for the Navy to use?
  15. Vaildog

    Tips for HUDs

    I am flummoxed with HUD assembly’s. I like that manfacturers are stepping up ther game with PE and thin clear film, but they are super tricky to get proper alignment and attaching the very thin clear pieces is nearly impossible. Any tips?