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  1. New Tool su-25?

    There has been an embarrassment of riches in the last few years when it comes to the variety and quality of Russian subjects being released. Somebody has to be coming out with an Su-25 to round out the full stable of Cold War subjects right?
  2. Mr Paint ever in stock?

    Oh yeah. I've been using it, I just need to get the colors for SEA camo and am having a hard time finding the colors in stock anywhere.
  3. Mr Paint ever in stock?

    Seems like everyone had jumped on the bandwagon for this stuff which means its consistently out of stock. Is there a direct channel or do I just have to refresh the hobbyworld USA website every 5 minutes?
  4. In action! https://theaviationist.com/2017/07/21/new-russian-su-35s-super-maneuverability-display-wows-maks-crowds-videos-go-viral/
  5. WWIII

    Seems like there's been plenty of war to cover around the globe the last 20 years. Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Ukraine etc.
  6. Meng F-35 available

    A-10 does it better!
  7. Where are the UBs?

    Yes but those Academy toolings are 20 years old and the Su-27 is completely wrong dimensionally. I would have expected GWH to do the mig-29ub after releasing three single seat kits
  8. Finnish AF F/A-18 Decals

    the new Kinetic kit has a Finnish version
  9. Where are the UBs?

    Both Su-27 and Mig-29 have seen a lot of attention form manufacturers over the past few years so when are the Mig-29Ub and Su-27Ub in 48th going to be coming out? I'm looking at you Hobby Boss and GWH.
  10. Meng F-35 available

    Squadron has them in stock now. Pretty quick turn around by Meng from announcement to release!
  11. Shameless Plug (my book is out!)

    Jay, I wanted to tell you that I saw some of your work at the SAC museum, thought it was great!
  12. Hasegawa New Releases

    The f-16 series in particular could really use an upgrade. The molds are so old the wing tip launchers aren't even LAU-129 which requires you to perform surgery to make any modern variant. Especially with the black 50/52 version and the two seaters that fill the gap that Tamiya left wide open.
  13. Super Hornet shoots down Syrian SU-22

    .6 miles and you cant get a kill with your first shot? Should have gone to guns.
  14. Hasegawa New Releases

    Other than their Super Hornets, is there any post war subject they haven't been surpassed at?
  15. Super Hornet shoots down Syrian SU-22

    I know, but it's like F-105 bad in terms of losses.